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A great way to have free trade is get rid of borders. Are borders even relevant anymore? Except for geriatric leaders who want to hold onto their territory? We all exist in the ether now, the world is digital, so borders are just One Big Traffic Jam for the CO2 crowd

Monday, April 29, 2019

In a Matter of Days

Remembering the time Obama’s helicopter flew over my apartment building in 2015. I ran outside and as I stood under a tree, the underside of the copter went Right Over My Head, then he breezed onto the private airport uptown. 
What I'm remembering now is the Love. I could feel love emanating from the helicopter, honest. As news reports showed he was approaching South Lake Tahoe, I anticipated the love, then as he flew over, I Felt the Love. Just knowing he was coming to my town filled me with love, even though I'm sure once he got here, he mixed with neighbors who have much better dental work than I do…
Everything about Obama used to evoke a feeling of love in me. His voice. You’d hear it on a news clip during his years as president, and you’d stop to listen, you’d want to hear more, drop what you're doing to hear more. Obama’s voice actually massaged a person. Oh, It's been So Long since I felt that way hearing my President speak.
Then on top of that Obama would be saying something so SANE and resolving. Whatever issue he was dealing with Obama would find a way to resolve it, even if it meant learning nuclear physics so he could communicate with the scientists during Iran treaty negotiations, the agreement our current president tore up as soon as he got into office and now gas prices are soaring.
I wish I didn't care about this stuff but I do.
I miss Barack Obama. I'm also concerned that he had some kind of a stroke while he was in office, the way he falters when he speaks now. Obama didn't say um, um, um, um, um, over and over when he first ran for President the way he does now. The way he was attacked by information warfare as President from all sides the minute he took office probably caused it.
The saddest part of all this has been watching my countrymen fall for the lies, as much as it would have been sad to see them fall to any other weapon of war, except the victims of information warfare are still alive and walking around, in my part of town with shocked expressions on their faces, segueing slowly into guilt as they begin to realize Trump conned them. I don't know the steps of Trump withdrawal, but I think they're finally figuring out they're now powerless.
I don't want anything to do with Trump voters because I know the con only worked on people who were primed and ready to hate their neighbors to begin with. Again kudos to Vladimir for finding these easy ways to manipulate Americans but now we all have to live with what's left.
I miss Barack Obama so much.
Those information warfare attacks have been going on since at least 2013 when I first noticed them, probably sooner, see my 2013 Facebook posts, I'm not going to repeat it all over again. Also see my LTE’s to Antelope Valley Press 2012-13 where I was trying to point out to people, it's information warfare, we're being attacked by lies on the news. My neighbors' reaction was so bad, I moved to Tahoe.
“The biggest hoax in American history, it really has been,” said the Donald looking straight into the camera last night. Note he had no Subject of that sentence, so to me Trump was admitting to the world that he himself had just pulled off “the biggest hoax in history.” Indeed he's bragging about it. Making Trump’s newly enabled power even more phenomenal last night was the gang of low IQ supporters behind him cheering. Trump manipulates them so easily.
I often think Trump knows exactly what he's doing, as he continues to work for Russia / Saudis. He has been Very Successful in his role as Trojan Horse, a weapon inside our own White House destroying USA from within. Now and then he telegraphs what's really going on, I think, he let's us know in the spaces between the words what he's really doing.
I also think he gets almost a sexual rush out of these double entendres he says in front of his base with meanings that go over their heads. Yes this is “the biggest hoax in American history” and he's perpetrating it right in front of our eyes on network news while the targets of the hoax cheer for it.
What scares me this week is what was NRA influence on Trump tearing up the United Nations international arms deal, signing his decree abolishing it in front of a hollering NRA meeting in Indianapolis a few days ago. What kind of international apocalypse of mass shootings will we see now in cities across the world? What role did Maria Butina have in spreading this skewered Second Amendment misread not only all over the USA but apparently to other countries as well and how many other Maria Butinas are out there who have not been caught.
Life under Trump is making me scared to go to public events as I don't know where the next nut case full of internet inspired insanity is going to pull an assault rifle out and start shooting. He could decide to target old ladies, he could have found out there's a smart ass journalist old lady living where I live and just wait outside for me. Get on the same bus as me so he can take me out with a few others.
Going to start using more taxis less buses.
I know I'm being a little over reactionary. But still
The original intent of terrorism is to make citizens terrified.
It's working.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Explains a lot

