Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Welcome to Abu Graib Online

Everyone in USA is now sexually degraded, just by turning on a radio or being within earshot of "The News" 
The misinformation attack on USA continues with one sex idiocy story after another, and I still think it's bk USA sexually degraded prisoners as torture in Abu Graib that they chose this line of attack against USA. 
The result is, 1, the President is getting away with Lots of real bad stuff that is Not being reported, and 
2, Everyone in USA is being degraded, just by living here and turning on a radio, just by being within earshot. 
Welcome to Abu Graib online 

The Russians, or whoever did this, knew In Advance that media pundits would Have To Run with these sex stories bk once out, the stories would have legs of their own. They Knew pundits, especially left leaning ones, would Jump on this bandwagon with little thought, other than those guys have this story we have to have it too [look at them]. They knew every pundit would repeat and postulate and make stuff up as if they knew all the details of each accuser when they've read only a few paragraphs. 
Today NPR news was playing when a driver picked me up for a short ride and I heard another sex story. In detail. Throughout the ride.
I arrived at my destination degraded.

Welcome to Abu Graib on every air wave in USA

Sunday, November 19, 2017

As USA claims to be Christian, its actions make me look Anywhere But Christianity for spiritual guidance

A country that treats its aging, poor, and struggling human beings as badly as the United States does has no right to call itself Christian. Unless Christianity is one big lie. 
So from the Way the USA acts and treats its citizens while calling itself Christian, the message I get is that Christianity Is One Big Lie. 
I doubt Jesus himself would like that

Is it over yet?

Wonder what Trump pulled off while America focused on Hollywood penises. 
*Creative people are often "off" sexually, and Hollywood, Broadway, the entertainment industry was one place a person who was not "normal" sexually could live and work and not be ostracized.

At least that used to be true.

Past weeks I've had to check out a bit, only glancing at news, as this avalanche of "shocking stories about sex abuse" was so triggering for me, a person who experienced gang rape and other violent sex crimes, hearing women plead for justice after being kissed on the job just... I can't even begin to say how angry this whole thing has made me-

And as one who was part of the pedophile priest crime discovery, who saw Real Sex Crimes committed by ten thousand priests, identified, documented, and no press or other entity responded with as much horror as they are now today to these dribbling little non-crime stories. 

Especially now that it's slowly seeping out that, yes, this stream of sex abuse stories Was an orchestrated misinformation campaign aimed at the left, just like I've been hollering.

What bothers me is all the delicate, sensitive, Creative persons who are also a bit "off" sexually, yes, attracted to young men, or young men attracted to older men, promiscuous persons, ones who are aggressive, without breaking the law- 

Persons who experimented with sexuality and perhaps crossed a line, regretted it, did not do it again. 

How many persons were damaged,


or intimidated back into the closet, 

by this shitty fake news campaign that I watched reporters as smart as Rachel Maddow fall for and it turned me off so bad, all I'm watching is black and white movies these days instead of news.

Only news there is today from USA is we are going down. Fast. There is no safety net, we just razor slashed holes in what was left of one. 

Wonder what Trump pulled off in his little coup last few weeks while all of America's news networks were focused on Hollywood penises. 


Saturday, November 18, 2017

What Bugged Me Most About Hillary

Please Democrats, run a candidate with charisma
From the beginning I knew she was not going to win, you can check my Facebook from Spring 2016.  It drove me particularly crazy because Hillary has a quality that I also have, but decades ago, I accepted this fault as just something I can't change, and recognized my limitations.
It's Charisma. Neither Hillary or I have it. 
You cannot succeed in American politics without charisma.  It may not be fair, smart, or make any sense at all, but from the time this nation started, it was the guys who could whistle stop through towns and arouse entire populations to come see them speak who won elections.
A candidate with charisma could have won, in spite of Russian interference. 
I don't have charisma, in fact I seem to have the opposite.  I'm so pissed off all the time that anger emanates from within me and seems to push people away.  Hey, if you’d lived my life, you’d be pissed off most of the time too, I think it's a testament to my strength that I'm even still standing at this point. 
And since most the stuff thathappened that made me so pissed off for life began in childhood, the anger has gone on for a long time and ingrained itself into my very being. In fact, I crack jokes several times an hour as a survival mechanism, comedic skills just grew inside me, also as a result of this anger. Still the rage simmers and makes me a non charismatic person.
I accepted that a long time and stopped running for public office. I'm great as a speech writer but someone else has to deliver the lines.
If only Hillary hadlearned that in 2016, who knows what would have developed.

