Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Day Putin Came to Get Me

Short Fiction by Kay Ebeling
I saw them across the street, one of the few times I opened my curtains.
The noise my neighbors make all day long suddenly came to a stop.  So I turned my own volume down and heard the familiar sound of law enforcement outside, voices over a police radio.  Only this time the voices were speaking Russian.
Through the curtain I could see shiny new black vehicles and guys who looked beefy and trained pacing, patrolling a parameter.  My neighbors in the courtyard were startled, standing with beer can in one hand, cigarette in the other, wavering on their feet, mouth opened gaping, grateful to see that this arrival of The Man had nothing to do with them. 
The Man was coming for me, the “retired reporter” in apartment nine who hardly talks to anyone, just exits and vacates the building as fast as possible when she goes out. 
One of the FBI-looking guys was soon at my front door knocking with the kind of authority that made you jump and answer without delay.
Two of them entered and spoke to me in Russian accents, a third guy was American, and I mean he looked very American, blond beefy straight arrow military veteran American.
“I'm seventy years old,” were the first words out of my mouth pleading with them to go easy on me, even though my seventieth birthday isn’t for a few more months.
“Don’t worry,” said the blond Russian with a glint in his eye, and I was immediately relieved, knew he was telling the truth when he said, “We aren't going to hurt you.  Take a half hour and pack a few suitcases, everything you'll need.  You're not coming back.”
“What about the rest of my stuff?” I asked pointing to mostly boxes of books I’d accumulated over the years.   
He was placing my laptops into protective cases: “A crew will pack the rest and ship it to you. You will have it in a few weeks.”
“Weeks? Where am I going?”
“Moscow,” he smiled.  “Please start packing.”
Lucky for me, since Trump got elected President, I've had suitcases and clothes ready to go, because I've sensed there might come a time when I’d need to get out in a hurry, even made exit plans, but none that involved riding away in a limousine. 
“Why me?” I wondered out loud.
The blond who looked disarmingly like my daughter's Russian father so had that edge he needed to get close to me got real close to me and whispered.
“I will tell you this and then you must not repeat it ever again.”
My heart was going a mile a minute as he continued.
“Vladimir Putin reads your blog,” he said, and I got real worried. Because I haven't exactly been complimentary to the Russians as they have seemed to take over the USA and I really haven't been nice to Trump on my little blog. But he continued:
“Not the web page you call ‘Pundit’ but the other one, about the Catholic priests who were pedophiles.”
I was quizzical, stopped shoving the contents of my closet into a backpack and stared at him. He continued. 
“Vladimir Putin was molested by a Catholic priest, Russian Orthodox, when he was a boy,” the guy continued in a casual tone. eyes averting for a moment. “He found the things you wrote back in 2007, 2010 and he has great respect for you, that from a studio apartment in L.A., you were able to help expose these black collar criminals, with a blog.”
“Oh,” I said and for just a second felt that old awful feeling. “I really never wanted to talk about that subject again. I mean I moved to Tahoe to pretend the whole thing never happened.”
“Still, Mr. Putin feels he can use your skills, based on your blog. He also feels his experience with a priest as a boy had a great effect on him," He stopped and became very serious to say, "but he never discusses what happened with the priest."
He got very close to me and continued.
"In fact, he has told me to tell you this one time, and then once I have told you, tell you to never repeat it or even mention it again.”
I nodded, “Like I said, I really never wanted to write about pedophile priests again.”
He nodded and with a firm arm on my back, almost lifted me towards the front door.
"We have a job for you,” said the Russian guy who weirdly no longer looked like my ex. “You're going to work on our troll farm in St. Petersburg,” he said grabbing the rest of the suitcases and pushing them out the door. 
I often daydreamed about the day I’d finally get out of my slummy apartment where as a little old lady with a small pension I'm forced to live among criminals and deadbeats whose hollering begins around 9 AM and continues into the day, getting louder and more chaotic as the sun crosses the sky so when I'm home I have to have my own loud music playing to drown them out.
As we pulled away in a limousine that had its own wi-fi bathroom and kitchen, I looked back at my neighbors.  Kat, who seemed to keep the nonstop party going, stood watching us pull away with her back hunched, gray hair stringing beside her crusted face, tongue lapping inadvertently from her lips, as always. 
The American guy said to me, “They won’t be around much longer.  Trust me, you will be glad we came to get you.”
And I wondered.  
By Kay Ebeling
Producer of City of Angels Blog
not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere
all those docs handed over to Congress by DOJ today are now likely in the hands of Vladimir Putin, as our President Treason probably got them and uploaded them to Russia with his phone.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Fighting alongside 'ragged mob of obese Rambo infants sporting AR-15 hardware' not his thing

ha ha, gun sanity found on twitter
a President of the United States would not want to reveal methods and sources of U.S. intelligence
but Vladimir Putin would.

