Saturday, March 14, 2015

Legal Weed Has Rescued California

$4 billion did not come from fracking Bakersfield

  1. Fitch Affirms Lake Tahoe Unified School District, CA's GOs at 'AA ...

    Business Wire (press release)-14 hours ago
    However, management expects a surplus due to better than budget performance, including over $1 million in currently budgeted spending on ...
  2. California's Budget Surplus Leads to Credit Upgrade

    Huffington Post-Nov 12, 2014
    And California now has a very large budget surplus, because of it. State Controller John Chiang in a press release just released his monthly ...

  3. California's budget surplus? Look again

    Los Angeles Times-Dec 30, 2014
    The revelation is just the latest sign that the state's budget surplusisn't ... California offers its retired employees subsidized health coverage that ...
  4. CA Assemblyman Calls for New Tech-Based UC Campus

    The UCSD Guardian Online-Mar 11, 2015
    California Assemblyman Mike Gatto announced his proposal for a new ... that the state's budget now has a surplus that he believes could help.

  5. California sees reserves growing more than $4 billion over two years

    Reuters-Nov 19, 2014
    (Reuters) - California's state budget will accumulate more than $4 billion ... year with a surplus in the general fund for the first time since 2007.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The world needs $400 a month studio apartments everywhere

    I used to hear stories of The Depression where people were hungry, yet dairies poured barrels of milk into the streets, bk no one could afford milk. Same thing is happening today, empty buildings while there are people who can't afford a roof over their heads. the Dept of Agriculture, subsidies, and later food stamps grew out of the Depression and the poured out milk, what will we get finally after decades of people sleeping on the street outside of empty buildings?
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    He is there again, sleeping between two vacant buildings across my parking lot. Just now I thought, I'll go talk to him, then I saw him get up, urinate right next to his chair, then get back in the chair and go back to sleep. He pulls a blanket over his head to block the light, at sunrise, he wheels away. He has a direct sight into where I work here in my office, has been out there several nights last few months, I know he's no one to be afraid of. I even wish I could help, b...
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