CO2 is not only heating the planet, it is causing mass brain damage; so slowly progressively humans are getting dumber and dumber, but since it's happening to Everyone, we all think it's normal. 
I'm running with this theory as it helps explain everything

Notre Dame fire shows me how out in left field I am, oh well

I think we all need to step back and take a deep breath, and then create Notre Dame Park with thousands of affordable apartments to replace the cathedral. What does humanity need more?
Something about the millions being raised to rebuild a cathedral 24 hours after it burned when the global economy is faltering and failing is.. an abomination. And a Knee-Jerk way too fast reaction without stopping to think, but that's humans in the CO2 atmosphere they are breathing, getting dumber and dumber and dumber.
I'm sorry it burned down but rebuilding it with today's materials will probably be an abomination in itself. I say tear it the rest of the way down, leave the Rose Window for an attraction. 
If I were broke and living in a crappy apartment in Paris, I'd say, let us move into a cathedral if you build it. 
but... I'm not even a real human so what do I know.
thank god I'm not going to be an earthling much longer, you guys are nuts
Isn't there a story in the Bible where people are building a tower to heaven and they never get it built...? Somehow rebuilding Notre Dame reminds me of that... 
Bet they'd a been able to raise a billion dollars in a week to build that tower too if they'd had the internet. just saying.
I'm getting images in my head of what a 21st century version of Notre Dame cathedral will look like, reconstructed. 
Glass and steel with ads all over it.
Particle board and glue where Oak Trees once held up the roof? 
Maybe Trump will provide the contractors.

Just shows how much wealth is really out there, and where people's priorities are. They'll watch their fellow humans die in the streets without opening their wallets, but burn down a cathedral and they all become philanthropists for god. 
I'm going to have to move soon, I know it from conversations in the lobby today about the Notre Dame fire. As I listened I realized how many of my neighbors were Catholic or adjacent, and it actually made me scared, frightened of what is going to happen when one of them figures out I wrote City of Angels Blog. Everywhere I live, someone looks up my last name and googles it and finds the hundreds of blog posts I wrote about pedophile priests. 
Not that I'm ashamed of that work, but I know from experience that people react weird when they find out I'm one of the victims, I know from experience that when Catholics read the blog posts they often become angry. In Lancaster that old man chased me around in his wheelchair, he was in charge of young men’s education in the Catholic church across the street, that whole scene was weird. In Chicago these women set out to be as mean to me as they could once Mikey told everyone what I told him in private about Father Horne-y. That was my first lesson learned about how people react in about 2012. 
In Lancaster another guy hollered “That never happened” at me when I said I was one of the pedophile priest victims. Honest. He had told me he used to be Catholic, so I thought he would understand. I thought he was hot and sexy until he shouted at me when I told him I write about pedophile priests as one of the victims, “That never happened” in a singsong sneering tone of voice. 
That was 2013 or so, people may be more educated now, but I doubt much, especially those who continue to be Catholic in spite of all this evidence (like Republicans who just won’t let go of Donny Trump in spite of everything he's done). 
And so for almost a year now I've lived in a senior complex, an almost intimate setting where conversations happen and my history almost comes up, is undoubtedly going to come up. Today as everyone spoke of Notre Dame, I realized how reverent so many of them are. All of them talked about the cross how what to me was a photographer catching a light ray hitting a cross that survived the fire was somehow a miraculous sign. A few of my friends here on Facebook posted that too. 
All of them, as a group whewing and whooshing to each other because “the cross survived, that's a sure sign of something,” and I'm the science writer in the corner hiding behind my horn-rims saying, yes it's light caught reflecting off metal that did not burn, whoopee, and a photographer caught the image and will probably get a Pulitzer and face time with the Pope as a result. It's a well produced photograph. 
That whoo whoo mystical stuff does not work with me, it's too easily turned into evil, I stay as far away from it as I can and as a result feel very protected. 
Anyway, I'm glad I have not opened up to anyone here yet and it's especially sad because one woman who seems to be so much fun and educated and interesting is also like a zombie Catholic, it's showing this week as she rises at sunrise every AM to take part in some half-Mexican near shamanic thing that goes on in our local church during Holy Week. 
I'm jealous of course because I wish I could participate but my life experiences ruined any church going for me, I know better than to even try. 
It would be nice to be able to open up to someone here about who I am, but so far, everywhere I go, I search the eyes of those I see and find no one to whom I can tell my stories. What I really wish is that I’d meet another writer and together we could put it all down on paper as writing these stories alone is too lonely for me, so I'm not doing it. 
Instead I am sitting off to the side, listening, hoping to hear a buzz word / dog whistle that shows me a person is safe. So far no, but I got time.