This is how the troll farms got their info (research)

In 2010 Israeli firm Wikistrat got American grad students, especially in poli sci and Law, to enter everything they knew while playing a Game ("gamification"), which in the end won one college the prize of $10K. Wikistrat (CEO Joel Zamel*) then provided source material for the Russian troll farms. "The Wikistrat platform enables the deconstruction of geopolitical issues and trends in a structured yet flexible manner,” Wikistrat press statements claim. 
Yeah, flexible.
Zamel "has described the Wikistrat platform as 'Facebook meets Wikipedia,' or GLOMOD."
More info on Wikistrat TK, I'm sure.
*Joel Zamel "studied counter terrorism" before founding the firm, named in last week's groundbreaking NY Times piece re Trump/Russia/Saudi Arabia.

Wikistrat Inc. is a geostrategic analysis and business consultancy founded in Israel in 2010[1] and headquartered in the United States. It describes itself as the world's first crowdsourced consultancy leveraging a global network of over 2,000 subject-matter experts.[2][1]

Mueller could end up being a blogger.

By Kay Ebeling
Anyone else remember the warnings late 2016 that the information warfare attack on USA would now focus on left wing progressives? When several former intelligence guys went to the news to warn Americans after Putin turned the U.S. rightwing into Fox News zombies and got Donald Trump elected? All those intel professionals predicted the information warfare would continue with the Left as its target. The news manipulation would Be More Sophisticated, indeed now be empowered, because the President of the United States was not going to do anything to stop an act of war going on against our own nation. 
Now I'm wondering about every news story that has appeared and dominated our news cycle in the past year.  Because while one weird quote gets discussed and analyzed for days, news readers don’t really know what the president is doing all day.  Who is he talking to, who is around him, what decisions is he making? Instead, the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani goes on TV and distracts all of us.
Physically this is having a bad effect on me and probably other Americans.  I can feel so wonderful after a day in Tahoe, come home go to sleep, get up start next day, turn on the news and everything is suddenly awful.
I don't want to turn into one of those people who never pays attention to the news, because I think people like that helped destroy America. If more people had been paying attention, this coup would not be happening.
I keep waiting for the Big Act that will finally make this Trojan Horse presidency stop.  Instead Trump just keeps on going.
Not only is no one slowing Trump down, the Trojan Horse / Virus President seems to find ways around everything the DOJ, Mueller, Democrats, thinking Republicans, independents, and what's left of federal law enforcement are doing to stop him.  
This is fricking scary.  
I don't think Mueller’s investigation is going to save the day, I think Trump and his a—hole cohorts have a scheme they are going to pull off to stop it.
Bob Mueller may have to start a website, become a blogger, to report findings of his investigation, while Trump stays in office and the damage of this weaponized President goes on and on and on.
By Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Blog 
Not Just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

I Am Legend joins 2018 to 2081, as Trump chaos plays out like Orwell's 1984

You don’t have to invert 2018 to 2081 for the title of today's version of 1984, as Orwell did writing in 1948, because the political horror story is going on today, it's not futuristic fiction. 
Now I'm reminded of the film, "I Am Legend."
Recently I clicked on a Bill Maher video on YouTube and as I wandered around the house, the Auto Play continued through several videos from past few years, lots of monologues from Bill Maher and other comedians.  As the clips play. it feels like I'm in those scenes of the movie “I Am Legend” where the hero is in his kitchen while videos play, news clips that show how his apocalyptic world went from embrace of a cure for cancer to a medical catastrophe that turned humans who didn't die from it into zombie-like monsters.  Will Smith as Dr. Robert Neville, the character first introduced in Richard Matheson’s novel, eats breakfast and watches reruns of videos that explain how his world became the hellscape it is in the film. 
Today I'm watching Bill Maher and Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert clips from the past two years and it's as if I am Robert Neville in “I Am Legend” watching video of what just happened to the United States.
Are they telling us in advance that Nazi like storm troopers are coming soon?
Lately I hear Trump and Giuliani say the FBI is acting like nazi storm troopers and many pundits saying how strange that is, how it makes no sense.
Remember how everything the Trumpsters accused Hillary of doing, such as pay for play and rigging the election, turned out to be something the Trumpsters were actually doing themselves?
Recently we learned that Trump’s thugs raided his own doctors’ offices soon after he became President, with no legal reason, just to seize the new president’s medical records. Are Nazi-like raids what all of us in USA are in for soon?
I think so. I think as long as they are calling the FBI storm troopers in the way they served a search warrant on Michael Cohen, the Trumpsters are planning to build a new FBI that actually is full of storm troopers.
My passport is still good. . .

