Friday, December 15, 2017


The United States Intelligence Community appropriated usage of the term disinformation in the 1950s from the Russian dezinformatsiya,
In the post-Soviet era, disinformation evolved to become a key tactic in the military doctrine of Russia.[30]
The European Union and NATO saw Russian disinformation in the early 21st century as such a problem that they both set up special units to analyze and debunk fabricated falsehoods[30]. NATO founded a modest facility in Latvia to respond to disinformation[31] and, following agreement by heads of state and governments in March 2015 the EU created the European External Action Service East Stratcom Task Force, which publishes weekly reports in its website "EU vs Disinfo"[32]. The website and its partners identified and debunked over 3,500 pro-Kremlin disinformation cases between September 2015 and November 2017[32].
Methods used by Russia during this period included its Kremlin-controlled mouthpieces: news agency Sputnik News and television outlet Russia Today (RT).[30] When explaining the 2016 annual report of the Swedish Security Service on disinformation, representative Wilhelm Unge stated: "We mean everything from Internet trolls to propaganda and misinformation spread by media companies like RT and Sputnik."[30]
Disinformation is false information spread deliberately to deceive.[1][2][3] The English word disinformation is a translation of the Russian dezinformatsiya,[1][2][3] derived from the title of a KGB black propaganda department.[4] The book Disinformation…

Attack on Constitution continues

Net Neutrality bill passed today is an indirect attack on Journalists and the First Amendment.

The Babushka is a lot like an Arabic head covering.

I listened to Putin's speech today, he claims wages in Russia have increased like 170 percent in a decade, that infrastructure is being replaced, HOUSING. It made me almost hope it's true they installed Trump as president to take over USA. 
Now let the lulling begin, so I too can shout for joy as Fearless Leader parades in the street, then, still toothless, return to my hovel in the trees to hide. We are now Russia. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dems walked right into trap kicking out Franken

Pelosi et al SO AWFUL last week, I Gave Up on Democrats for Good
These "sex abuse" stories are not generated from the bottom, they are much like the Hillary private email server mania last year, I think. The stories get released then repeated everywhere, in this kind of mania that U.S. news media has become that Russia / Arabia is taking advantage of. I am watching America self destruct. 
I see these stories as a kind of mind control, it's normal for men and women to be attracted to each other, these "sex assault" stories are like right out of George Orwell to me.      
Last year the chant was Lock Her Up, this year the chant is Lock Him Up.  They've turned Hillary Clinton into Emmanuel Goldstein ("1984" ref). 
If This Stream of Stories were real they would get the same response we pedophile priest victims got when we came forward, a big yawn and media that did not want to cover it. The Fact that no one really cared, nationally, what the Catholic Church let happen to thousands of children kinda to me proves that these stories coming out now about "illegal kissing" are cooked. The first one, Rose McGowan got paid $300K to take her 20 year old story to Vanity Fair last March (dozens of other pubs would not take it bk it was Not News). (Note re $300K, Part 2 of the VF story, Ronan Farrow reports this payment to McGowan, from a Brit organization that appeared out of nowhere with buzzwords about women empowerment in its title. Farrow reported the payment himself, he's that naive.) 
Once Vanity Fair published McGowan's story, it seemed to me as if these KGB type creeps were on standby ready to destroy careers of numerous people with sex stories they had dug up over last few years. That's how Russia works, they dig into your private life and just wait for the right time to use something against you.  Progressives Fell For A Trap and self destructed. By the time the Sex Police got to Al Franken, Democrats had already thrown Due Process out the window in previous weeks, so they could not stand up for him.  
I think this was a trap, conducted by the same people who got Trump elected to help tear USA apart, from within. 
These stories have BELITTLED real sex assault, almost made it a joke