I'm thinking fire was convenient as cathedral needed to be renovated. They waited until 6:45 PM when everyone got out and then boom a fire, now instead of having to find money the Vatican can have a global building fundraiser with Everyone In The World giving them money with tears in their eyes.
It stinks.
Sorry, but I used to write about the Pedophile Priests and Bishops who enabled them. No Way I Trust ANYTHING that is said or done by this church Ever in my Life EVER AGAIN and it sickens me watching everyone believe them without question.
has anyone mentioned the thousand years of oppression represented by Notre Dame cathedral?
My vote is for a huge housing project to replace it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Memories that are making me laugh this morning

My parents retired to a condo in San Clemente about 1971, before there was a 5 was a Freeway. They were on the inland side of a beachfront hill, overlooking a golf course that is still there today open to the public. Back then the area was remote and private enough for President Richard Nixon to be able play through when he came to vacation at the Western White House down the beach. 
My dad was so proud that he could go out on his terrace and wave at Nixon as he played through. All his comfy Republican neighbors would also come out on their lawns and wave at Nixon and the Secret Service guys with him, playing golf in the ocean breezes on a quiet midweek day. Today housing developments, a freeway, and strip malls fill those hills.
My parents lived through the Roaring Twenties in Chicago, so not only did they tipple a martini or two in their day. They also smoked weed. My dad described going to the Loop into an alley to score a “nail” which was a loosely rolled joint full of sticks and seeds. He said it popped when you smoked it.
In his retirement my dad contracted glaucoma so I convinced him to try some weed to treat it. I think he even planted some seeds there on his San Clemente hillside overlooking the golf course. Later I asked him if he’d tried the cannabis and he made a distasteful look, ‘Yeah, I didn't like it.”
“But dad it will help your glaucoma, why don’t you like it?”
“It was too heady.”
Heh heh.

Kay Ebeling

My first introduction to global warming

NASA Houston 1979, on assignment from the Newsroom at LBJ Space Center, I was interviewing a geologist who conducts experiments with meteorites found in Antarctica. In the middle of the interview, he stopped. His eyes bugged out and he said, “Wait, the real story is the icecaps. They're melting. Planet Earth is heating up.” His hair electrified out from his head: “Only a few of us know this today but in a few years the heating planet is going to be the only story that matters. Earth is getting warmer at a rapid rate. We've seen it we've seen it the ice caps are melting the ice caps are melting.”
This was my first job out of college. I finished the interview and went back to my office and wrote the story I’d been assigned to write and went home a little shaken, thinking the guy was a bit of a mad man.
But I never forgot what he said. And he was right, over the years, global warming became a more and more important story.

Kay Ebeling

Sunday, April 14, 2019

What happens when a hostile foreign agent has been President for 2 plus years, more to come.

While the Russians build naval bases in the Arctic, on new ground from ice melt using new waterways, the USA is putting mucho military resources on its border with Mexico and denying climate change... 
Assange was kicked out when Ecuadoran embassy said, "he kept doing his work when he had agreed not to." 
What Work Was He Doing? 
I think this is just more of the spy show and Assange is about to be a right wing celebrity on Fox or syndicated through Sinclair. 
My imagination is all I got left...
When the Russians take over your nation, it's, of course, a spy show, bk Espionage is what they do. Their mechanical stuff is klunky, their ballet dancers have fat legs, in team sports they are... learning. One Thing They Do better than any other nation is Espionage. Sneaky stuff. 
Oh by the way, the entire top of the planet, now that it's melted, has been claimed by Russia where they are building bases within a few hours ride from USA, which is weirdly distracted by the Trump show and not paying attention to anything else... 
Popping the corn
It may not be that bad to be part of Russian federation. Perhaps vodka will be cheap.
Refugees in USA now keep going north seeking asylum in Canada in growing numbers... wow
Canadian officials intercepted an unprecedented 20,000 people trying to enter the country in 2017, many of…
Imagine: Asylum seekers allowed to go to remote, under developed area and build a city from Ground Up to use solar-wind energy, housing in a central area, lots of short ride transit so only reason you'd drive a car is to take a long trip. They could build new cities in places like NM or Utah that work better in this and upcoming centuries than the cities of today. 
I watched footage of them walking through Mexico and this is a phenomenon. Imagine being so desperate you pick up your baby and start walking north, with a massive number of people. 
We should make the Best of this, build something new, create, embrace, build... 
and not one more of those ugly walls
Posted by Kay Ebeling
Producer of City of Angels Blog since 2007

