Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Putin / Trump is am amazing spy thriller, if nothing else

I have started to look at this Trump coup now as a fascinating spy story playing out in real time before my eyes. Man, for news junkies, this is heaven, gotta admit, especially now that we've past the story point where I've been about to SCREAM for months, and now I see we are heading into the REVEAL which is slow, in real time, but going to be AmAzing, especially when they make the miniseries. 
Could this all have been cooked up to distract Humans from Global Warming, as in the Oil companies have compassion and want us all to at least have something to watch and be entertained by as the planet erupts

NRA is really Russia continued

So we are learning that Russian money funded the Twisted messages about guns and Second Amendment from NRA that drives people to do mass shootings. 
Interesting way to attack a nation. wow. 
Slowly it drips, the truth comes out, just hope it's in time to stop the real damage they plan to do.
"Alexander Torshin, an official at the Central Bank of the Russia and life member of the NRA, funneled money through the gun lobby group to the Trump campaign." Why?
"The NRA reported spending a record $55 million on the 2016 elections, including $30 million to support Trump."
Russian money funded the LYING messages from NRA that drives people to do mass shootings. 
"Torshin did meet with Trump’s eldest son at the NRA convention"

A report by McClatchy revealed that the FBI is looking into whether a Russian banker with Kremlin ties funneled money through the NRA during the 2016 election.

Climate Crisis is Real News, while we all get distracted by the Orange Clown

The gases under the polar ice are escaping into the atmosphere. Now. As of about two weeks ago. Everything in climate is about to get a whole lot weirder, plus there may be new viruses and other unexpected things.
As this happens, all but a few scientists are distracted by the Orange Clown who is USA's president, although some humans are noticing the weather is even weirder than last year...
"To honor Infrastructure week, America decided to tear itself apart. Ladies and gentlement we are about to see some major flooding all over the United States."
Thor News on YouTube, best place to ride the climate crisis he even hits his weed while he talks, my kinda climate scientist from Houston
We've got wave after wave after wave of potent rain storms that…

USA under Trump is not defending itself against a cyber attack. So the attack is just going to keep going on. And take new forms (metoo & NRA) and become more sophisticated and complex. 
Soon no one will be able to tell who on social media is genuine and who is not. 
Hmm, Americans growing suspicious of "friends," just like when the Soviets took over Russia.

USA self destructed, Russia just walked into a gaping hole left in American character

Americans did this to themselves, by always looking for ways to make money without doing anything, by always being in pursuit of the spoils of wealth without doing the work. Little guys trying to be rich like the big guys without first paying any dues were easy fruit picked off the tree for Russian / once-Soviet spies looking for "useful tools" to pull off this coup. 
on Facebook I am getting lots of friend requests from people with 1 friend and a hundred photos that are like staged to tell me what their political beliefs are, and they have no friends and. . . 
they're still here. The Troll Farm is in this toxic place. 
Facebook, the biggest business USA created during this weird downfall, an American business is the platform for the spies. 
And who the f--- owns Twitter? Who started it and why when we already had this wonderful thing called Facebook?
It's not as if USA needed anything else like housing, transit, schools, let's develop more social media companies.
That's why USA fell, it's not the Russians, it's USA being so minuscule of character that ANY foreign agent could have walked in and taken over.
America fell bk little by little we chipped away at decency, character, integrity, until someone like Trump could walk into the Presidency and throw the final blow. Around 14 minutes in on this Maddow clip you see. It's Jared, he's the Wonderful Son-In-Law spy-traitor, man, USA did this to itself, by looking for ways to make money without doing anything, by being always in pursuit of the spoils of wealth without doing the work. USA SELF DESTRUCTED
My god, why is our govt letting this man stay in office? Know what? I think the mass shootings are part of the cyber attack, Russian messaging messing with minds claiming to be the NRA when it's not. That's why Trump was able to smile after visiting the High School. He is leading this coup that is taking over USA and even killing school children. The NRA messaging is part of the Cyber Attack on USA, getting americans to kill each other.

But the president appeared to be in a "somber" mood, a witness noted.