Being tapped on the butt by your boss is not Sexual Assault. 
Being locked in a room and gang banged is sexual assault. 
You don't go on the talk show circuit after sexual assault. 
I am totally fed up with the Democratic party after this. They caved, they walked right into a trap, My Friends jumped on this mania bandwagon and 
what scares me most is: now that Putin or whoever is doing this was able to cause this much mayhem and blacklisting over "sex assault" charges, what are they going to do to start media mania next. (I think we will find out it's the Saudis using Russian techniques, I've thought so since 2013, I saw the fake news stuff happening way back then on Fox and since then have believed, it's Russian tactics, financed by Saudis.) 
I think the coup is slowly but surely destroying the Constitution. First and Second Amendment have been mangled last few years, now they are going after parts of Fourth and Fifth Amendments: Due Process. 
The Priests got due process, most of them. Lawyers and Judges reviewed lawsuits before they could be filed.  In Most Cases.  I tried to only write about cases that were in Court for this very reason. Due Process. A few times I fell for stories that were Obviously Fake. People Do make up stories to go along especially when there may be a payoff.  No one from Harvey Weinstein to Bryan Singer to Kevin Spacey to Al Franken got due process, they were ambushed and destroyed within hours. 
What part of the Constitution will the coup demolish next? 
PS I'm not even an American citizen anymore, I un-registered and will not participate in this insanity.  
None of these news stories are real.   
Another result of these stories is Women Will Not Get Hired in places where there are lots of men. We are Undoing decades of progress getting equal rights for women, now they can say, don't hire her, she'll file a lawsuit if someone touches her. 
AMEN. This is Putin et all destroying USA from within and undoing decades of progressive successes. 
happy holiday
And Nancy Pelosi first talked about Due Process, then three days later she was part of the hate campaign, "Throw the bums out."
they all caved and now we all will suffer for it.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

SCARY, almost like thought police at the door

I bet there is not one of us who has not been in a sexual situation that, if you decided 20 years later to run for office, someone could come forward and say it was "inappropriate."

When did "inappropriate" become illegal?

This whole sequence of events is Way Too Much like a kind of Thought Police forming.

Obama vs Trump, one year later

When President Barack Obama completed the Iran nuclear deal, Persians were in the streets waving American flags with joy.  
After Donald Trump made his proclamation on Jerusalem, Arab nations declared Three Days of Rage. 
A little different:

Hamas leader calls for new 'intifada' after Trump's Jerusalem move ...

USA TODAY-2 hours ago
It came as clashes between hundreds of Palestinian protesters and Israeli troops erupted across the West Bank on Thursday while demonstrators in Gaza burned posters of President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Israeli and U.S. flags, as part of "three days of rage" that ...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This is totalitarianism, this is fascism Al Franken, John Conyers, who's next?

This would be a Twilight Zone episode, but Rod Serling did not write this. He did write about Mob Mentality though, a lot, and how it always ends up destroying instead of fixing. 
Tonight it's Al Franken. Who will the Mob destroy tomorrow?

So now in USA if you have One Small Mistake 20 years in your past, and you are now in public office, they will soon come for you too.
That is totalitarianism that is fascism
Al Franken, John Conyers, who's next?


I see these sex abuse stories as a Hate Rally just like the "Lock Her Up" chants all through 2016 campaign. I can't sleep. I keep thinking, wow, it was this easy to get progressives to do almost same thing they got Trump supporters to do. 
The coup knew just how to reach Progressives. 
You Release a story about "sex abuse" and you amplify it, then you just sit back and watch Americans react, self destruct, throw stones at persons who last week they respected. 
I can't sleep bk I'm keep thinking this is a Hate Campaign being played on people by whoever is manipulating the news.
"Lock Him Up" re Spacey or Weinstein is Not Much Different from "Lock Her Up" all through Hillary's run for President. To me as a former PR person, it looks like same misinformation tactics, but on different people, so just tweaked a bit.
That's what I hear and see. I wish Americans would STOP and think what they are participating in, but from here, it looks like when people get caught up in the middle of it, they can't see what is being done to them.
but I have to stop giving a f----


Someone set this up with Harvey Weinstein first, so the mob mentality was set in motion, then when the mob was in full force they went after Al Franken and John Conyers and no one could defend them after Progressives had going after Weinstein et al the way they did. Who's next?

That's what it seems like to me. 
So the Balance of Things in USA will now be: Al Franken gone, Roy Moore in. 

But at least that man who tried to get women to kiss him isn't a Senator anymore. 

Kinda like, at least we didn't elect a president with a private email server. 

The parallels are there, folks.

Same Dems who ran Hillary to begin with are shouting at Franken to resign. 
we are stuck with Trump for ever now. 