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Listen between the verbs

When W. Barr says, "there was spying going on" and "improper surveillance was going on" he is not saying who was doing the spying. When one uses passive verbs, the result is No One takes responsibility for the action. It's implied yes he means Dems bk of the question he is answering but No One is pinning him down, they are letting him get away with this sloppy sentence construction. Later, he can say, "You heard what you wanted to hear but this is what I said," and he'll be right. I think he is in a corner, something being held over his head, like all these guys, and the more menacing the Trumpsters become, the more uncomfortable I feel, even in my little HUD senior apartment... I'm safer than most but I also know HUD ain't at the top of this President's list of priorities so... Barr is Carefully choosing his words and that passive construction means he's saying the "spying" happened, he's not saying who did it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Could it be this bad?

Trump must be holding something over the heads of these Republicans, why else are they one after another abandoning ethics and becoming robots in service to Fearless Leader? 
What could Trump be threatening to use, scaring All Of Them? 
I keep coming back to… nuclear codes.

With comic books so iconic in USA, you’d think they could recognize an evil bad guy when they see one

Wish our dictator was more handsome, since his face is becoming like Big Brother everywhere, at least he could look like... Cary Grant.  Hey, Vlad, can you arrange that for Trump's successor, please? All this loose white skin with orange trim is making me nauseous
A row of vertical steel slabs stuck in the ground reinforced with razor wire in the dirt. 
That's The Wall that our president who claims to be a great builder is building.
Watching Netanyahu speak makes me wonder, isn't it weird for an Israeli to be a Nazi?
What will kids we put in cages today be like in 15 or 20 years... happy campers, volunteer firemen, or angry gang members who hate all of us and have big guns?
With comic books so iconic in USA, you’d think they could recognize an evil bad guy when they see one

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Wait a minute

The Saudis can hack penis selfies from Jeff Bezos's cell phone but no one can leak the Mueller Report?

The Saudis can hack penis selfies from Jeff Bezos's cell phone but no one can leak the Mueller Report?

it's like Democrats are school kids holding a pretend campaign... 
in 2 hours of news on in background, I've heard 3 dem candidates for pres give Great Policy Ideas for the nation- Rent tax credits, child care for all- but Not One Yet has mentioned that Trump is working for foreign agents from within the White House destroying USA. 
So the coup goes on 
I wonder if thinking observant persons in 1933 Germany felt the same disconnect I feel now watching this thing develop, watching these guys seem to celebrate and cheer what I see as horror... how many 70 plus year old Germans felt so awful about what was happening in their nation that they uprooted and moved a new place to get away from it. I would if I could but I'm having a hard time getting to a store so... I have to watch this. I want to go to the Mexican border and tear down the walls. Maybe I'll live long enough to see that happen, or maybe I'll creep deeper into the corners of my little Tahoe home and hide while watching more horror transpire. I wish Americans would see a surge of 800000 humans coming here as something other than what the Trumpsters see. We could put them all in New Mexico and maybe overflow into Texas. There's room for them here, in fact, the more Hispanic culture I encounter, the more I wish more of them would move here and, like, take over, kinda. Instead it seems like everywhere Trump goes there is this PARTY going on of these misshaped white people in awful clothes but they are having a lot more fun than I am. I look at them and wonder, don't they see what they are doing? Does a few thousand more dollars a year really justify what you are doing to human beings? I almost wish it would snow six feet all year long as at least then it feels like I'm keeping them away...
Question: when the govt reports "jobs created" do they first deduct jobs lost?
trojan horse attack from within: Drain the treasury, indebt us for life

This will be the second year that the U.S. government has to borrow $1T. This is driven largely by Trump’s tax cuts

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Where else can a deviant pervert with talent make a living than in the movies?