Now we live and die in Trumpland. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Americans are idiots

Blathering on about sex stuff that does not belong in the news while the President carries out the second part of this coup. 
with nobody watching

Attack on USA by PR succeeds where bombs failed

After decades of releasing films where people fuck on screen, merrily, in the work place and wherever else they can, Americans are letting some PR firm conduct this blacklisting of creative and innovative Left Leaning entertainers. Nine Eleven didn't totally succeed, but a Public Relations firm craftily placing ridiculous irrelevant "sex abuse" stories is now bringing down the USA. 

All the attackers have to do now is sit and watch while USA news runs with these stories, each trying to top each other, and the nation self destructs. 


And to foreign nations, where these stories would Never be in the news, it is another reason to laugh at us
Pundits in this morning's news, in shaky voices, are now trying to justify the past weeks of blacklisting as if it had a genuine purpose, while all around us artists and institutions we cherish are falling down, because of this blacklisting that These Same Pundits took part in so gleefully.
Now they are trying to justify it, make up a reasons for the blacklisting,
from behind,
coming in the back door.
liberals eating their own
awful to watch
Everyone, even Rachel Maddow, walked right into this trap. I am sickened.
They took weaponized information to a whole new level. wow

We sexually degraded prisoners in Abu Graib and now someone is doing this back to us.

That's what I think. 
The entire world is now being treated to a pic of former comedian now U.S. Senator Al Franken "groping" someone in a posed pic years ago.  (Bad taste, yes, but did you see "Trading Places"?). 
globally in yet another way. 
We sexually degraded prisoners in Abu Graib and now someone is doing this back to us by releasing this stream of "sex abuse" stories. That's what I think.

They took weaponized information to a whole new level. 

Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone appeared to know there were sexual misconduct allegations involving Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) hours before they became public.

Kissing is sex abuse like Hillary's private email server was a felony

My God Americans have gotten so frigging dumb
It's Hillary's emails all over again. Only this misinformation is aimed at the left: A big nothing burger, and well meaning people think they are doing something great for humanity by jumping on this giant cholesterol filled patty when what they are doing is giving the whole dang country food poisoning. 

It's the same misinformation attack as Hillary's emails only this time manipulating the left. With Hillary it was people who were not sure what servers were hollering about her server. Now people who have never worked in Hollywood are hollering about "sex abuse" in Hollywood.

WHY is Al Franken kissing a person in a joking manner eleven years ago even news? The President is destroying the USA and reporters are Shocked that Al Franken once forced a woman to kiss him and then took a funny picture. He was a comedian. It was a kiss.
A Kiss.

My god americans are a bunch of idiots letting this happen. What's going to be left when this is over? Oh wait don't stop to think of that just jump on the bandwagon
Worst and funniest part now is watching as pundits try to justify this blacklisting, as in. "Kissing a woman when she doesn't want it is.... is.... is... behavior that Has to Stop." A visibly distraught woman just said that on MSNBC.
OMG Al Franken tried to kiss me ten years ago and I'm traumatized for life. Or well I wasn't until someone contacted me and said go on television and say this for some other reason

But yes, Kissing a woman when she doesn't want it is such an important issue that it should take up wads of bandwidth, at the same time the President is selling the nation's resources to global corporate thugs and that story is barely in the news.
Let's talk about sex, it's more fun. And easier.
outta here, not going to respond to comments where I posted this on FB and Twitter so say what you want. To communicate email me cityofangelslady @ yahoo. com and get my phone number and we will talk like human beings (and I will know for sure you are not a bot)

Post note: If that picture of Franken is So Horrible, why is it only coming out now? Why now and not when they were trying to keep him from taking his Senate seat six years ago? 