I think Trump smiled after Parkland bk the mass shootings are part of the Attack on USA, and he's one of them.
Donald Trump was right about one thing he said in his Dictator Tweets this weekend: The Russians are Laughing at Americans right now. 
I think he should have added, the Russians are not finished.

The USA fell while its citizens Tweeted and Friended, and watched YouTube videos making outlandish claims, especially about Hillary Clinton, with no concern over who produced the videos and why. While humans need housing jobs roads bridges trains tracks, USA created nothing but an open vacuous platform for its own enemies to step in, dominate, and use to take over the Nation.

To stop this coup, USA has to INVESTIGATE everything that appeared in our culture over the internet. Since 1995. Yes, that's when this coup started. 1995. Do you think bored distracted Americans are willing to do that work, clean up their own culture all the way back to the introduction of Fox News and All This Anti-American self destruct mesmerizing messaging?
I wonder.
Like living in a sci-fi movie

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The NRA is really Russian and put Weapons of War into USA on purpose to kill Americans.

I am going out on a limb here, I do that a lot. In fact I live out here dangling on an edge and kind of like it that way. Because from here I see new places, from here I can jump into rarefied air for no other reason than to see what's there.
Last few days after the Florida high school shooting I keep thinking the mass shootings are part of the attack on USA by Russia. In fact when I dive into the rarefied air around this idea, I go all the way to a place I don't think anyone else has gone yet, and I know I'm saying something that no one else is saying. But in 2013 I was saying “weaponized misinformation is being used against USA online and in the news” in letters to editors.
Okay here is what I think.
The USA went through this cyber attack in 2016 because before George W Bush invaded Iraq, both Presidents Clinton and George HW Bush One used the CIA and covert ops to get USA in and out of places and, like it or not, covert ops are the best way to deal with foreign issues in the twenty first century.
But then W Bush led USA into Iraq and lots and lots of civilians have died since, as we blundered from there also into Afghanistan, or was it the other way around.
The AR-15
USA has been using the military version of the AR-15 in foreign nations to kill a lot of innocent children and families last 16 years. A lot of people in those nations would like to attack USA but no one has a military collection of weaponry like USA has so attacking by conventional means is not realistic.
However, Russia et al WERE able to conduct a cyber attack in 2013-2016 and continuing, which took place against USA by apparently Putin’s Russia, and someone more than Russia has to be funding it.
Recently, a few articles here and there about the Mueller and Congressional investigations of Russia and the elecdtion show that the NRA is coming up in the investigations, and as  I've said before, the NRA is behind all the misinformation that has put guns into the hands of crazy people in America last two decades.
The NRA is really Russian, 
they put Weapons of War into the nation of USA on purpose 
to kill Americans.
I think the people who cyber attacked USA in 2016 knew that if they got AR-15s into the hands of mentally ill persons and paid politicians to eliminate the part of the law that kept mentally ill persons from getting guns, that the result would be mass shootings.
They knew it.
They knew if they filled the Hate Radio air waves with “they are coming for your guns, buy more” and other NRA / Russia propaganda about the Second Amendment, that more troubled persons would buy guns and start being driven slightly insane from the messaging on hate radio, so be driven to use them.
Those running the cyber attack against USA knew what they were doing.
I'm even finding one more thing as I fly back in from the rarefied air to the limb on the edge.
Mueller saw the attack in Florida this week and knew there was this connection with the Russia cyber attack and so he made sure those 13 indictments happened within hours so his investigation could get more aggressive in counteracting the misinformation attack.
Maybe Robert Mueller saw the misinformation attack, including the NRA, is resulting in children being killed, with AR-15’s, the way US soldiers used assault rifles to kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan. . . and Mueller knew he had to take action NOW to stop it. 
So I think:
The NRA is really Russian and put Weapons of War into the nation of USA on purpose to kill Americans.

I am literally having the mental equivalent of Orgasm as I hear one after another a mainstream news person say things I've been hollering like a crazy person on the sidelines now for years. every time I hear "Information warfare" on CNN, I holler, YES! YES! That's It Don't Stop YES!!!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Two phenomena appeared in USA at the same time: 
Mass Shootings and Hate Radio.

Mass shootings don't happen in nations that do not have Fox News and Hate Radio.

