Monday, August 21, 2017

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Slavery is free labor.
Republicans are against raising the minimum wage
So Republican economic policy of not paying a living wage puts them just a sneeze away from slave owners

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

pretty sure I just heard the Trump spokes-model on CNN say we should Bomb North Korea bk some people had to change doctors on Obamacare, not sure if heard right. She looked like Sarah Huckabee, but it was not Sarah, though she did have the same twitching right eye

Kay Ebeling

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rarely watch network TV except Morning Joe, so the ads astonish me on a daily basis. Seems Americans get their medical advice from commercials and are bombarded with offers from Companies to help us "start our own businesses" since there are no jobs.
after a while all you can do is laugh at it
Kay Ebeling dang it happened again. MSNBC live stream got taken over by CNN and none of the other MSNBC links are still up where I watch, in YouTube. Can only see CNN and Fox, not MSNBC, they are still doing it. The phenom of MSNBC being knocked off YouTube while all the right wing stuff stays up has gone on now for six months at least. CNN is... okay, but MSNBC live streaming with commercials, why are they taking it down, it makes no sense when CNN and Fox are still up there, it Makes No Sense

The woman on CNN half hour later Sounds Like She is Reading Pravda, her sentence structure along with what she is saying. This is So Freaking Weird. Barbara something reciting our plans now to Build Up and Modernize our Nuclear Forces after a week of trump tweets about it.