Did people forget he used to be a comedian?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rome burned while Nero fiddled
USA burned while Media diddled

See The Post as soon as you can

It went from script to screen in 1 year for a reason. 

See The Post as soon as you can as there is an attack going on against our First Amendment and there has never been a more timely and relevant movie, about The Pentagon Papers release in 1971.

Directed by Steven Spielberg. With Alison Brie, Tom Hanks, Sarah Paulson, Bruce Greenwood. A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government. Inspired by true…

All I can do is watch

And be scared another much bigger shoe is about to drop.
I feel like there's something weird about the timing, first with the Weinstein story and how Way-Too-Fast that resulted in charges against several others, all of them left leaning persons in the entertainment industry. Then within days the Roy Moore allegations come out, which affect a right winger, but one who had the audacity a few months ago to challenge Donald Trump. 
All of it is taking up way too much bandwidth at a time when the President is selling the USA to global vultures, which is getting little coverage. 
And I'm just scared.  I'm scared that this phenomenon of sex abuse stories flooding news was orchestrated for a purpose, because another shoe is going to drop that will be a bombshell and all this blathering about who touched who at what age will have led right up to it. I'm afraid the next person who’s about to be accused is going to be the reason they did all this to begin with.
Meanwhile, to me it's as though people have never read a book, or something.  Is it surprising that in the South there was this cultural thing with old men and teenage girls? Especially when in other countries it's normal to marry at fourteen, so as awful as that is, in other countries they are looking at Americans spending all this time drooling over salacious details of personal sex lives as if, what's wrong with the USA. To me we are wallowing in sex stuff we don't need to know, while not hearing how the President is carrying out the second part of the coup, which is going to be worse than the first part of the coup, what he did to beat Hillary Clinton and become president to begin with.   
Our attention is not where it should be. 
And all I can do is watch.

I am Not a victim, a pedophile priest just got to me.

Now if anyone asks, I say I'm a journalist who helped break a story that was controversial and took a lot of guff for it, it affected my career and my life. Still I stand behind the work I did, I know it was the right thing to do. 
If someone I meet then finds out the topic I covered was pedophile priests, it is like a litmus test. If they can't handle it, I don't want them as my friend, in fact I wonder about them. When they continue to be my friend, I know they are capable of complex thought and there is potential for a further friendship there. 
Yes I probably would have been more successful if it hadn't happened but I don't really know that.
When I was five-six years old I was diddled by a priest and then everyone told me to stop talking about it. That may have driven me to be a journalist in the first place, because always inside I knew there was some injustice, some wrong thing, and I had to tell it to the world. Without that experience, I probably would be a grandmother now surrounded by children and experiencing holidays. But I also could have died of some Mundane and Ordinary Disease decades ago. 
I am not a victim. I'm a human being who went through a horrible experience and now I'm an old lady living in a difficult time in history with a tremendous amount of survival skills. I don't feel like a victim at all. 
Life goes on, even after death. 

Oops, meant to post this at CofA12, oh well, will keep it up here as well. 
I am not sure, but pretty sure, that I never used the word "victim" to describe myself until I connected with SNAP. From the start in support groups they repeated, "You are not a victim, you are a survivor." Until that time, I wanted to be an activist.  In 1996 I was reaching out in San Francisco looking for others who’d had this experience to find others, to Take Action. 
I Know I started to use the word "survivor" after connecting with SNAP but to me even that word did not describe me. 