It's ironic that Bryan Singer's career came to an end for being a sexually twisted gay man WHILE he was making a movie about Freddie Mercury, a beloved and forever revered performer who was a sexually twisted gay man.
I wish the entire nation would take a breath, step back, and realize there are individuals who live on the edge of the sexual spectrum. 
Best to keep your kids away from them. 
Best to teach your kids to be alert and know how to evade them. 
I predict the USA will waste almost the whole campaign for Pres 2020 talking about sex abuse / uncomfortableness and other stuff that is totally irrelevant and turns off voters 
Sexual extremists are not going to disappear without some kind of major social engineering and mind control, behavior modification, and to be honest, having indulged a bit in that dark and steamy side of life in my past, I think people have a right to be perverts-
As consenting adults. With consenting adults.
A lot of the MeToo cases cross over into areas where the parties are adults. I find myself saying, Why the fuck did you go to the guy's hotel room to begin with, or how did the 17 year old end up in the guy's bedroom, why was a thirteen year old boy alone at a party naked with the guy to begin with?
All these careers are being destroyed without anything resembling "due process." Blacklisting and mob mentality are becoming the norm.

At least guys like Harvey Weinstein and Bryan Singer did not enter the priesthood. 
I'm so glad I'm old. I don't like the direction any of this is taking, so much so I look forward to leaving this planet. Humans are Such a disappointment. All this brain power going to waste while they all focus on genitalia.
Lowly animals

At least guys like Harvey Weinstein and Bryan Singer did not enter the priesthood. I don't care what producers and politicians do in their bedrooms. I don't expect actors and entertainers to be saints, in fact, where else can a deviant pervert with talent make a living than in the movies?
They have to work somewhere. I sure don't want them teaching elementary school.

I predict the USA will waste almost the whole campaign for Pres 2020 talking about sex abuse / uncomfortableness and other stuff that is totally irrelevant and turns off voters but SOMEONE is telling news shows to focus on them.
Information warfare continues

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

TV Adaptation: Pedophile priest true crime series needs representation (#2)

I have written several true crime stories of pedophile priests and their victims (see link below).
These stories of Catholic priests conniving to get access to children for sex are topical, original, and untold. The stories take place in Catholic churches, schools, and properties so we go to dramatic sets and locations in nearly every archdiocese in the world.
Thousands of children, now adults and some aging, want to share what happened to them, in such large numbers that new stories could be produced for several years.
As a journalist and one of the victims, I covered the pedophile priest epidemic in the Catholic Church at City of Angels Blog, beginning in 2007, so I know there is much more to this story yet to be told.
In order to continue, I need a literary agent. If you would like to represent me in my effort to get this project produced, please contact me.
Thank you.
Kay Ebeling
South Lake Tahoe, California
The blog posts I wrote at City of Angels Blog are ready to be adapted as a television or online true crime series, with numerous other stories ready to be written.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Seeking Literary Agent for True Crime series about Pedophile Priests

As a pedophile priest crime victim who is also a journalist, I've covered this true story of sex crimes against children for several years and now seek representation to continue my series of articles and produce them as a book and true crime TV series.
I wrote about specific cases around the world and posted them here “Pedophile Priest True Crime Series” proposed here: and I've continued to post an occasional story about recent developments at this City of Angels Blog site from 2012 to present here: The blog started here: City of Angels Blog 2007: L.A. Clergy Cases: I covered 660 civil lawsuits against the Los Angeles Archdiocese as they went through L.A. Superior Court. 
For three years I traveled the country writing these true stories of pedophile priest crimes and the victims until I could no longer support the investigation with my own resources alone.  So now I'm seeking a literary agent to help sell these stories as a TV true crime series and / or book, or a video series to be streamed online, in order to produce the rest of the story of pedophile priest crimes, the part of the story the Catholic Church worked for twenty years to prevent too many individuals from learning.
From doing my blog, I am certain that the complete story has not yet been told of these thousands of sex crimes against children, because no one has done what I was trying to do, go from archdiocese to archdiocese to research the crimes and point out similarities in every city.  So far I've interviewed dozens of victims and have noted patterns and similarities in the crimes in every archdiocese in the country.
I need a literary agent to help me, are you interested?
Thank you,
Kay Ebeling, South Lake Tahoe, California
PS:  I covered more pedophile priest cases around the country on these blogs as well.
The truth needs to be told, or this horror of sex crimes against children could be repeated. 
I hope you are interested in working with me.