How many mass shooters spend their days listening to Hate Radio?
Just wondering...

Everything NRA says about 2nd Amendment is false and results in Americans getting killed. 
Russia is currently attacking USA with disinformation. 
Obviously the two are connected. OBVIOUSLY

First bill signed by Trump one year ago today was to allow Mentally Ill persons to have easier access to guns. 
Now T won't release photos of him signing that bill... 
Just heard on Rachel Maddow show. 
The USA is under a cyber attack where misinformation is the weapon being used. I think the NRA is part of it.

Everyone who says it's the Gun Manufacturers trying to sell more guns, You Have To Dig Deeper. This is beyond profits, this is Misinformation piped into people's homes via Fox News and Hate Radio telling them they have some weird right to own mass killing weapons, that the government is coming to take away their guns. All of it is DISINFORMATION and guess what, the USA is under a cyber attack where misinformation is the weapon being used against us. 

The NRA, I think, is Russia. They get their message to us through Hate Radio and Fox News, goal, kill Americans.  NRA pipes Misinformation about guns into people's homes via Fox News and Hate Radio telling them they have some right to own mass killing weapons, and American children end up dead. 

NRA is part of Russian attack on USA by Misinformation

None of what they are saying on Hate Radio about the Second Amendment is fact, yet you can find people all over this country repeating their sound bytes by rote, with PASSION. The problem is the disinformation attack. Until we stop that in USA, nothing will get better
Two phenomena appeared in USA at the same time: Mass shootings and Hate Radio.
Since hate radio promotes NRA messaging, to me it's obvious there could be a connection
How many mass shooters spend their days listening to Hate Radio?
Just wondering...

To everyone who believes the Russia backed messaging from the NRA last few years that caused the gun INSANITY we all have to live with now.
Please Stop Believing Russian Propaganda!

(This is a combination of recent posts on Facebook) 
Kay Ebeling

No One Knows what is going to be released from under that polar ice

Many people don't realize it but the Polar Ice Caps are Right Now releasing a whole sh--load of gases into the atmosphere after splits in the ice that scientists saw coming and finally took place in past few weeks. This is the Big Thing that climate scientists said would happen and so accelerate the speed of climate effects, actually No One Knows what is going to be released from under that ice that's been there for... eons, Along With just heating the planet more than it's already heated. Could be viruses could be nothing, although viruses are more likely. 

So for me this is a breakthrough as who gives a f--- about pedophile priests now? Too Late. Pope, you could have stopped this and you blew it. I truly believe that... now it's too late. The whole globe chose to be corporate, just like the Pope chose to protect church properties over children. 

Humans could have stopped all of this and they didn't. Now...

I was about to plan another trip to dig up a deeper story about the pedophile priests and how the church messed with the victims. Then I realized, the Climate Stuff is about to get So Big that really nothing else will matter soon. So, going to get my overnight job done and then at sunrise take a walk along the lake in the hot sun on this ski resort February day. Save that trip money to buy myself something new instead.

Many people don't realize how many people are saying "many people don't realize" because D Trump says it all the time. Ugh

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Why Care really?

At some point I wonder why I care about "democracy in USA" as it is being destroyed in front of me. 
Democracy only works if the residents are willing to do the work: study and learn and vote intelligently. In USA we've now seen that the humans on this continent aren't capable of doing that. 
So, let the tumbling continue. Americans don't deserve democracy, they deserve what they are about to get. I'm old, so I won't be around for most of it. All of this could have been stopped if human Americans had just been willing to do the work.

A decade from now anthropologists will wander the States documenting what happened to the American human.

There is even less reason to believe news stories this year than last year. 
Yay USA is getting great. 
Turn off the news and become a toothless dumb person.
Americans want everything to be there without paying for it. This latest generation doesn't seem to realize that in order to to build the airports and interstate highways they bob around on eating cheeseburgers, it took a 70-80 percent tax rate on the highest incomes in the 1950s. A decade from now anthropologists will wander the States documenting what happened to the American human. 