The Trump revamped FBI likely Will Be storm troopers, if Donald Trump is not impeached indicted and sent to Guantanamo

This was amazing information warfare that brought down the USA, mainly in 2016, but it was an attack of misinformation that dates back to 1995.
No weapons of war, no bullets, no blood even, unless you count guys picking up guns to kill strangers after years of hearing someone was coming for their guns. 
What frightens me is what happens after one or two generations of this misinformation, the limited amount of real truth that gets to humans amidst all the drivel. 
In two generations Americans won’t even remember truth.
We Will All Be Like Russians
I watch documentaries and news reports about how people in Russia live, and up until about a year ago Americans like me were shocked that Russians could be so misinformed, could be so devoted to corrupt political leaders that they believe everything they say even though it's contrary to the truth being seen by the rest of the world.
Americans are rapidly becoming just as brainwashed as Russians.
Since the last days of the 2016 election, I've felt a fear and now that he's in office 1.5 years, the fear is distinct.  As a little girl, I’d feel a similar visceral fear when I’d hear about how easy it was to change the way people thought in the 1950s Soviet Union.
By Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Blog 
Not Just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere

Moderates will gradually wake up to what is going on, but how long will it take?

I feel pretty certain the Trojan Horse President is INSTALLED and there won't be any impeachment until we admit that's what he is so likely not for months. Hard to describe this, but to me "it feels like Trump is Winning," and when Bill Maher said those exact words on his show last Friday, I got the chills, just like when he said, "this isn't a campaign, this is a coup," on his last show before Nov 2016 election. This Ain't Gonna Stop and in USA we are being lulled and mesmerized into a state of complacency for when the final coup happens, over next year or so. I am still planning exit strategies.
As this article shows, now that this infowar against us has gone on all these years, a few connected individuals are starting to disconnect. After 1.5 years of the Trump presidency, which in itself is an attack by information warfare, moderate Americans are starting to become unglued, here suggesting a school boycott as "an aggressive approach" re school shootings, but I think we'll see more radical ideas from usually moderate people in coming weeks.
"The idea was intended to be provocative but that an aggressive approach like a school boycott is needed if gun laws are ever going to change," said Obama's former education secretary.

Posted by Kay Ebeling
spending long hours on Google Maps with the little yellow man walking up and down city streets in foreign lands, trying to find someplace to move to get away from Trumpism. Not finding any place.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I watch The Florida Project over and over again 
because I am Moonee as a little old lady.

Breathtaking, Exhausting

The process seems to be starting Now to prove the election that produced this awful president was illegitimate, 1.5 years after he took office. Now it’ll be How Many More Months before someone actually removes Trump from the White House, and then what? Do we get to undo every illegal destructive act he's done while in office? Does the USA get back any credibility anywhere in the globe? How do we undo the damage he's doing now, when we can't even find a way to get him out of office as he continues to damage now getting more global, having more impact on more lives, 
How do we undo everything Trump has already done as President, and when do we fucking start?
So it's true, Stephen Paddock, LV shooter, was a Fox News crazed brainwashed zombie. A witness who interacted with him before massacre said, 'Paddock began talking about "anti-government stuff, FEMA camps…" said Katrina was a "trial run" for the government to start "kicking down doors and, um, confiscating gun." He "seemed like another internet nut." '
How many other mass killings are the result of Fox News's brainwashing of half of America, not to mention the disastrous President we ended up with, who is also a Fox News Zombie. Fox News, I think, is ground zero of this coup that destroyed USA.

