Thursday, January 19, 2017

it took Years to get catholics to realize there really were pedophiles all over the priesthood, and to me the denial of Republicans of what is happening here is much the same. Denial, refusal to believe something this horrible could take place. I get it. But once you know, you know, and you Have to do something about it. 
Fox News was the beginning of this invasion. For 20 years they've been able to get their anti-American sound bites repeated in other places- websites created by the same source, AM talk radio- to the point that Now we have an entire population that believes the sound bites. Those brainwashed souls then got voted into Congress thanks to a well funded (by ?) Tea Party and now are enacting laws based on the lies that the propagandists so professionally flooded our nation with since 1995.

They are Full of Patriotic Fervor, almost as if going through a spiritual awakening, while enacting laws and approving appointments of people who are going to destroy the country. That's what Fox News accomplished in 20 years. They Think They Are Doing The Right Thing.

Sigh, city of angels, where are you? 
The election was really won by Big Oil, Kansas and global. They were able to use Kremlin techniques bk Oil is all russia has anymore. We've all been distracted by snatched pussies and remarks so outrageous they were designed only to distract- while Exxon and Rosneft, the oil company that runs Russia, took over the country. Me, I use a lot of Vaseline so... absorbing petrochemicals into my lungs and skin could not be that bad...
I have Trump supporters in my FB friends, most of them came in as Bernie supporters in the primary. Now they are treating me to alt-right propaganda in my news feed. It's so Obvious to me that they infiltrated through Bernie's campaign and are now here with this idiotic stuff from Breitbart et al. I'm beginning to wonder if they are even real people at this point, I just wonder how Russia can afford to pay so many pretenders... Saudi Arabia or a global corporate oil autocracy Could afford it.

If Americans had been reading, we would not have elected Trump

I am old enough to remember the Communist takeover of Russia, and just went to read a Breitbart article, everything about the website looks like the propaganda that the Kremlin produced in the 1950s. PROBABLY a lot of people who go there and read are not old enough to remember, LIKELY they do not know enough history to see it. astounding

Trump got elected thanks to awful public education in America, of course his ed sec would set out to make it worse. If Americans knew history, they would have recognized Kremlin propaganda all around them, instead they lapped it up. breibart drudge hannity alloffox limbaugh etc, All Saying the Same Phrases Every Day and Americans did not see it bk they were uneducated, did not read only watched bits of news, never read history...

on Hulu you can watch Seinfeld from season one all the way to the end. I just started my second screening. It's in the background where the news used to be, as can't handle spokes models describing current events as if they were normal. Hard for an old journalist to admit the news has become irrelevant, except Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Free Speech dot org, a handful of others, but nothing mainstream is real anymore. And I find refuge in humor from the 1990s. 
hey, i got knocked up by a russian. He told me he'd had a vasectomy, then when I came up pregnant his words were, "I lied, I lied about a lot of things" shrug. So I Know From Experience Don't Trust A Russian

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

If our CIA is unable to function overseas due to Trump's weirdness, it could do more damage to USA than ... 9/11 ... all at once or over a period of time. Either way, what Trump is doing with CIA and now NATO is... an act of war against the USA. So... is Malcolm Nance correct? Is trump acting like a foreign agent? Sure seems like it to me. In fact, it would make another 9/11 much easier. 
Kay Ebeling
Just now
I am not convinced it was Russia- someone used WikiLeaks to disrupt the country / election, and make it look like it was Russia. To me, THAT is even SCARIER.
The heartland was drowned in anti-American propaganda, AM talk Radio was All Right Wing and TV sets were on Fox News 24 hours a day bk somehow the programming made them keep watching and watching and watching. Yet Obama, with the power of the FCC in his hands, did nothing. This is what astounds me today.
the country is Full of brainwashed people who watch Fox News and now Putin helped trump win using Fake News... does anyone else start to see the connection yet? Go watch Fox, then go watch a 1950s movie about propaganda during Communist takeover of Russia. The tone and the anti-USA message is Almost Exactly the Same. And the SNARK. they use SNARK to get to people at a hateful visceral level. Fox News was the beginning of this invasion of america through our TV sets. Man, you can't make up this stuff.

The repubs are brainwashed to believe govt health care is bad, then they vote to remove health care and thousands of people die. Can anyone else see this as part of the misinformation campaign, which was a military attack, which is now ... killing us? The source of the Brainwashing: it started in 1995 with Fox News, then Breitbart and others followed.
what really killed us is our complacency. the fact it is taking months from the time we discover something (last July russian interference with election) to do something (maybe soon) is proof.

Will we ever have a Post-Fox world?

The country is full of brainwashed people, which makes for weird conversations. Out and about, you can hear people avoiding topics when they talk, bk someone in the party is a Fox watcher. how long can this go on? when does their bubble pop?

Kay Ebeling
Just now
    hate to say it but my Love for Obama is kind of gone right now. I don't get why he and the dems did not stop this thing from happening while they could.
    as far as I'm concerned these Democrats in Congress had EIGHT YEARS to stop this from happening, so walking out on the inauguration is just PR. PR PRPRPRPRPRPR
    oh sh-- You marginalize our CIA, then deconstruct NATO? That kind of stuff happens when an invading nation declares Victory... over us. We are toast. The USA has been taken over by a foreign power that Might be russia. It's Not Only Russia. good morning

    I just realized, Maybe Trump thinks he's so powerful even Putin can't control him, he's just going to swat the Kremlin et al off with a flyswatter along with republicans and do what he wants. That's why he invited Russia to go ahead and hack hillary, he thinks he's stronger than Putin anyway...? He could be So Delusional that is what is happening.

we just sent troops to Poland and the hack into C-Span when Waters mentioned Russia was a cartoon travel video about Poland. Then came a report about suicide bombs. I'm just saying 

The event is currently under investigation.
This is Russian Propaganda, this Judge show is straight out of the KGB's stylebook

This week on "Justice", Judge Jeanine Pirro fired back at Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) over his claims Donald Trump is not a legitimate president-elect, and criticized…

alarmed at how precarious a position we are in if our cia guys are not trusted around the globe...

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