The Bobble Head Generation

The bobble head generation holler that government is bad and taxes are robbery while watching their infrastructure and freedoms fall apart, wondering why everything is falling apart. 
The anthropology study of the downfall of USA could be titled, “The party finally stopped.” Or perhaps “How Americans in seventy years went from the Greatest Generation to living in the rusting cars that are lying around everywhere because the highways crumbled to dirt.” That title is too long. So is this downfall of USA. Just fucking take over the nation for cripes sake so we can go onto the next step.
Or is this it?
An endless drip of watching everything fall apart for what, twenty thirty years? It could be.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

'We are going to get our lunch eaten' - Malcolm Nance Feb 12, 2018

Been thinking a lot about the thing that sprang me awake a week or so ago and then I heard this on news clip in background just now: 

23:20: Chris Matthews: What is this rolling disclosure coming from Moscow?
Malcolm Nance: Because the Russians know how to play the information warfare game. Anything that has been done or said quietly between the President and Moscow is going to be revealed on the schedule of the Russians. I believe they're framing [Trump]. They're creating a narrative around him, they have the ability to nudge him in certain directions. The Russians are playing this game well, they know how to play it, the United States are amateurs at this game and we're going to get taken, we're going to get our lunch eaten.
What popped me awake: My first introduction to the Internet was when I was at NASA in the late 1970s. At that time fresh out of college I also learned that the DOD had been using this wonderful form of global communication for years before civilians got access to it.
What woke me up with a start the other day was the thought that the Soviet military had the internet at that time too. What would they have developed with it?
The U.S. military turned the internet over to civilians who used it to talk to astronauts in space, then the private sector created platforms for all this wonderful global communications and friend-making, plus ad revenue up the wazoo, creating revenue from nothing. Brilliant.
What would the Soviets have done with their internet?
Probably what we are seeing now, the result of Russia putting all its efforts into creating ways to engage in cyber warfare.
They developed algorithms to control information around the same time as American entrepreneurs were creating Facebook and Twitter and Google and Amazon. What next I wonder?
Because most Americans still don’t even realize we're under attack, and losing.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Could CO2 poisoning explain election of Donald Trump?

It could be a slow poisoning. 
Not only is the greenhouse effect trapping heat, it's also trapping poison, as Humans burn fossil fuels at a higher rate each day. So we are all of us, everyone on the planet, getting slowly poisoned. 
It explains insane decisions humans are making across the globe. Brain damage from CO2 could have caused Brexit, Donald Trump. Humans eat cheeseburgers, continue to drive cars when they are poisoning us, there's ISIS, everywhere things have an element of suicidal self destruction, madness. 
It could be we're all inhaling little bits of CO2 every day, accumulating more and more of it in our bodies and in our brains, and the human race is slowly going insane. 
I mean, look at what's going on, do you have a better explanation?

Stuff I've been posting lately on Facebook

Again I'm perusing Google maps looking for someplace to go. Oh god, news in background is again talking about a man beating his wife with details, still from last week. Oh god oh god oh god oh god. This is not the USA anymore this is turning into some kind of hell where the residents are being bombarded with messaging designed to drive them insane. 
Where do I go. Last year I thought of Canada and the dollar is again getting strong there, but that's because Canada is becoming USA north, in fact they don’t even Try To Hide it that the oil industry is taking over everything there. So as much as my generation saw Canada as the place to go when things get too oppressive here, it ain’t the case anymore.
Paris. I have this fantasy of just showing up in Paris France with my broken French I learned in high school and then living in an American ghetto in Geneva where everyone spoke English for less than a year, oh boy would that be a mess.
I'm seriously thinking about Liverpool where I will start a John Lennon international channeling club, but I have to find out first what the laws are about Weed in these places as I've been using it since it was first made legal here in 1995 (San Francisco it was legal in 1995 and I was there). I don't want to stop using what to me is a miracle drug now.
So the more I think about it, the more I think the place I need to move is, into my own apartment. I've put thick blankets on the windows as curtains and if I just keep them drawn, with the right lighting, it can be day or night any place in the world as long as I'm inside. I'm reverting to my old fantasy about living in a space capsule floating somewhere between galaxies, hopefully on my way somewhere. I'm back in that survival fantasy again.
So at different times during day, I suit up for an extra vehicular activity to buy groceries, get exercise. I cover my skin to keep the killer sun from hitting me too long, wear sunglasses, a hat covers top of my head to keep away same killer sun. I get out early before the carbon dioxide becomes too thick in the air from all the vehicles humans use to get around.
In my apartment it's as if I have my own worm hole. I leave the world of drunken zombies and cars that never saw a smog device and close my doors, windows, and ears. Through my laptop screen I can go anywhere in the world, communicate with people all over the globe.
No worry that the Amtrak train is going to go off the track, no airports where they stop everyone to search me because I'm such a potential criminal- just
Me and my connection to the world in here, a tether and a space suit gets me to the supply stations, rest of the time, my trip is internal for a while.