About this article
Las Vegas Police released round two of items from the Oct. 1 mass shooting that killed 58. In this round, it's witness statements and officer's reports.
I really wonder why Every Cable News Network is droning on and on about Trump's stormy daniels stuff, which is news, yes, but Not the Only news going on. You have to dig, search, go to Foreign News outlets to find other news though, which is, I think, getting incrementally worse and reason for great alarm. Anyone? 
With every event, from release of LV massacre news to release of President Treason news, a hundred media stories are released, globally, all with different headlines. However, click on each story, you find they all use exact same words, phrases, even repeat whole paragraphs. 
To me this "copy and paste" reporting is a weird incrementally negative development. 
My first job as a reporter in 1977 on a daily paper, they laughed at me when I went to copy from a Press Release, cajoling me for believing a corporate statement. Now copying press statements is all news is.
I miss beat reporters, I don't think Ronan Farrow has ever worn out a pair of shoes, or even torn a sleeve, working on a story and I doubt he talks to people outside Manhattan and D.C. Picking up the phone or clicking on an email and believing what you are told is NOT NEWS REPORTING.
I miss gritty daily news reporters who reflected the personality of the cities they served. I miss that.

I predict, in 20 years the world’s most polluting businesses will be manufacturing on U.S. soil, devastating our environment, while China becomes a thriving green harmonic place for its people to live. Americans will work for dirt poor wages and live dirt poor lives, much like we used to see in China and see less of there today. And through it all, Trumpsters will still hold hate rallies to chant “lock her up lock her up” at a fading image of Hillary Clinton.
Posted by Kay Ebeling
bk the City of Angels is Everywhere

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Hopeless people do dangerous and suicidal things," said a smart guy on MSNBC re Palestine events yesterday. I look around and think the homeless broke people in my city may feel the same way too soon.

Politics Aaarrrggghh

trump is doing a Great job for Putin. I Have No Doubt going after McCain was part of his assignment starting in 2015, so first chance he got, he tore into McCain's character with that Insane comment that he is not a hero bk he got captured. Only someone with Intel about McCain from the 1970s knows why Trump could say that, so Putin probably told Trump to say it and now no one will apologize for the "joke" in the White House about McCain dying. I'm sure Trump's other first assignment from Putin, after being installed as President, was to dismantle CIA and FBI to be replaced with, what.
Worst part of all this is watching a coup unfold and no one with the power to stop it (Congress, even DOJ) is stopping it. Bk the Coup first packed every other branch of US govt with brainwashed Fox viewers. This coup started in 1995 when they installed Fox News on every cable lineup in America and... DUMB AMERICANS tuned it in and did not question the blatant anti- American message there.
It's hard to feel sorry for Americans. I feel bad for what's happened to USA but most Americans deserve what they are about to get.
hmm, guess I'm still angry. Just typed this not first as a Word file just wrote this here in this little square, which I rarely do. Now going back to my escape into comedy movies with pre-freeway locations around L.A. my latest escape. Facebook friends and blog readers, Email me please at cityofangelslady @ yahoo dot com so we can exchange phone numbers and talk, I am so burnt on communicating online. I started in the nineties with list-servs and the internet has denigrated as much as everything else in USA. The Lake where I live is nice, if I get there before the traffic ... approaching age 70 I'm just looking forward to rebirth somewhere else, meanwhile, thank god for Netflix and YouTube and Prime. and I've got a big bathtub. You have to count your blessings.

"Only nation benefiting from US pullout from Iran deal is... Russia."
ta dah
Putin is Already in Iran making all the deals USA just ended. Oh and watch gas prices skyrocket, as in 2015 they only went down BECAUSE of Obama's negotiating this deal.
Oh dumb America, you did this to yourself.

This week, US President Donald Trump announced that he has…

Americans are now self destructing bk they walked right into a trap that lured them in by saying, hey, it's okay to hate here. You can hate brown people, you can hate uppity women, homoSEXuals, Just join us, we'll make you rich too by cutting your taxes. Blaaaahhhh, right-wing America, you were easy to snare bk you were dancing with the devil already. They designed Fox News and everything that followed to appeal to Americans' need to hate.
thank god I have a lake to look at, when I can get there... need to get there soon as the sun rises.

