Sunday, March 4, 2018

If only USA had paid attention to old ladies

A nation that worships youth while ignoring history is defeated when an enemy uses new tech as weapons of war, for which the nation has no defense, because its citizens, who invented the tech, were using it to play games. 

Somehow I think there's a connection.

If America respected its own history and elders, it could have remained a great nation.  America may not have fallen if it had paid more attention to its old people.

‘nuff said.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

It's hard to be smart in USA right now.

Right now all over the world people are looking at USA and saying, wow, if this is what democracy produces, bring on the Islamic theocracy, bring on the dictators, we’d be better off, I mean look at what is happening in the USA.
Often as the news is on in background while I work these overnight shifts, I find myself mumbling, “Americans are about to get what they deserve,” because Americans bought into this laissez faire philosophy. 
Lazy Fair.
Look around, we are a nation that needs so much work, yet there are probably thousands of people in every city collecting disability checks when they really don’t have a disability. 
Everywhere I go in America, I meet people who celebrate the fact they've arranged their lives so they can do nothing, the younger and more able bodied they are when they retire, the better off they think they are.   
I look around, I see a nation that needs housing, education, infrastructure, food delivery, trash cleanup, and I see a couple generations of humans who do nothing all day long. 
I see elder citizens who are so bored from doing nothing that it causes their faces to drop as over the months they get more and more depressed, I see them on the bus.
I see infrastructure falling apart as we are about to enter a climate crisis where more infrastructure is going to fall apart. 
Worse yet, I'm surrounded everywhere I go by people who bought into this “let go let god” concept of life, which is great for, say, deciding what to eat for dinner, but-
Democracy does not work unless the people who are voting know for what and whom they are voting.  It takes work for democracy to work, and education.  In fact the Founding Fathers established public education for that reason, so voters would be smart.
At a time when more information is available to people than any time in history, American voters chose to just watch a commercial or listen to what a friend says, and vote based on that, and look at what is happening.
Same people who hate the government and don’t want to pay taxes are sitting back and waiting for “god” to take care of everything. 
I think God’s busy. He gave us this planet to maintain and he doesn't have time for sewer systems and trash removal, that's supposed to be taken care of by the humans.
But they’d rather let go and let God and now, Americans are getting what they deserve. 
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Not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere

Monday, February 26, 2018

Dana Loesch Belongs in Guantanamo

NRA is Russia, she said again

The NRA is part of the current "information warfare" attack on USA by Russia. The NRA get tons of money from Russia. NRA has piped false info about the 2nd Amendment into USA, and they are inciting hatred, look at their recent commercial with Dana Loesch, that tone of voice is Inciting Hatred. The USA is being flooded right now with very sophisticated propaganda. The NRA is part of that attack and the result is Americans killing each other. That's Information Warfare, USA is under attack, and still doesn't even realize it or have a defense against it. That's what I think.

Rachel Maddow fills my life with so much knowledge

Michael Keaton could play Rick Gates (fantasy casting the spy thriller already)

So USA was sold out for a few tens of millions of dollars by American thugs getting in over their heads with global thugs, there's no Grand Libertarian Ideology behind the Americans who made this happen, they were just thugs being chased by global thugs. The Russians had been carrying out a brilliant information warfare campaign for more than two decades, including that stupid "libertarian" shit, PLUS the NRA that is now getting Americans KILLED. But it was lousy broke freaking scared American wimpy thugs who gave Russia the President of the United States as their tool. FUCK. This Maddow clip is So Chock full of stuff, I've watched it several times to absorb it all. Wow.

It bothers me that these guys are so willing to lie even in the middle of a plea agreement (Gates) it also scares me as maybe they know it won't matter in a few months and they won't serve any time.

My personal life sucks right now but:
Nothing matters really except the playing out of this spy story. Maddow and her team are breaking it all down, and what else matters? My fear though is: Will the Mueller investigation get to Trump before Trump takes his next step of the coup and eliminates the FBI as we know it and replaces it with some Russian thing that makes everything worse? that's what I'm afraid of, but Maddow is reporting the whole story so thoroughly, it truly amazes me. And even makes it tolerable. At least I see now what happened. Creeps are thugs who sold USA for a few tens of millions of dollars. No ideology, no passionate belief, just money.

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Not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere

It is completely SANE to be frightened in a scary situation. It helps you have the alertness you need to respond and survive. 
Hang on, folks

Russian stuff showing up everywhere

Response to a friend in Nova Scotia: Yes, Americans are living like Russians, you nailed it. I just caught my expression in a mirror, it was just like the Russian Guy in "15 Minutes" that face, the Russian face, how do we describe it? An internal rage, determined to survive no matter how obviously corrupt everything is, a little snide, seeing around the crooks finding ways to trick them before they trick you. 
Yes, Americans are living like Russians AND all my friends here whose homes are better and lives are better than mine, I hate to say it, but I have a feeling YOU will be as mad as I am in a few years. 
sorry but that's the truth.
Google blocked me from getting money for ads bk my blog about pedophile priests as one of the victims was Too Controversial. At about that same time (2008) Google was already letting Russian spies and others flood American air waves with anti-American Propaganda through YouTube. 
just saying, 
As awful as the USA has become, we did some of the greatest things ever done by mankind, before we fell. We took man off the planet, our first step into space, humans walked on the Moon a MIRACULOUS almost impossible accomplishment that only happened bk people worked as a team almost as One Mind. The USA also produces the most amazing movies ever made, we Created an entire new art form and took it to extents, the combination of music visual sound design acting writing, all of it, an art form that did not exist until it grew in USA. Many American films will live on for centuries. Hmm and films are also the result of teams working almost as One Mind.
Anyway, it wasn't all bad.
Whatever the Russians do to us next few years, hold onto those signs of how wonderful Americans really are, bk a lot of the truth is about to be lost to a rewrite of history.
like it or not
Nothing is weirder than going to my Twitter feed and finding it FULL of stories in Cyrillic, from Russia, one after another in their language, news for me about their election.
How the F did that just happen?