I never was a victim. A pedophile priest got to me. It happened, I'm still here, it affected me. It was a felony and he and everyone who enabled all the pedophile priests should have been prosecuted. WTF. That aiding and abetting was the real crime. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The USA is the new Mexico

When I came back to USA last summer after a frantic trip to Canada trying to run away from Trump, I felt a sense of comfort seeing the I-Five sign as I crossed the border.  It was beat up, battered, missing paint, and standing a little crooked in the ground.
Flashback immediately to 1955, I'm a little girl on vacation going from L.A. to Mexico with my parents. We drive smoothly along the azure coast in a luxurious car past San Diego and then when we cross the border, everything changes, everything becomes shabbier, the signs have peeling paint and are leaning a little sideways in the ground. You lowered your standards as soon as you crossed the border. 
As I came from Canada into Washington last summer I knew it: The USA is the new Mexico.
And for some reason that realization made me relax.  It meant I could stop holding my stomach in when I walk, as I felt a need to do in Vancouver.  I could stop holding my hand over my mouth when I smile, because I'm now among my peers, all of us showing signs of decline and neglect. In Canada I felt inferior, because everyone there seemed so tended, well maintained, all with white straight teeth, not like us residents of USA today. 
My parents would tinkle the ice in their cocktails and laugh at the Mexicans for their “manana” attitude. "Everything takes so much longer in Mexico," my mom cackled and sipped her martini. "You ask when will my car be fixed, they say manana, and three weeks later they're still saying Manana Manana."  Laughter throughout the room and a refilling of glasses.
Last summer the town where I live started an ambitious project of replacing the sidewalks along the 3 miles or so from one end to the other, because now you have to pick your way through cracks and gouges in the concrete, and there are places where you're walking in dirt or walk out in the road to get to a bus stop or the post office. This town was already crappy BEFORE this Republican coup took over the USA draining whatever cash was left in our treasury into their pockets.
One of the reasons I did not move last spring was because the city made this promise of sidewalks, because I quit driving a few years ago.  
See, I quit driving because I'm unable not to hear the pleas of Mother Earth begging us to get the frigging cars off her surface, because they're killing her.
I walk a lot and take the bus and the lack of sidewalks in this town was having a bad impact on my life.  So hearing they would replace the sidewalks, I decided to stay here.
Now it will be three years before the sidewalks get to my part of town.
Because the USA is the new Mexico.  
In South Lake Tahoe last summer, we watched the construction guys who were building the sidewalks as they stood on the road and seemed to stare into space and worked what seemed like three hours for every three they were accomplishing nothing. They looked like construction workers along the road as we drove through Mexico in 1955. 
Tahoe residents last summer kept asking the city, when will the sidewalks be done. 
Finally we were told that what should be done in three months is actually going to take three years.  
Or maybe longer, 
Shrug, we'll know more manana.
Because the USA is the new Mexico.
My apartment building in South Lake Tahoe is having a plumbing crisis.  Several neighbors who've lived here longer than I have tell me that in order to avoid the issue, don’t put toilet paper down the toilet, keep a little bin next to the toilet-
like they do in Mexico.  
I learned this from the woman who was airing out her clothes and linens in the building courtyard to remove the bedbugs as her apartment a few doors away from mine is infested. I went inside and removed all the natural fabrics from my bed, hoping that would be enough to protect me. I already know to only buy foam mattresses, after bedbugs got into my cotton mattress when I lived in Chicago. 
Many people don’t realize, as Trump would say, that in Mexico, even today in 2017, you can't flush your toilet paper, you just can't, the plumbing just can't take it.
Now in South Lake Tahoe, you can't flush your toilet paper, you have to keep it in a tin next to the toilet and dispose of it a different way.
Just like in Mexico. 
So we might as well just relax and lower our standards and let our stomachs stick out and smile proudly with missing teeth, as this is going to be a bumpy ride from First World to Fourth World. And it's going to be dirty, with odors we have not smelled before. 
Yeah USA USA USA ain't it getting great? 