Time Magazine cover did not mention pedophile priest victims, more sign to me that this is cooked. OTHERWISE it would at least Mention the priests and a few of the hundred thousand child sex crime victims in that scenario. I think the Time cover proves what I've been saying from the start. 
These abuse stories are "cooked news" being manipulated for a reason and it has NOTHING to do with justice for molestation victims, it's about removing people from their jobs in Congress and Film Industry bk they are influential and Trump wants to get rid of them.
Otherwise Trump himself would be removed after the Pussy Grab comment. Instead he threw that in our faces again last week, just to remind us He Got Away with that.
This Is Not Real News it's a hate rally, Progressives are shouting "Lock Him Up" just like the Trumpsters, they just sound a little smarter.

No Franken should not resign, but... well, 
see what I mean? 
Two Weeks ago he was brightest light in Senate for Progressives. Now, no due process at all, Democrats are shouting for him to step down. 
I am not going to re-register. I'm done with Americans. I just am a visitor here, a woman with no country.


Americans are walking right into a trap

I Predict: In a few weeks new stories will start appearing in News, horrible charges of "something" against individuals who we Need. And we will not be able to defend them, bk of the precedent USA is setting now with the sex abuse stories.
I don't think any of this is happening by accident. 
Americans are setting themselves up for something much worse, right now, bk they are Reacting exactly the way the guys running this coup want them to react. 
walking right into the traps

Movie Star Sex Is Big News! But when 10,000 Catholic pedophile priests were ID'd, nobody cared

Americans are very willingly throwing due process out the window while celebrating sex abuse stories with ... glee. 
Since Americans are much more outraged at sex antics of movie stars and politicians than they were about pedophile priests in the Catholic Church, I guess that tells you most Americans gave up on Priests in the Catholic Church a long time ago. 
Actually, it tells you that this stream of news stories is totally cooked. 
But, since we have to accept sex abuse stories from 20 years ago as news now, when it wasn't news when it concerned priests, let's use this current stream of stories about Weinstein, Spacey, Franken et al as an excuse to remind people that 10 thousand Catholic priests were identified as pedophiles in last few decades and Nobody Cared.


One "friend" was willing to strike that blow so many wanted to, commenting to me, "Why are you defending men who sexually assault especially after years of listening to you reveal your sexual abuse?" wrote a FB "friend."
I know others were thinking it.
One: Catholic priests are expected to be moral leaders, actors are not.
Two: Everyone used to be "innocent until proven guilty" in this country, including the priests. Most of the stories I wrote were about Lawsuits filed in 
Court, where a Judge had reviewed the Charges and refused to grant a Motion to Dismiss so the cases went forward. 
You know. Due Process. 
But, of course, you react with a knee jerk reaction, like these stories are set up to provoke. Attack someone who disagrees without thinking first, because these stories already get people riled up. Alec Baldwin was trying to say same thing I'm saying, that these charges and stories are weird and he, too, is now a casualty of this Mob.
About 1 percent of stories on my blog was my story. I wrote other people's stories based on their lawsuits against Archdioceses around the country for 10 years. So fuck you Carol Lynn Jones, if you read this far down here, it's not worth going to the trouble of blocking you.
All my FB posts are public so un-friending you would do me no good, but if you go away, you will not be missed.

I've seen Way Too Many Twilight Zone episodes to take part in a mob attack or character assassination, and no matter how true the charges are, EVERYONE has a right to be innocent until proven guilty and have due process in a court with a judge or jury deciding guilt. 
If USA continues this mob attack against "sex abusers," they are destroying Due Process for future charges. 
Someone could accuse you next. Then you will wonder, what happened to Due Process. And it will be too late. But boy did you get a lot of hate out of your system against Harvey Weinstein.
This is what I think is happening. Mobs on Facebook and Twitter are destroying people's lives with no real evidence, no right to "confront your accuser."
Americans are very willingly throwing due process out the window while celebrating these stories with ... glee. It's awful to watch, especially when I seem to be part of 1 percent who are seeing it this way.
I am seeing it this way.
And none of those Twilight Zone episodes about mobs like this ends well.

-Kay Ebeling

Will Germany Invade USA to Stop Fascism?