What was unacceptable last week is now acceptable compared to what is going on this week.
That's the USA under Donald Trump

Is anyone else hiding inside their home from the Walking Dead on Crack hovering outside their doors? Or is it just South Lake Tahoe. God, where do I go next? This is Not working.
Wow just realized I've been laughing at idea that my perennial drunk neighbors are like the Walking Dead on crack. They're bone thin and stagger and waver as they hover outside my door in the courtyard, their clothes are old and tattered as if they just got up from sleeping in dirt, when they talk it's a growling noise with undecipherable words, and how they talk and talk and talk, endlessly, loud, so much that their drink must be amplified by some stimulant like crank, crack, speed, Bennies.
I just realized maybe my neighbors really are zombies.
Because the other day one of the males was carried out of here in an ambulance and the way the zombies were moaning and howling, I was certain he’d died. But yet there he was back this weekend hovering and staggering and shouting, actually “yipping” this one goes “yip yip yip” all day, last Friday he was back there among them in the courtyard.
They really are zombies, wet brained from alcohol, perennially standing on their feet even when they're passed out because the crank keeps them awake.
South Lake Tahoe, like all of USA, is great if you have a Lot of money. If poor, or old and waiting for senior housing, you end up in places like this. It may be beautiful outside but I have to hide inside most of the day bk these people fricking Scare me, they snap, they change from glee to rage in a snap. I'm not even fricking safe here, yet here I am.

Is anyone else hiding inside their home from the Walking Dead on Crack hovering outside their doors? Or is it just South Lake Tahoe. God, where do I go next? This is Not working
As I approached my building yesterday, one of the males was outside. I changed the direction I was walking to avoid him and got concerned because I know he noticed. What was he doing here? I’d seen them carry him off in an ambulance a few days earlier, shaking drooling, so I thought he’d reached his end. But now he was back, wavering, hovering, somewhat staggering, dressed like a scarecrow. He was perched near the entrance I have to pass through to get to my front door.
I go out early these mornings in an attempt to avoid them, the zombie like creatures who live outside. They are bone thin and waver and stagger on their feet. They can stand for hours in one spot like creatures in a zombie movie, only these neighbors are alive. They fill themselves with alcohol from the time they wake up near sunrise, but through the day seem to never get tired, probably because they also use crack or speed or some other a toxic form of stimulant.
They're The Walking Dead on Crank, I thought to myself as I shut the door behind me safe inside, and then I laughed out loud.

The woman at the bus stop told me she didn't bother with politics, because everything is in God’s hands so she doesn't vote. 
She also told me next month she's losing her apartment and worried that she can’t pay $700 to get her car out of the repair shop in time to move into it. 
I said, “And you didn't vote?” and she started to babble no you don't need politics just trust God again but I interrupted: “Democracy only works if people take time to learn what's going on and vote. Otherwise, we end up with a dictatorship like what's happening now.”
I caught myself because I'm tired of angry words pouring out so shot over to a tree nearby to take a hit on my pipe. She followed me saying, How can you afford cigarettes?
I blew smoke in her face and said, “It ain’t tobacco.” She babbled, Oh I approve of that kind of smoke, but I changed the subject.
Worse than Trump supporter zombies are the people who are waiting for God to rescue them while moving out of their homes and into their cars, wondering why God’s letting housing get so expensive.
@#$%^&*I(OP ~!!!

Democracy does not work when the residents of a nation are fools. This is what we learned in USA in 2016.
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Kay Ebeling 
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