Monday, November 13, 2017

I heard another pundit salivate over details of an adult / teenage sex encounter, and I turned off the News for good

These stories are triggering the Fuck out of me, since Weinstein broke, bk there's nothing genuine about any of it. These stories were Placed in the news to have the desired effect they are having: Degrading Americans on the left and the right, filling our air waves with degrading stories of sick sex While the President is carrying on in ways that will permanently damage the USA forever.  We are wallowing in sexual shenanigans while our nation Goes Down and they set it up this way.  
For me this is a double whammy because 
I'm a pedophile priest victim who thanks to these stories is having all this horrible shit brought up all over again with a strange unsatisfying feeling as in, why is this happening this way now etc. 
Where were all these reporters when the priest stories came out?
On Top Of That I once was a newspaper editor, and I once worked with some really good PR people, so I can see what is happening here, to me it is so obvious:  The placement of the stories, the results the stories are getting. 
I feel like I"m in a sci-fi movie, watching my fellow human beings walk right into a trap that I can see but they can't so all I can do is watch. 
Somehow the two issues are connected
I think that if the Vatican had responded with Justice to the pedophile priest victims, then the whole world would have gone a different direction. 
I feel like the final downfall of humanity started when the Pope decided to go corporate instead of admitting what happened with the priests and dealing with it with Justice and... humanity. 
It ain't fun taking this ride down, even though I'm in a good place here in Tahoe to maybe survive what is coming. 
I think there is a connection. I think all of them, God, Jesus, and whoever else is up there, were watching, indeed, even gave humans one last chance with the pedophile priest victims and HUMANS BLEW IT. (as a class not all of us) 
thank you for listening 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I think I get Stephen Paddock, as I watch progressives fall for same style misinformation as Hillary private email server story

The current onslaught of Sex Abuse stories is Way Too Much like the Hillary private server email story. A mob gets outraged based on stories they know little about but read in Multiple News Sites, so it must be true. With Hillary it was a population of Americans, many who did not even know what email is, believing a private server was criminal. With Weinstein et al, it's Americans not knowing that creative people, especially in Hollywood, can often be sexually off. So now the mob is condemning some of our most creative, and left leaning, entertainers, in a blacklisting campaign that does not even have as much due process as the McCarthy Hearings.  
Another horrible similarity is, the Hillary email mob mentality was fed by Hatred. 
So are these sex abuse allegation stories. I've been watching my progressive friends almost drool with joy as they tear down one wonderful performer after another.  It's staggering to watch. 

Several times past weeks I've found myself stopped in my tracks thinking, “I get Stephen Paddock.”  Not because I want to pick up a gun and kill random people, but because if you are smart in today’s America, you are probably enraged right now.    
Watching the daily flood of idiotic things done by the President makes smart people angry.  If you're someone who used to be patriotic, indeed even once served your country as a civilian or a soldier, it's hard to watch what's going on in USA right now.
Add to that living through 2016, the year of the election that produced President Treason, where you watched your neighbors and friends fall for the false stories on the internet.  Watching as those stories got “shared,” watching the growth of a mob mentality that’s not even fueled by a real mob, but by someone conducting a misinformation attack on the United States.
Watching people fall for the misinformation attack in 2016 that elected us Trump.
Now watching people fall for an eerily similar misinformation attack that is going to tear apart what is left of the left.  The coup knew how progressives would respond to stories of sex abuse on the job, all they had to do was get One Story placed in one mainstream media outlet, and they found a tool in Ronan Farrow.  For months no news editor would take that story about Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan but Farrow kept at it.  How long had it been since Farrow had a job, he had to sell this story.  Few persons mention that McGowan was paid $60K by some org in the UK to go to Farrow with the story in the first place, even though it was in part 2 of Farrow's story. No one mentions that McGowan has been a right wing tool during her entire movie star career. 
Once her story got into Vanity Fair a few weeks ago, this blacklisting by Tweet insanity started, and it reminds me way too much of the Hillary private email server. 
In this case the Coup got to the left by way of one "sex scandal" after another
It's so much like the Hillary email stories I want to scream.  
Instead I've lost the last few friends I had because they want to fill my head with all they've learned last few weeks about Kevin Spacey’s sex life or whatever.
Watching people I used to respect become babbling bobbleheads on a computer screen as one after another smart people fall for the misinformation and join the mob.
A mob made up of Exclamation points!!!!! and ALL CAPS POSTS and horrible things said about individuals based on one news story released out of the blue one day and then repeated so often that even people you thought were smart think it's genuine news.
So maybe Stephen Paddock just could not watch what's going on in the USA right now.  I wonder sometimes if he sat in a hotel room in Las Vegas so angry that Americans had gotten so dumb that he decided to position himself where he could kill hundreds of them, knowing statistically, many would be dumb ones.  
I wonder because of the rage I feel when I hear news stories, like today all day footage playing on a loop on Every outlet in the world of Vladimir Putin whispering into Donald Trump’s ear.  Then Donald Trump announces that in one short conversation he and Putin solved the Syrian crisis.
Then this story is in the news this morning:

