Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Making my life into sci-fi

Amazing how long one can dangle by a thread, often I feel like an abandoned space traveler waiting for a ship to return. Meanwhile I'm tethered to a space station with heat and electricity, venturing out now and then, when the atmosphere is conducive, to examine the planet and bring home samples, spending long hours indoors at my digital connection staying in touch with others from other places in space. One bonus: love shopping for space suits here and online with the extra cash I have from my digital job.
Every night I download the files that are my assignment and keep me in this space station. I work on them, then have remaining hours for R&R, as long as I don't stray too far from the station and keep checking in with Dianne in L.A. Not sure where in L.A. she is or even if she really is there, in fact, have never met Dianne or even heard her voice. But almost every day she sends me email with work that results in a monthly influx of money in my account, so I have to open that email every night and do the work or I'll end up out in the atmosphere. 

If I can't keep up payments on the space station, I'll have to wear the tattered clothes of a ground dweller and breathe the CO2 from passing gas-burning vehicles twenty four hours a day, which could kill me.
(Getting in arguments with atheists in the ether again)

Kay Ebeling
1 hr
Religion vs Science? I used to hang with astronauts, guys who've seen space from outside this planet's pull, and pretty sure Every One of them believes now in Some kind of a higher power. Not necessarily the silly stuff humans do to try to get stuff out of god or have power over other people etc, but some master plan. There is too much physics, too much math, too much perfection, several of them told me, for there not to be some intelligence that creates it all.
'nuff said.
I still would never walk into a Christian church except to buy it and make it into housing...
Last time I was out on the ground, I overheard this line:
"We believe in nepotism in our church.  And you're darn right we make money using Jesus as much as we can, because this is America."
I wrote that one down.
(more to come)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Getting weirder as Anti-Science forces dominate YouTube, what next

Kay Ebeling
8 mins
I think something weird is going on that we aren't seeing: the way my Craigslist ad looking for climate refugees got taken down, the way real climate science videos on YouTube are becoming harder to find. While ThorNews says YouTube is making it harder to do his reporting and speaks of having to get new laptops and phones, the Anti-Science videos are ubiquitous online and apparently well financed. Also retweets and comments on Twitter look like the same Anti-American Troll Farms we saw all through 2016 election, on almost every topic. 
This is weird. 
I still have my passport...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Flat Earthers are actually real

I was called a "NASHOLE" today, a term repeated by "Flat Earth" advocates, who have power. They got this notice I put on Craigslist taken down: 
"Climate Refugees of Tahoe: Have you moved to Tahoe recently to ride out what is coming with the climate? If so, let's meet. -former writer for NASA now living in South Lake"
I ran that ad for weeks, finally got one Nasty Response from someone calling me a "NASHOLE," then a few hours later, the post was flagged and removed. It was first time I heard the word, so researched and found that a NASHOLE is anyone who believes anything NASA says or said, an outgrowth of Moon Landing Hoax people but this is worse. I'm curious how they were able to get my tiny innocuous post taken down, why Craigslist went along with them. 
Adamant that the Earth is flat, these anti-scientists come armed with obscure math formulas and well produced videos to prove Earth is not revolving in space after all "Have you ever felt the Earth actually turning under your feet?" (Yes I have.) 
Problem is this is not a loony fringe, it's a growing movement, people so angry at everything they are denying physics and history. Bigly.
John Brown Christianity has been denying denying physics and history for millenia
Kay Ebeling Yes, some of Flat Earth online stuff claims they get attacked for believing in God not NASA.
(Above, a friend in Australia responded when I posted this on Facebook.) 