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One Year Ago's

One year ago today. Hmm

Kay Ebeling updated her status.
i think trump's presidency is an extension of Nine Eleven, and the Towers are still tumbling down
Back in 2015, I still thought Afghanistan / Saudis and ??? were behind the information war. I knew it was going on, I just could not believe it was only Russia doing it and felt it had to be financed by Saudis et al. Maybe more will come out, I find these little things that pop up from the past Most Interesting though now that the coup has been going on for a while.
They became obscenely rich bk of our thirst for the crud in their desert, so they used that wealth to destroy this culture they hate from within. Yeah, I'm negative, it's called perception, it's the writing on the wall... i'm also kinda scared.
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Documenting downfall of USA one FB post at a time

I think the school shootings are retaliation against USA for all the children that have been killed in our drone strikes. Somehow Russia et al are using NRA to not just get guns into way too many hands, but also pipe a message to the gun owners about hate, use the guns, I don't know how they do that, they don't target me. But if we don't get the Trumpsters out soon, I'm scared everyone in USA will be scared to go to public places, same way the kids are scared to go to school now. 
bk this is INFORMATION WARFARE being conducted against USA and USA is Not Fighting Back. Our President is sitting there eating a cheeseburger watching this happen and getting paid to do that.
Moments of unexpected silence, just a moment, after a person on news program says something shocking, even though all broadcasters are trained to never allow any “dead air,” all of a sudden I'm hearing dead air often, in midst of a reveal in the news of yet another detail of what Russia did to USA.
While Americans used internet last two decades to create industries in social media and shopping, in Russia they had the same cyber tool, but Russia put all their resources into developing the internet as a weapon.
Reporter: “So to say Russia attacked America, is that hyperbole?”
“They massed forces and crossed the river,” answered Jeremy Bash.
Wtf? Russia Literally Attacked US forces in Syria, three weeks ago, there was a tiny bit of news that kinda said it, now it's coming out. WTF...

Oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin believed to control the mercenaries behind deadly confrontation with U.S. military in northern Syria
Americans went from The Greatest Generation to the Stupids in sixty years. Americans Stupided themselves to self destruction bk all it would have taken to stop this coup and destruction of USA was informed voters.
"He takes over TV first." Watching this report made me realize:
In 2011 or so Russians found out about blogs and social media took them by surprise. They had been doing "information warfare" since at least 2008 but when they realized what Americans were doing with the internet, the ever-active Russian spy guys, which is all Russian military can afford anymore, doubled down and added something more to its Cyber projects. ALSO as I listen to this, I ID a couple things Russia does to its dissidents that were done to me when I was doing CofA Blog... covert ops by freelancers happens a lot of places, apparently.
Background on this video re what happened to USA

Watch journalist Julia Ioffe’s candid, full interview on Putin and allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election –…

What a brilliant move
After Parkland, billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer pledges $1M to register high schoolers to vote

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, a billionaire Democratic donor is pledging $1 million to help young people register to vote with the hope that they will help elect pro-gun control politicians in the midterm elections.

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Ready Player Million

The film Ready Player One about people escaping into the internet instead of living in the real world is coming out in about a month, about same time most Americans will finally realize they are under a cyber / information attack and that they probly should have been spending less time playing games on the Internet last few years and more time dealing with reality, probly too late. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Putin / Trump is an amazing spy thriller, if nothing else

I have started to look at this Trump coup now as a fascinating spy story playing out in real time before my eyes. Man, for news junkies, this is heaven, gotta admit, especially now that we've past the story point where I've been about to SCREAM for months, and now with the Mueller indictments I see we are heading into the REVEAL which is slow, in real time, but going to be AmAzing, especially when they make the miniseries. 
Could this all have been cooked up to distract Humans from Global Warming, as in the Oil companies have compassion and want us all to at least have something to watch and be entertained by as the planet erupts

NRA is really Russia continued

So we are learning that Russian money funded the Twisted messages about guns and Second Amendment from NRA that drives people to do mass shootings. 
Interesting way to attack a nation. wow. 
Slowly it drips, the truth comes out, just hope it's in time to stop the real damage they plan to do.
"Alexander Torshin, an official at the Central Bank of the Russia and life member of the NRA, funneled money through the gun lobby group to the Trump campaign." Why?
"The NRA reported spending a record $55 million on the 2016 elections, including $30 million to support Trump."
Russian money funded the LYING messages from NRA that drives people to do mass shootings. 
"Torshin did meet with Trump’s eldest son at the NRA convention"

A report by McClatchy revealed that the FBI is looking into whether a Russian banker with Kremlin ties funneled money through the NRA during the 2016 election.

Climate Crisis is Real News, while we all get distracted by the Orange Clown

The gases under the polar ice are escaping into the atmosphere. Now. As of about two weeks ago. Everything in climate is about to get a whole lot weirder, plus there may be new viruses and other unexpected things.
As this happens, all but a few scientists are distracted by the Orange Clown who is USA's president, although some humans are noticing the weather is even weirder than last year...
"To honor Infrastructure week, America decided to tear itself apart. Ladies and gentlement we are about to see some major flooding all over the United States."
Thor News on YouTube, best place to ride the climate crisis he even hits his weed while he talks, my kinda climate scientist from Houston
We've got wave after wave after wave of potent rain storms that…