ISIS retakes Albukamal after Syrian Army fails to secure city

AMN Al-Masdar News-13 hours ago

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:50 P.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIS) has regained control over the strategic border-city of Albukamal in southeast Deir ...
I'm watching this idiot who Americans elected to be president get totally manipulated by a KGB agent Russian whose so frigging smart and I'm watching my nation go down at the same time.

It's hard to be smart and watch what is going on now if you once cared about the USA.   
Luckily I'm too broke and tired to even pick up an assault rifle. 

So I blog. 

especially if for whatever reason your life didn't land you around a lot of other smart people, so you rarely find anyone with whom you can even hold a conversation

Saturday, November 11, 2017

If only the priests had been celebrities, 
then someone might have heard us.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

True Pedophile Priest Sex Crime Stories do not make the news, but today we know everything there is to know about Harvey Weinstein's penis

The Fact these stories of pedophile priests were IGNORED but there are Details of Kevin Spacey touching a guy's butt in 1986 all over the internet shows how UNREAL today's news coverage is.
Meanwhile I am Proud of this work I did a few years back, publishing these stories, even though it got me so ostracized, abandoned in Appallacchia, and even poisoned at one point, but I can't prove it. (Honest at CofA 15 read the "spider bite" story.) Now I hide in the Sierras but I stand by this work.

(In every Archdiocese in every city, the pattern of crime is the same. There is more to the story of pedophile priests in the Catholic Chur...

'I fell asleep. I just woke up. Oh My God!!! WTF?!!!!' Facebook posts to my Timeline by me and by friends Election Night 2016

I was planning a move to Albuquerque, but at 8:15 PM on Nov. 8, 2016, my plans changed: 
Kay Ebeling updated her status
shit, it's 197 to 187 shit
197 to 193
They let obvious twisted news stories feed their hate. They want the US government to fail, so now the whole globe gets to go along for the ride.  We are a nation run by hate.

Then me and my friends expressed ourselves as the night went on:

KE updated her status:
forget albuquerque I'm heading to Toronto.  US will be a nation run by hate, these voters are motivated by hate, I'm outta here
(A few minutes later)
She's not getting michigan or wisconsin those places are full of white, redneck, haters.
 KE updated her status:
The film 'Idiocracy' come true

Let Trump win and watch him him get impeached a few months later

KE commented on Tim Hall's post.
KE replied to Nancy Trujillo's comment.
"a roller coaster ride gone bad" is so accurate a description

"Small rural counties," "American rage." Code, it seems, for close-minded racist, xenophobic, white people who don't want to see a woman in the WH

KE likes Don Johnson's post
I fell asleep. I just woke up. Oh My God!!! WTF?!!!!
KE updated her status:
oh well, Rome became a greater place after it fell. Wonder what rents are like in Portofino, Italy, going to check craigslist now
KE Commented on John P. Boyle’s post.
The hatred of Hillary is not rational.

KE likes  Maureen Gill's post
My heart is broken. It's over. The Stupid has won. I can't see it going any other way. People say they want change. Well, change they will have and it won't be pretty. Hell, it will be catastrophic.