Bill Maher: 'faith-based justice system' and real ending of Mueller report

"We can't see the report. We have a new faith-based justice system." 
-Bill Maher, March 29, 2019
Maher also said (paraphrased) :
It's like a film where you think it's over then you see there's fifteen more minutes. 
We watch Mueller pack up his office as Special Prosecutor, he goes home, sits down to dinner with his wife and we then see she is, camera pulls back, Roger Stone. Then Mueller gets on the phone and speaks Russian.
Maher was joking when he said that. He was also joking in November 2016 show reacting to events happening then, when he said, "This isn’t an election it's a coup." It's so weird how last two years everything that could be done to stop Trump waited until the Mueller Report came out and now the report may never come out.
That's a coup, that's espionage, information warfare that has brought us to the Soviet States of America.
Think of all the damage that was done to U.S. military, to intelligence, to every politician Putin doesn't like (Adam Schiff, Al Franken) and damage that's still being done to the nation in ways that will kill Americans in five ten twenty years, thanks to environment social and medical policies forced through by Donald Trump last two years.
Think of what's been going on tonight in that White House and Mara Lago and with who knows whom? Postponing any action out two years with no one having oversight has probably done so much damage to USA that it's now too late.
Glad I'm at six thousand feet.

MeToo is Anti-Sex League from book 1984, in real time

This is too much like the "Anti-Sex League" from the book "1984" I tried to say, when MeToo first started, the way pussy hats just showed up one day and soon they were everywhere. That all was being manipulated and I kept saying, This Is Not A Good way to go, we will end up with our best politicians having their careers destroyed it's like "1984" the sex patrols. 
I ended up losing LOTS of friends, even in person ones who i'd known for years unfriended me with venom on Facebook those weeks
(Several shouting at me that I'm defending rapists, which is why I do not mourn those "friendships")
look at what's happening now. I think the MeToo phenom of last 2 years is an example of russian spycraft: they find a sizzling movement and pump it up and steer it in a different direction.
We've just OBSERVED that here. Women had a legitimate issue but now thanks to Information Warfare on social media, the Bots have co-opted MeToo into a way to destroy progressive politicians.
I saw this coming.
ANYONE would have seen this coming if they were familiar with books of English Literature and history that describe the rises of totalitarian 
It's hard for me to feel sorry for Americans when they walked right into what they are now getting.
Post Script: 

Once again I marvel at how brilliant this whole info warfare attack on USA has been. For example:
The MeToo movement "belongs" to progressives but the Right is using it to destroy progressives and bk they own it, progressives can't do anything to stop it.
Putin, gotta hand it to ya

More Post Scripts 

Did Trump's Slovenian wife Ever pass a security background check, I wonder?
Remember how he kept saying how "intelligent" she is but we just don't see it?
Now and then I turn on Fox news to see what my neighbors are hearing, to try to understand why this is happening. Their news shows are now fifteen years into "alternative facts" so have an entire alternative world to draw on to prove their points, and weirdest thing is, EVERYTHING they accuse the "socialist left" of doing is a tactic the right is doing right in front of our eyes. 
Especially "Hate" bk only people saying "hate" are Trumpsters, I don't Hate Trump, I just wish he'd go back to celebrity apprentice. 
The ability of whoever ran this coup to mesmerize so many Americans over TV is the worst part of all this. I am also looking at the I-5 to Vancouver again on Google maps almost every day...
Kay Ebeling

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


When I was a little girl in Pasadena, you could drive all the way to Newport Beach in 40 minutes or so, an extra ten mins to Laguna, NOT on freeways, we breezed down two lane country roads. Yes, from Pasadena to Newport you took Brookhurst to... something and soon you pulled up on the ocean, strips of pristine sand, beautiful, on weekdays there were strips of beach with no people. 
Now though there are several routes from Pasadena to Newport, it takes a good 2 hours and the trip is not as fun as riding with your windows open through Orange County smelling orange groves as you passed through little towns such as Buena Park.
You could just take off down those highways on impulse and go to Newport, drive up the rugged coast then take a dark curvy Sunset Boulevard back home and everything moved easily and smooth in the 1950s in Pasadena, where I lived a cushy and comfortable life like almost no one on Earth lives today... sigh.