Need to work more on 2018 to 2081 as that is kind of more gratifying to write, but now and then I just need to rant 

Friday, May 11, 2018

2018 to 2081 cont'd

“It's low testosterone,” I joked to the woman sharing the bench with me at the bus stop. “They take too much Viagra and it depletes their testosterone.” She first held back a smile then opened her mouth and laughed and I saw that all her upper teeth were gone. Then we both laughed out loud, showing our mouths full of bad teeth, as the bus pulled up. We had been sharing our experience of being pushed aside by men and doors slammed in our faces as old ladies in the USA today.
You don’t have to invert 2018 to 2081 for the title of a modern version of "1984" written in 1948, because the political horror story is going on everywhere in USA today, it's not futuristic fiction.
So many things are so different now from when I was a girl growing up in L.A., it's hard not to slip into endless nostalgia. You could smell the Pacific Ocean and feel it in the breeze as far away as Pasadena in the 1950s.
Orange County was named orange county because of the orange groves, miles of them. As you came over the hill on La Brea or Brookhurst Streets and drove the two-lane highway towards Santa Ana, everywhere for miles around you saw perfect rows of lush blooming orange groves. Often the smell of orange blossoms blended with the mist in the air blowing in from the ocean. You'd feel it as you drove, windows open, getting to know other drivers on the occasion of a red light or stop sign. Everyone was a newcomer, everyone was curious about who else was moving to California.
It's hard, looking at the mass of concrete and CO2 that is Los Angeles today, from Santa Barbara all the way to San Diego, with the only breaks of greenery in areas with golden gates to keep out the rabble, it's hard to imagine that the Los Angeles I grew up in was thought of then as Paradise.
It was paradise.
Approaching age seventy, in my mind often is the memory of driving down to Knott’s Berry Farm for lunch on a weekday with my mom, breezing in her brand new Ford Thunderbird with the windows down through orange groves. Knott’s was then a family business, a berry farm, where with the onslaught of people moving to California, they'd added one or two Wild West attractions- a jail where you peered in a window at a mannequin prisoner who made jokes on a recording, a slanted building with a metallic floor that pulled you into the ground, a gift shop, a restaurant. So Knott's Berry Farm was a place to drive from Pasadena on a leisurely afternoon for lunch.
When we took these day trips, my mom and I wore gloves and hats, I always wore a dress, my mom likely wore a suit. Middle class women in Pasadena went to Bullock's or Robinson's to buy suits that were then tailored to fit them, which you then wore with gloves and hats. Then you carried yourself the way one does when wearing a tailored suit with heeled shoes, and gloves.
Do people realize that the phrase "sunny San Francisco" did not exist until about ten years ago?
just saying...
It Never Got Sunny in San Francisco, my entire life going back to 1955 when we moved to California from Illinois, it was always Bone Cold weather in San Francisco, except for two or three days a year around Labor Day. That was when several black widows would drop dead each year.
Okay that's a bad joke but it was a joke when I was a little girl all the way up through the hippie invasion of the 1960s there was a joke in San Francisco.
There were a lot of Italian widows in The City, and they wore black all the time, even decades after their husbands had died. Then every summer the one weekend when the sun came out, several of the widows would drop dead on the street. Because they were so used to the weather Always Being Cold And Overcast in San Francisco that those two or three days that the sun came out, they would not take off their black mourning clothes.
So every year around Labor Day, several Italian widows dropped dead on the streets of San Francisco because they were wearing black mourning and would not take it off and dress lighter because it Hardly Ever Got Sunny in San Francisco.
It's not a funny joke, but it was a phenomenon that people commented and joked about, back when I was a kid growing up in California.
When Lizzie and I went to live in the Lower Haight in the 1990s, all of a sudden there were sunny days all the time, even in the winter. I even said to a friend as we got off a bus and were hit by the steaming heat, “Wow, maybe thanks to global warming San Francisco will stop being cold and dreary and become a sunshine-y place.”
She said to me, “Hmm, is that ever a way to put a positive spin on something negative.”
Apparently I was right. I see pics and footage of people in San Francisco today and they are wearing shorts, sleeveless tops. That Never Happened until the 1990s.
Just saying, climate change is real...
The first of our current homeless population were old women. They were called “bag ladies” because they carried everything they owned with them in bags. I saw my first bag ladies in the 1980s when I'd be on my way home from my job at a PR firm in Beverly Hills. In that park going east along Santa Monica Boulevard you'd see some of the first homeless people in USA, aging women, bag ladies. 
Now I feel like I'm part of a new era of American humans falling through the cracks in 2018 and, again, it's happening to the aging women first.
By Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Blog 
Not Just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere
Part One of this story is here