KE updated her status
They let obvious twisted news stories feed their hate. They want the US government to fail, so now the whole globe gets to go along for the ride

The people chose to be stupid, now we get what we deserve

KE likes Maureen Gill's post
I hope all the people who voted for their 3rd party candidates get it now... they wanted revolution? Well good luck with that
Another from Maureen Gill
The financial markets are tumbling. It's just the beginning
KE commented on Tom Udall's link.
why bother, it's all over now that's how I feel right now
KE likes Cheryl Buchanan's post
Maybe we should just be 50 separate countries
KE commented: Where is there to move to?
KE commented again:  I think it might just happen.  I think it is going to fall apart tonight. I'm freaking.
KE updated her status
To my FB friends in Canada: Are you freaking about what is happening here and are you afraid of American refugees?
KE likes Don Johnson's post
I had a FB friend just e-mail me saying, "The Left is just as racist and sexist than the right." I did say "Had," right?
likes Kenny Landes's post. Brain drain starts tomorrow
KE updated her status:
my mood is dropping as fast as the stock market

KE likes Scot Plemmons's post
The pundits on MSNBC are already talking like this race is over. All I know for sure is if Trump wins this thing America is irrevocably fucked. It's hard to process the fact that there are so many dumb people in this country. Even if Clinton hangs on to eke out a victory, I've lost all faith in the people of this country
KE updated her status:
The USA was a great experiment, I look forward to seeing how India and Iraq do with their democracies, now let's all slide into our new third world status and hand the baton over to India / China / Russia / Thailand... THAILAND that's where I"ll go..
KE updated her status:
going back to plan I came up with a few weeks ago. Just pack it all up and put everything in storage in Reno and hit the road. I think it's time.

KE likes Kerry Reid's post
I am proud of the country that elected Barack Obama twice. I am proud of the country that even made it a possibility for Hillary Clinton to be president. I am sad for the country that is so afraid of change (even change that is helpful to them) that they fall back on old patterns of hate and division and fearmongering.
We have endured in the past. We will endure again.

KE likes Kathleen A. Shaw's post.
It looks like if Trump is president, we can probably remain safe here in Massachusetts.
 replied to Judy Hageman's comment
Is it a news story up there that the americans are coming?

KE likes Maureen Gill's post
Never in my life did I not want to be an American. That's all changed tonight
KE updated her status:
Embarrassed, bk as I read overseas news outlets, they understood the potential danger in Trump better than ill-informed Trump voters, who live in a Fox bubble with alternate truth

KE updated her status:
a black woman is delivering the Trump immigration hate message on ABC streaming, now I guess it's okay even for people of color to hate other people of color, going to watch different source but wonder if this is just the beginning
KE updated her status:
bill maher said last week we are experiencing a right wing coup that includes the FBI and KGB. wonder what tomorrow will bring.

KE updated her status:
no amount of alcohol is enough to counter this
KE likes Carolyn Zezima's post.
0 military experience. 0 public service experience. LOTS of bankruptcies.
KE likes Jack Nice's post
This is the last US election, this country is over, once they cut off foodstamps the war begins and its going to be a situation of permenent war and emergency
KE updated her status:
now we get to watch the billionaires "drain the swamp" and play games with the economy applying libertarian ideas and we all get to live in the aftermath.
KE likes Judy Hageman's post:
As a Canadian, I can do nothing about it.
But should he become president and should he decide that he's going to carry out that outrageous threat about his ending my beloved nation's independence and making it part of United States, t definitely going to do something about that.
Although I am essentially a pacificist and a peace loving person who deeply loves my country, I will fight to death to make sure that my beloved country NEVER, EVER BECOMES PART OF THE UNITED STATES! YOU CAN DEFINITELY COUNT ON ME TO DO THAT!
KE commented on Judy Hageman's post
There won't be any united states anymore
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Looks like Pennsylvania is going for Trump, and if that happens the game is over. No Democrat has won the presidency without Pennsylvania since 1948.This has to rank as one of the most depressing nights of my life.
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Fox news fueled hate with misinformation. We should have taken down Fox News in 1995 
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If Fox News had not filled the country with misinformation, this would not have happened. Misinformation is a KGB specialty. Wonder what will happen tomorrow
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Elizabeth Warren 2020

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Nevada results look good.