In 10 years or so Germany may have to invade USA to stop the Fascism that is starting here today from spreading to rest of the world. 

ironic ain't it

Hate Hillary Hate Hillary Hate Emmanuel Goldstein Hate Hillary

A hundred years from now there will be icons of Hillary Clinton, she'll be focus of Hate for the masses. No one will know why they hate her, much like Emmanuel Goldstein in "1984." They will just join each other in large auditoriums where there will be pics of this liberal grandmother from 2016, Photoshopped to look like the most devious villain. The gathered workers will join in a manic chant, "Hate Hillary Hate Hillary Hate Hillary Hate Hillary," then go home to their hovels for 4 hours sleep before next day's shift. 
George Orwell is whispering in my ear again...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kids who inherit money are ones who spend it on 'booze, women, and movies'

When I first heard Grassley quote that people would just spend money on "booze, women, and movies," I thought he was referring to Trust Fund Kids, bk it's the ones who inherit money who don't seem to know what to do with it, to me, in most cases. 
I was in kitchen when I heard that quote in news, and honestly thought it was someone speaking in favor of keeping the Estate Tax intact. Because ... look at the Trump kids. That's what trust fund kids look like. The smartest among them created a shoe line. I mean...


Chief Seattle also warned of those men from Washington.

I hope the Navajos say, thank you Trump, we will now take back Utah then, since you recognize it's the natives of a land who know best how to take care of it.
I wish that would happen.
Trump said today he was turning the national monuments back to the "residents of Utah" bk they know how to handle it better than those distant men in Washington.
Trump just gave a big chunk of Utah to the coal companies. Because, apparently, West Virginia isn't enough for them.  

Around 1854, Seattle said: 
"Our great father Washington, for I presume he is now our father as well as yours, since George has moved his boundaries to the north; our great and good father, I say, sends us word by his son. His brave armies will be to us a bristling wall of strength, and his great ships of war will fill our harbors so that our ancient enemies far to the northward, the Simsiams and Hydas, will no longer frighten our women and old men. Then will he be our father and we will be his children.
"But can this ever be? Your God loves your people and hates mine; he folds his strong arms lovingly around the white man and leads him as a father leads his infant son, but he has forsaken his red children
"The ashes of our ancestors are sacred and their final resting place is hallowed ground, while you wander away from the tombs of your fathers seemingly without regret. Your religion was written on tablets of stone by the iron finger of an angry God, lest you might forget it. The red man could never remember nor comprehend it. Our religion is the traditions of our ancestors, the dreams of our old men, given them by the great Spirit, and the visions of our sachems, and is written in the hearts of our people. Your dead cease to love you and the homes of their nativity as soon as they pass the portals of the tomb. They wander far off beyond the stars, are soon forgotten, and never return. Our dead never forget the beautiful world that gave them being. They still love its winding rivers, its great mountains and its sequestered vales, and they ever yearn in tenderest affection over the lonely hearted living and often return to visit and comfort them
"Day and night cannot dwell together. The red man has ever fled the approach of the white man, as the changing mists on the mountain side flee before the blazing morning sun."
Is anyone going to even try to stop this?

Even the date and location of the speech has been disputed, but the most common version is that on March 11, 1854, Sealth gave a speech at a large outdoor gathering in Seattle. The meeting had been called by Governor Isaac Ingalls Stevens to discuss the surrender or sale of native land to white sett...

Monday, December 4, 2017

That's not gonzo journalism, it's just gonzo

Destroying career of Civil Rights icon was just a distraction

The reporter said she was in a bridal shop trying on her wedding dress when her Smart Phone beeped, she picked it up, and there was the sex abuse story breaking about John Conyers, eighty-five year old black Congressman who was pivotal in the civil rights movement after serving in the Korean War. 
So while being pinned and sized into her gown, the reporter read the 2-3 paragraphs of “breaking news” on her Smart Phone, then she “literally right there in the shop on my phone wrote my report on the story and filed it, right there in the bridal shop.” Or words to that effect.
She did that much research before helping to break the story that destroyed John Conyers’ career. 