On reflection, calling science thinkers "Nasholes" and repeating Flat Earth bytes Could Be more information warfare against USA, a weapon being used to make Americans even more stupid. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Lap Dance ain't 69, just one more way USA is declining

The sexual icon of my generation is probably 69.  In fact, there was so much giggling when someone said the number 69 in my age group, that now as I approach age seventy, I only say I'm approaching age seventy, I don't want to say sixty nine because I'm afraid someone will start that giggling again.
My generation thought we were carrying out a sexual revolution, I think it was even reported as that in the media  We tossed “unneeded structures” such as marriage out the window thinking we were doing a good thing.  We saw someone we wanted to fuck, we fucked them, thinking that was a good thing. 
Sometimes I'm proud to have been part of that radical generation, sometimes I look around at broken family life in America today and wonder if we weren’t what started it all. 
But at least that icon of 69 and the sex act itself represented a beautiful equality between a man and a woman as they made love to each other.  It was two people pleasing each other together at the same time, bringing each other to climax, usually at the same time, which could really often even be spiritual in a pagan kinda way. 
My generation really thought we were changing the world, we would just meditate and "make love not war." Well, we all know how well that went. Still somehow that act of a man and a woman doing oral sex on each other in a position that looked like the number 69 represented the blast-through changes we thought we were bringing to humanity.
Fast forward fifty years and what is the iconic sexual image of today’s twenty somethings?
Lap dances. 
Don’t ask me why, but I found myself watching lapdances on YouTube recently, well it was because I’d never seen one and was wondering, what is a lap dance anyway. In my mind I fantasized it as a reciprocal thing and I can see where a woman doing a lap dance could have as much pleasure as a man.  I can see there could be that “spiritual” climax at the same time thing we did with 69 that often takes it to another level.  In today’s diseased world, a lap dance seems cleaner than a condom. 
But what I saw on YouTube was so… disappointing.  Nothing about the lap dances on these videos is reciprocal, where the woman is getting pleasure along with the man. These are more like slave girl lap dances where the woman does all the work and not one iota of consideration is going into her pleasure.  She just sticks her bone hard buns up on the guy while he watches her from behind arms dangling on his side, his facial expression looking like he's comparing and grading her more than making love.
Today's lap dances represent a lot, show how much the backlash against women's equality pushed them back lower than women were before.
I’d watch one lap dance after another and think, Girl, why are you doing that.  It's all about the man, it's him sitting there lazy with a blunt in his mouth not giving a damn about you except to get angry if you don’t jiggle just right. 
To me, lap dances could be done by a woman who’s had her labia clipped by Muslim fundamentalists. The American sexual icon has gone in fifty years from a mutual 69 to a female sex slave act. 
So disappointing
By Kay Ebeling
I know going out on a limb but... I live out here dangling
Kay Ebeling posted this at blog to see if it would make my click numbers go up, as in click bait. It didn't. sigh

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Day MLK got shot I got arrested for giving weed to a narc at a love-in at Griffith Park. My oh My how times have changed