All issues (including background checks for guns and taxing pot like alcohol) look good so far, Catherine Cortex Matso is beating that smug jerk Joe Heck, and Hillary is winning here, too
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OMG four years of Melania
OMG four years of Eric and Don Junior telling us how to live bk they have so much experience of life you know.
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"Outside money poured into Wisconsin" per NBC, and does anyone else remember the sudden infusion of $26 million to Trump through Sheldon Adelson two weeks ago. This stinks
Wait, there is still hope, Minnesota, Nevada...
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Canada's Immigration website just crashed. That's not a joke. PBS just reported it.
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If you voted 3rd party, for Trump, or not at all, take yourselves off of my page now. Fucking now!!!!
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omg, a pundit just pointed out Obama will have to hand the presidency over to the man who led the Birther movement. OH MY GOD
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anyone in PA or Iowa who voted for Jill Stein to "make a point" boy did you
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I don't agree that Bernie could have won. The KGB FBI fox news machine would have found a thousand ways to tear him down. This is not about thinking people making decisions, this is Dumbed Down Uneducated America walking right into a trap.
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I was born in 1948. this is not America I think the United States is now over.
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It's over. The great United States is about to turn into something different. I agree with Bill Maher, this was a right wing coup, part of the right wing coups that are happening all over the globe, but go ahead, pop some popcorn and watch Netflix, this will all be a movie some day.
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It won't help to run to Canada. This right wing coup is global. Stock up on powdered milk and rice, etc.
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How tragic and sad that someone with the depth, heart, and qualifications of Hillary Clinton will now have to step out on a stage and concede to this disgusting man who is so repugnant, so beneath her, so criminally unqualified for the job he was just awarded by our frighteningly large contingent of small-minded people. It boggles the mind.

We are a gutted country and the whole world mourns this travesty.
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I feel so sorry for President Obama, who will have to stand there in January and hand over the presidency to the filthy, racist pig who tried to make him an illegitimate president and who will destroy every thing he accomplished. Shame on this fucking country!
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Well at least now we can all just get high and pretend it didn't happen

Midnight November 8th into next AM we were still heating up Facebook:

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He kept telling us it was rigged. We should have paid more attention
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oh god all the assholes have just become empowered and I don't want to open my curtains, let alone go out the door. Shit.
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We now live in a Nazi country. The white people voted for a man who was endorsed by the actual KKK. I never thought I'd ever utter these words but I know Nazis now. Or I did. They are all defriended now. I can't be friends with Nazis. I just can't
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at least I live in a place where I can click a website and have the best hash and weed in the world delivered in a half hour. That will get me through this.
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It is international.
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This is not the misogyny and racism of our forefathers. this is different
Uhaul South Lake Tahoe to Vancouver $1,430.00. I reserved it for March. May not wait 'til March
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for 9 (nine) days in the last 2 weeks of election the news repeated over and over that Hillary might be indicted, that there was something criminal in the KGB / FBI Leaked Emails. Come on, guys
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KE likes Kevin Coyne's post.  Not looking forward to a cut in Social Security and my VA benefits.
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It looks like the majority of voters wanted Clinton as President. She is ahead in the popular vote. I'm not saying the system is rigged. It isn't. We simply are not a democracy. We never have been. We have to stop saying it.

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t already started last night. As I drifted to sleep, election results with the volume low lulled me until I realized: They're already doing it. The false equivalency that derailed this election 180 degrees from the truth is being carried over to the transition period between presidents. So there were the pundits, turning Trump’s “policies” into current events.
I am researching life in Vancouver B.C.
nothing will ever be the same, all analogies from before last night no longer apply

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Screw safety, screw sanity, I never got to reap the benefits people get from having those qualities, why should I pretend to have them now as an old lady. I'm Sunshine, the girl who in 1969 hitchhiked with a portable typewriter from L.A. to Seattle, then ended up in Dallas. And I'm still here. So my plan is again, get a passport, put my stuff in storage, and go. Stay tuned.

(November 9, 2017: I took a trip to Vancouver in July and found it crowded and full of out of control traffic, decided it will look like L.A. in a few years, so Canada is not the answer, now am hunkered down in my little apartment in South Lake Tahoe, waiting to see what happens next.)
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