She was a black woman. 
That really happened last week. 
Journalism is dead in the USA. 
The excited reporter now was a guest pundit on a TV show because she'd helped break yet another sex abuse story,

Gonzo Journalism is defined as writing your experience writing the story into the story, but first you have to be doing journalism:

Kay Ebeling it was on MSNBC right before I gave up on it too, except Brian Williams.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Welcome to Abu Graib Online

Everyone in USA is now sexually degraded, just by turning on a radio or being within earshot of "The News" 
The misinformation attack on USA continues with one sex idiocy story after another, and I still think it's bk USA sexually degraded prisoners as torture in Abu Graib that they chose this line of attack against USA. 
The result is, 1, the President is getting away with Lots of real bad stuff that is Not being reported, and 
2, Everyone in USA is being degraded, just by living here and turning on a radio, just by being within earshot. 
Welcome to Abu Graib online 

The Russians, or whoever did this, knew In Advance that media pundits would Have To Run with these sex stories bk once out, the stories would have legs of their own. They Knew pundits, especially left leaning ones, would Jump on this bandwagon with little thought, other than those guys have this story we have to have it too [look at them]. They knew every pundit would repeat and postulate and make stuff up as if they knew all the details of each accuser when they've read only a few paragraphs. 
Today NPR news was playing when a driver picked me up for a short ride and I heard another sex story. In detail. Throughout the ride.
I arrived at my destination degraded.

Welcome to Abu Graib on every air wave in USA

Sunday, November 19, 2017

As USA claims to be Christian, its actions make me look Anywhere But Christianity for spiritual guidance

A country that treats its aging, poor, and struggling human beings as badly as the United States does has no right to call itself Christian. Unless Christianity is one big lie. 
So from the Way the USA acts and treats its citizens while calling itself Christian, the message I get is that Christianity Is One Big Lie. 
I doubt Jesus himself would like that

Is it over yet?

Wonder what Trump pulled off while America focused on Hollywood penises. 
*Creative people are often "off" sexually, and Hollywood, Broadway, the entertainment industry was one place a person who was not "normal" sexually could live and work and not be ostracized.

At least that used to be true.

Past weeks I've had to check out a bit, only glancing at news, as this avalanche of "shocking stories about sex abuse" was so triggering for me, a person who experienced gang rape and other violent sex crimes, hearing women plead for justice after being kissed on the job just... I can't even begin to say how angry this whole thing has made me-

And as one who was part of the pedophile priest crime discovery, who saw Real Sex Crimes committed by ten thousand priests, identified, documented, and no press or other entity responded with as much horror as they are now today to these dribbling little non-crime stories. 

Especially now that it's slowly seeping out that, yes, this stream of sex abuse stories Was an orchestrated misinformation campaign aimed at the left, just like I've been hollering.

What bothers me is all the delicate, sensitive, Creative persons who are also a bit "off" sexually, yes, attracted to young men, or young men attracted to older men, promiscuous persons, ones who are aggressive, without breaking the law- 

Persons who experimented with sexuality and perhaps crossed a line, regretted it, did not do it again. 

How many persons were damaged,


or intimidated back into the closet, 

by this shitty fake news campaign that I watched reporters as smart as Rachel Maddow fall for and it turned me off so bad, all I'm watching is black and white movies these days instead of news.

Only news there is today from USA is we are going down. Fast. There is no safety net, we just razor slashed holes in what was left of one. 

Wonder what Trump pulled off in his little coup last few weeks while all of America's news networks were focused on Hollywood penises. 


Saturday, November 18, 2017

What Bugged Me Most About Hillary

Please Democrats, run a candidate with charisma
From the beginning I knew she was not going to win, you can check my Facebook from Spring 2016.  It drove me particularly crazy because Hillary has a quality that I also have, but decades ago, I accepted this fault as just something I can't change, and recognized my limitations.
It's Charisma. Neither Hillary or I have it. 
You cannot succeed in American politics without charisma.  It may not be fair, smart, or make any sense at all, but from the time this nation started, it was the guys who could whistle stop through towns and arouse entire populations to come see them speak who won elections.
A candidate with charisma could have won, in spite of Russian interference. 
I don't have charisma, in fact I seem to have the opposite.  I'm so pissed off all the time that anger emanates from within me and seems to push people away.  Hey, if you’d lived my life, you’d be pissed off most of the time too, I think it's a testament to my strength that I'm even still standing at this point. 
And since most the stuff thathappened that made me so pissed off for life began in childhood, the anger has gone on for a long time and ingrained itself into my very being. In fact, I crack jokes several times an hour as a survival mechanism, comedic skills just grew inside me, also as a result of this anger. Still the rage simmers and makes me a non charismatic person.
I accepted that a long time and stopped running for public office. I'm great as a speech writer but someone else has to deliver the lines.
If only Hillary hadlearned that in 2016, who knows what would have developed.