By Kay Ebeling
Women came out of a TV room saying, "Martin Luther King has been shot," and a wailing and moaning sound echoed through the jail. 
The day MLK was killed, I was arrested the one time in my life, for giving weed to a narc at a love in at Griffith Park. I was in the brand spanking new Sybil Brand women's jail downtown LA when I heard the announcement that MLK had been shot. Then I got bailed out, got a misdemeanor and probation and my record expunged bk I was under 21. I went on from there to volunteer and then become paid staff for the Peace and Freedom Party.
(going to edit this 1st draft)
At this time I lived in Echo Park in a studio with a full kitchen and bath for which I paid $20 a month to the county of Los Angeles, because there were so many vacant houses in central L.A. they were practically giving them away to people. 
There were two entrances to the house. From the back you could drive or walk up from Sunset and park, then walk down into the duplex. 
You could come up about ninety steps from Echo Park Boulevard right across from the little lake, and enter the little apartment’s front door. 
It was shabby and dark, kind of dreary and shadowy and it had been vacant for months after after the old woman who lived there died and weeks later her body had been found. After that nobody in the Hispanic neighborhood wanted to rent the apartment, until I heard about it on my job as a waitress in a coffee shop, graveyard shift. 
I went downtown to a county office and signed a lease, I think I even got several months of rent free, then I only paid $20 a month for the apartment. As a result I did not have to work much to ocme up with rent, I could act in showcase play productions, work on my guitar playing and songwriting. It was a wonderful life, I have to admit. 
During this time my sister and I went halves on a pound of Acapulco Gold marijuana from Mexico. At the time of the Love-In at Griffith Park, I was down to about an ounce of the wonderful golden weed left, had been smoking it for months, along with these strange bennie type speed pills** that I popped all the time. I was real thin and danced a lot. 
I don't know who I went to the love-in with or what the occasion was, it may have been spontaneous, it may have been a movie shoot. I did not need to dress up in costumes as I was the real thing, and as music played and people connected I was twirling around and found myself face-to-face with these two guys in suits. 
I have always had a weakness for men in suits, uniforms, guys with a sense of power, I'm sure it has to do with being molested by a Catholic priest at age five, the way I respond to men… 
Anyone should have known they were narcs, no one was talking to these two guys. 
I wanted to Turn them On, get them to loosen up, take off their jacket and ties and turn on tune in and have fun. 
Honest, I was that na├»ve. 
I took them back to my little studio on Echo Park Boulevard and pulled out what was left of my Acapulco Gold and they took me to Sybil Brand where I had no idea what was going on, but thought it was funny that you had to eat peas with a spoon at dinner. 
I met thieves and hookers and dancers and street women who had actually gotten arrested on purpose because Sybil Brand was this beautiful clean sparkling “women’s institute” where you could get medical care and check into rehab. Honest, I met women there my one night who told me they got arrested on purpose to see a doctor. In 1968. 
If you google Sybil Brand Institute you will see how it degenerated over the years, but the jail had that grand mission at the start. LBJ's America. 
But I digress. 
As I was falling asleep, women streamed out of a TV room saying, "Martin Luther King has been shot," and a wailing and moaning sound went through the jail, echoing on the smooth steel walls and concrete. The words, "Martin Luther King has been shot," echoed and echoed as woman after woman repeated them and many more cried. I sat up listening. 
Without my knowledge, my sister called my parents and I ended up getting bailed out that night, when I really wanted to stay and have the experience of being in jail. 
A few weeks later I was a regular at the Peace and Freedom Party headquarters on Western Avenue, volunteering so enthusiastically that they hired me. Ten years later I had a journalism degree from The University of Texas at Austin, and a lot more happened in between. 
Kay Ebeling 

** I got the pills from a doctor on Sunset just down the hill that people came to from all over the city to get "diet pills." They were legal.

More to come.

Friday, March 23, 2018

I knew Smart Phones would be used by spies as soon as I saw one, thanks to CIA guy I dated in 1970s

For some reason as soon as the iPhone was introduced, I went, whoa oh no not me, that's just too easy to intercept, it's not secure. To this day when I think about my initial reaction to the smart phone, a face pops into my head, a CIA guy I dated for a while when I was working at NASA. The relationship didn't last long because he said I talked about him to my friends too much and I always wondered how he knew.… it was a strange relationship, where he’d go off on weeks long trips and come back and throw a foreign military officer uniform on his closet floor. 
Somewhere in our conversations, I learned about intelligence. During this time I also dated Air Force and Navy officers and even a couple astronauts, guys with high security clearances, although I myself couldn't get one because of my connections to Timothy Leary and the Peace and Freedom Party. I was hired before NASA required security clearances and pretty much had to leave after they started requiring them. 
However, somehow during that time I learned about intelligence and electronic communications at a level where I understand it instinctively, not technically really, but I know how it works and what spies are willing to do. 
So as soon as I saw a smart phone, that CIA guy’s face popped into my memory and I as soon as I saw one I also knew I KNEW that these phones could be used to compromise people. I didn't know it would be Russia or Facebook or what or how it would happen, I just knew. And I never got a smart phone, I love my flip phone, I leave my computer at home. 
I have one other memory connected to the Smart Phone in my life. When I was still doing City of Angels Blog about the pedophile priests, there were “agents” in my life who were keeping track of where I was and what I was doing, by phone or in person, and it was obvious to me they were questioning me and getting that information back to the church. They’d call me when I put on my blog that I was thinking of moving, suddenly curious about me, asking Where are you going, what are you going to do there. I knew they were working for the Church I didn't care, I talked to them anyway.
One time I could tell the agent/friend was keeping me on the phone with a boring uninteresting conversation and he seemed distracted, but he would not let me hang up. I was up here in Tahoe on my flip phone and there was a snow storm going on and I knew, I KNEW, he was trying to locate me with some satellite software designed to find smart phones and he could not find me. 
I finally even said to him, “I'm on a flip phone.” He hesitated and then stopped whatever he was doing and our conversation soon ended. 
Haven't heard from him since. 
So what I'm saying is, flip phones are all you really need. A laptop or desktop at home will keep you on Facebook and other things, you don’t need to be on the Internet when you're on transit or at the mall, there are humans there to talk to in person, you should try it. 
I think smart phones are part of the mass insanity that caused us to develop freeways and elect Donald Trump, to me it's all connected. 
Humans are making one stupid decision after another, at a mass level so all the other humans have to go along with the stupid decision, like moving to the suburbs and becoming dependent on cars, then not having any time to keep up with politics because you're driving all the time, so electing Donald Trump. 
One mistake after another led to the downfall of USA. Smart phones played a big part.
Posted by Kay Ebeling, producer, City of Angels Blog
Not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere

Sunday, March 4, 2018

If only USA had paid attention to old ladies

A nation that worships youth while ignoring history is defeated when an enemy uses new tech as weapons of war, for which the nation has no defense, because its citizens, who invented the tech, were using it to play games. 

Somehow I think there's a connection.

If America respected its own history and elders, it could have remained a great nation.  America may not have fallen if it had paid more attention to its old people.

‘nuff said.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

It's hard to be smart in USA right now.

Right now all over the world people are looking at USA and saying, wow, if this is what democracy produces, bring on the Islamic theocracy, bring on the dictators, we’d be better off, I mean look at what is happening in the USA.
Often as the news is on in background while I work these overnight shifts, I find myself mumbling, “Americans are about to get what they deserve,” because Americans bought into this laissez faire philosophy. 
Lazy Fair.
Look around, we are a nation that needs so much work, yet there are probably thousands of people in every city collecting disability checks when they really don’t have a disability. 
Everywhere I go in America, I meet people who celebrate the fact they've arranged their lives so they can do nothing, the younger and more able bodied they are when they retire, the better off they think they are.   
I look around, I see a nation that needs housing, education, infrastructure, food delivery, trash cleanup, and I see a couple generations of humans who do nothing all day long. 
I see elder citizens who are so bored from doing nothing that it causes their faces to drop as over the months they get more and more depressed, I see them on the bus.
I see infrastructure falling apart as we are about to enter a climate crisis where more infrastructure is going to fall apart. 
Worse yet, I'm surrounded everywhere I go by people who bought into this “let go let god” concept of life, which is great for, say, deciding what to eat for dinner, but-
Democracy does not work unless the people who are voting know for what and whom they are voting.  It takes work for democracy to work, and education.  In fact the Founding Fathers established public education for that reason, so voters would be smart.
At a time when more information is available to people than any time in history, American voters chose to just watch a commercial or listen to what a friend says, and vote based on that, and look at what is happening.
Same people who hate the government and don’t want to pay taxes are sitting back and waiting for “god” to take care of everything. 
I think God’s busy. He gave us this planet to maintain and he doesn't have time for sewer systems and trash removal, that's supposed to be taken care of by the humans.
But they’d rather let go and let God and now, Americans are getting what they deserve. 
Posted by Kay Ebeling, producer, City of Angels Blog
Not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere

Monday, February 26, 2018

Dana Loesch Belongs in Guantanamo

NRA is Russia, she said again

The NRA is part of the current "information warfare" attack on USA by Russia. The NRA get tons of money from Russia. NRA has piped false info about the 2nd Amendment into USA, and they are inciting hatred, look at their recent commercial with Dana Loesch, that tone of voice is Inciting Hatred. The USA is being flooded right now with very sophisticated propaganda. The NRA is part of that attack and the result is Americans killing each other. That's Information Warfare, USA is under attack, and still doesn't even realize it or have a defense against it. That's what I think.