I came of age politically as a teenager asking, Are we in Vietnam to defend corporations? Later I even met Eldridge Cleaver

I've been passionate about politics since high school, I keep thinking of that now. As soon as I learned truth about Vietnam War at age 16 (?) I joined up, went to anti war demonstrations and meetings. They invited my older sister and she wasn't interested and I chimed in, I'll Go! Then by age 19 I was even On Paid Staff (doing minutes of meetings) of Peace and Freedom Party. I was at Oakland meeting where Black Panthers took over the party, which was intimidating, as I remember it. 
Met Eldridge Cleaver, he was dating my roommate... 
CONTINUED 2 hours later:
Riding around smoking weed was a regular activity when I was in high school in the San Gabriel Valley. One night a guy who’d graduated a few years earlier had come home from the war in Vietnam in alarming condition, shaking suicidal, like so many others. As I passed the joint to him in the backseat, he stopped talking for a few minutes about the heroin he’d had to kick upon his return home because there was so much of it in the camps, you almost couldn't avoid it. He toked on the joint, I think we may have been even smoking Thai stick, because during the years USA was in Vietnam, you could get this wowser weed from Thailand 
The guy in the backseat continued talking now about his platoon defending Michelin Plantation.
“What? Did you say Michelin?” I interrupted him.
“Yeah, it was Michelin Plantation.” And he continued with his rap. He said Michelin Plantation with that special pride soldiers have for a territory they've been occupying, whether they're right or wrong.
I said, “You mean we're in Vietnam fighting this war to defend corporations?”
He stopped talking, he may have even stopped shaking. Everybody in the car got quiet and thought about that.
He started shaking again and said, “Yeah I guess so that's about right.” Then others in the car nodded agreement, we continued on down whatever L.A. road we were cruising, continued smoking weed, I think my friend from the backseat ended up in several state hospitals over next years and then, as I always do, I moved away and lost touch with everyone.
Not long after that cruising night, my sister was home from UC Santa Barbara and some of her friends from San Marino High showed up where we were living now in much more humble surroundings of Arcadia. “We're going to a meeting of the Peace and Freedom party,” they told her and I was in the hallway listening. My sister shrugged, probably was doing her hair or something, and said she didn't want to go. As they were leaving, I rushed up and said, “I'll go.” They shrugged and said sure when no one in my family objected to me at age fifteen? Sixteen? Going off with these kind of seditious acting anti war activists, but I was already a news junkie so I knew there were brewings of underground protests against this war and I wanted to be part of it.
A few years later, I was released from jail after being arrested at a love-in, 1969 Griffith Park, I spent less than one night in Sybil Brand Institute when it was brand new and shiny but I was once again radicalized by the time I was bailed out by my mom and a suburban lawyer. I tracked down the Peace and Freedom Party now in offices on Western Avenue they shared with the Mike Hannah for District Attorney campaign. I was such an enthusiastic volunteer, and so skilled, and young with great legs and didn't always wear a bra, that I was hired to work in the office. When there were meetings I would go, along with the others who worked in the office, and do shifts taking notes then typing them up as minutes.
Which is funny because now at age 70 I still supplement my Social Security by doing transcription from home, typing what people are saying, but I digress.
So I was there at the Peace and Freedom Party meeting in 1970 (?) in Oakland when as we were being dutiful white liberals operating with Rules of Order, the back door of the gymnasium banged open and a bastion of tough and serious looking black guys with Loooooong afro head and wow, part of me remembers guns but I'm foggy on this whole memory.
The Black Panthers burst in the back door and strode through the auditorium. All us white liberals were shaken and surprised, because we really didn't know this was going to happen, it was a surprise.
They banged through, walked through the crowd up to the front, one of the guys took over the microphone, and that was it, they were in charge. They said, something like, this is ours now, we are in charge. There was much disruption but mostly the good white suburban liberals many of whom like me had come from far flung locales such as Pasadena, we were silent, we sat with mouths open and watched what happened, we listened to this Manifest reading of the Black Panther party points and they were so radical and wild that most of us just rejected them and left the room, left the meeting.
I was maybe 20 years old, I was there to take notes and type them up. I was taking these pills that were legal speed I was getting from a doctor because back then it was easy to get legal speed from a doctor. That helped me keep up with the long hours but it also makes my memory of this fuzzy.
I do know that men in clothes that were more ironed and new than the people I usually see came up to me later and asked me lots of questions about that meeting. I went home, my roommate was this woman with beautiful olive skin from somewhere back east who was a national organizer of the Peace and Freedom party, I rented a bedroom in her apartment off Beachwood Drive in Hollywood. One night Eldridge Cleaver was sitting in the living room with another young black guy, intimidating like the ones at the meeting, and soon after I came home, she left with them, I didn't go with them.
I moved somewhere else and did something else as the Black Panther takeover was my last interaction with the Peace and Freedom Party. I still stayed political astute though, to this day fifty years later.
(To be edited after I get done transcribing this AM) 
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