Now we live and die in Trumpland. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Americans are idiots

Blathering on about sex stuff that does not belong in the news while the President carries out the second part of this coup. 
with nobody watching

Attack on USA by PR succeeds where bombs failed

After decades of releasing films where people fuck on screen, merrily, in the work place and wherever else they can, Americans are letting some PR firm conduct this blacklisting of creative and innovative Left Leaning entertainers. Nine Eleven didn't totally succeed, but a Public Relations firm craftily placing ridiculous irrelevant "sex abuse" stories is now bringing down the USA. 

All the attackers have to do now is sit and watch while USA news runs with these stories, each trying to top each other, and the nation self destructs. 


And to foreign nations, where these stories would Never be in the news, it is another reason to laugh at us
Pundits in this morning's news, in shaky voices, are now trying to justify the past weeks of blacklisting as if it had a genuine purpose, while all around us artists and institutions we cherish are falling down, because of this blacklisting that These Same Pundits took part in so gleefully.
Now they are trying to justify it, make up a reasons for the blacklisting,
from behind,
coming in the back door.
liberals eating their own
awful to watch
Everyone, even Rachel Maddow, walked right into this trap. I am sickened.
They took weaponized information to a whole new level. wow

We sexually degraded prisoners in Abu Graib and now someone is doing this back to us.

That's what I think. 
The entire world is now being treated to a pic of former comedian now U.S. Senator Al Franken "groping" someone in a posed pic years ago.  (Bad taste, yes, but did you see "Trading Places"?). 
globally in yet another way. 
We sexually degraded prisoners in Abu Graib and now someone is doing this back to us by releasing this stream of "sex abuse" stories. That's what I think.

They took weaponized information to a whole new level. 

Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone appeared to know there were sexual misconduct allegations involving Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) hours before they became public.

Kissing is sex abuse like Hillary's private email server was a felony

My God Americans have gotten so frigging dumb
It's Hillary's emails all over again. Only this misinformation is aimed at the left: A big nothing burger, and well meaning people think they are doing something great for humanity by jumping on this giant cholesterol filled patty when what they are doing is giving the whole dang country food poisoning. 

It's the same misinformation attack as Hillary's emails only this time manipulating the left. With Hillary it was people who were not sure what servers were hollering about her server. Now people who have never worked in Hollywood are hollering about "sex abuse" in Hollywood.

WHY is Al Franken kissing a person in a joking manner eleven years ago even news? The President is destroying the USA and reporters are Shocked that Al Franken once forced a woman to kiss him and then took a funny picture. He was a comedian. It was a kiss.
A Kiss.

My god americans are a bunch of idiots letting this happen. What's going to be left when this is over? Oh wait don't stop to think of that just jump on the bandwagon
Worst and funniest part now is watching as pundits try to justify this blacklisting, as in. "Kissing a woman when she doesn't want it is.... is.... is... behavior that Has to Stop." A visibly distraught woman just said that on MSNBC.
OMG Al Franken tried to kiss me ten years ago and I'm traumatized for life. Or well I wasn't until someone contacted me and said go on television and say this for some other reason

But yes, Kissing a woman when she doesn't want it is such an important issue that it should take up wads of bandwidth, at the same time the President is selling the nation's resources to global corporate thugs and that story is barely in the news.
Let's talk about sex, it's more fun. And easier.
outta here, not going to respond to comments where I posted this on FB and Twitter so say what you want. To communicate email me cityofangelslady @ yahoo. com and get my phone number and we will talk like human beings (and I will know for sure you are not a bot)

Post note: If that picture of Franken is So Horrible, why is it only coming out now? Why now and not when they were trying to keep him from taking his Senate seat six years ago? 

Did people forget he used to be a comedian?