Rachel Maddow fills my life with so much knowledge

Michael Keaton could play Rick Gates (fantasy casting the spy thriller already)

So USA was sold out for a few tens of millions of dollars by American thugs getting in over their heads with global thugs, there's no Grand Libertarian Ideology behind the Americans who made this happen, they were just thugs being chased by global thugs. The Russians had been carrying out a brilliant information warfare campaign for more than two decades, including that stupid "libertarian" shit, PLUS the NRA that is now getting Americans KILLED. But it was lousy broke freaking scared American wimpy thugs who gave Russia the President of the United States as their tool. FUCK. This Maddow clip is So Chock full of stuff, I've watched it several times to absorb it all. Wow.

It bothers me that these guys are so willing to lie even in the middle of a plea agreement (Gates) it also scares me as maybe they know it won't matter in a few months and they won't serve any time.

My personal life sucks right now but:
Nothing matters really except the playing out of this spy story. Maddow and her team are breaking it all down, and what else matters? My fear though is: Will the Mueller investigation get to Trump before Trump takes his next step of the coup and eliminates the FBI as we know it and replaces it with some Russian thing that makes everything worse? that's what I'm afraid of, but Maddow is reporting the whole story so thoroughly, it truly amazes me. And even makes it tolerable. At least I see now what happened. Creeps are thugs who sold USA for a few tens of millions of dollars. No ideology, no passionate belief, just money.

Posted by Kay Ebeling, producer, City of Angels Blog
Not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere

It is completely SANE to be frightened in a scary situation. It helps you have the alertness you need to respond and survive. 
Hang on, folks

Russian stuff showing up everywhere

Response to a friend in Nova Scotia: Yes, Americans are living like Russians, you nailed it. I just caught my expression in a mirror, it was just like the Russian Guy in "15 Minutes" that face, the Russian face, how do we describe it? An internal rage, determined to survive no matter how obviously corrupt everything is, a little snide, seeing around the crooks finding ways to trick them before they trick you. 
Yes, Americans are living like Russians AND all my friends here whose homes are better and lives are better than mine, I hate to say it, but I have a feeling YOU will be as mad as I am in a few years. 
sorry but that's the truth.
Google blocked me from getting money for ads bk my blog about pedophile priests as one of the victims was Too Controversial. At about that same time (2008) Google was already letting Russian spies and others flood American air waves with anti-American Propaganda through YouTube. 
just saying, 
As awful as the USA has become, we did some of the greatest things ever done by mankind, before we fell. We took man off the planet, our first step into space, humans walked on the Moon a MIRACULOUS almost impossible accomplishment that only happened bk people worked as a team almost as One Mind. The USA also produces the most amazing movies ever made, we Created an entire new art form and took it to extents, the combination of music visual sound design acting writing, all of it, an art form that did not exist until it grew in USA. Many American films will live on for centuries. Hmm and films are also the result of teams working almost as One Mind.
Anyway, it wasn't all bad.
Whatever the Russians do to us next few years, hold onto those signs of how wonderful Americans really are, bk a lot of the truth is about to be lost to a rewrite of history.
like it or not
Nothing is weirder than going to my Twitter feed and finding it FULL of stories in Cyrillic, from Russia, one after another in their language, news for me about their election.
How the F did that just happen?

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Not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere

One Year Ago's

One year ago today. Hmm

Kay Ebeling updated her status.
i think trump's presidency is an extension of Nine Eleven, and the Towers are still tumbling down
Back in 2015, I still thought Afghanistan / Saudis and ??? were behind the information war. I knew it was going on, I just could not believe it was only Russia doing it and felt it had to be financed by Saudis et al. Maybe more will come out, I find these little things that pop up from the past Most Interesting though now that the coup has been going on for a while.
They became obscenely rich bk of our thirst for the crud in their desert, so they used that wealth to destroy this culture they hate from within. Yeah, I'm negative, it's called perception, it's the writing on the wall... i'm also kinda scared.
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Not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere