Monday, October 20, 2014

Guys who learn history from Google searches are writing today's news stories.
Weirder yet are guys like Dahboo77( Dahboo7 Supporters ) who are almost hynotic and ubiquitous, on YouTube in minutes on every topic as it breaks with what seems like leaked intelligence. You watch entranced, then Dahboo starts his anti-Obama rant. 

They entrance you with one thing then get you to believe something else. Some One Is Behind This Anti Obama Anti American Government campaign at a very insidious level, getting to us and our relatives like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, almost. Oh no, another of my neighbors just switched to Fox. AAAAARRRGGGGHHH

There seems to be no line drawn between factual reporting and opinionated blathering today and people with little intellect are taking up way too much time on our air waves. How did we get dumbed down this bad and is there any country where this is not happening? I miss Walter Cronkite.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A NASA Scientist Told Me There Is a God, one reason I'm not an atheist

By Kay Ebeling

The cliché is that all scientists are atheists. Yet first person to convince me in years that there probably is a God was the Dean of the Astronomy Department at The University of Texas at Austin, Professor Harlan Smith.   

Harlan Smith
On the walls of his office were posters of the universe with words of Praise For God, which surprised me.  Back in 1977, I figured scientists were too smart to be religious, yet here was the Lead Astrophysicist at UT sitting at his desk in front of all these holy posters.  So looking around at his walls, I said something like, I'm not surprised to see pictures of space and the solar system here, but why do so many of them mention God.  Aren't all scientists atheists?   

Smith uprighted his posture and looked directly in my eyes. "Oh no," he said almost breathless.  “The more you learn about the universe, the more you realize there has to be intelligent design.” 

His blue eyes shined, seemed to reflect whatever he was seeing at that moment inside his visionary head.

I’d made the appointment to see Dr. Smith in the first semester of my junior year.  The University of Texas had a requirement that you take five science courses to get a bachelor’s degree, and after I waded through two semesters of Physics for Non Science majors, I discovered the space program.  So I went to meet with the dean to find out how one gets a job at NASA. 

At that meeting Harlan Smith gave me advice that helped get me a job at NASA when I graduated.

I also learned at that meeting that many scientists have a passionate belief in God, not the Christian fundamentalist version of God, but a confirmed faith that there is a power greater than ourselves, and that most scientists have learned to recognize this power that is everywhere in the universe.  

In that meeting Harlan Smith told me that the more you learn about astrophysics, the more you see a mathematical precision that can only be explained by a higher intelligence. 

“There is no other way to explain the perfection," he said. "Someone or something must have designed it, some form of intelligence created it. 

“There is a creator,” he was certain. 

No doubt in his mind.  

It's a scientific fact that there is a God. 

His eyes Beamed.

After that conversation with Smith, I was even more Wowed and Jazzed to go to work at NASA.  Smith had told me how to begin the journey through academics.  So I took a bunch more astronomy and physics for non science majors courses.

I also started doing the Science Beat for The Daily Texan, the college paper, taking Smith’s advice one step farther.  So by the time I met with him again in my senior year, I had written several feature stories about research at UT where Smith actually managed the NASA contracts, so I even kind of got to know him.  I spent two nights at McDonald Observatory taking pictures and interviewing scientists for a feature story in the paper and they had a great commissary. 

Smith's recommendation letter probably played a part in NASA creating a job for me in the Public Information Office at LBJ Space Center in Houston in September 1978. I was so good, I had that much potential that they created a position for me.  

And I blew it.  Three years later, I did not have that job anymore.  That's another part of my story.

Also while working on The Daily Texan, I was one of the first writers to ever do word processing.  While I was editing copy with a soft lead pencil there one day, the dean of the Communications Department brought in this new thing, “the computer.”

“We got a grant from the NPAA to see what it takes to put a newspaper together using  a computer,” the man announced, and right there on the copy desk the soft-lead pencils and erasers disappeared and were replaced by monitors.  Literally while we sat there, they pushed aside the pencils and installed monitors.

Then the dean sat next to me and said, "It's like this.  You Cut.  And you Paste."  

I said, "Oh you mean like we do with scissors?"

"Yes, he said.  You won’t be using scissors and glue and all that mess anymore.  You just Select, Copy, and Paste.  Here you try it."

So right there at the copy desk at The University of Texas at Austin daily paper, I selected, copied, and pasted and probably became the first journalist in the world, or one of the first, to actually cut and paste on a computer instead of cutting and pasting with a scissors and glue. 

I can actually say that. 

I'm one of the first journalists to ever use a computer to write and edit a news story. 

But I digress.

Anyway.  As well as starting me on a path towards NASA, Harlan Smith sparked my interest in God that day, made me realize there is a Spirit that is part of the totality of everything, something I had first begun realizing as a student of Dr. Timothy Leary about a decade earlier.

Yes, NASA hired me in 1978 as a News Writer Editor, even though in 1969 I had been a news writer editor for the Timothy Leary for Governor campaign in Southern California, which caused me a heck of a lot of problems in 1980 or so when these Air Force guys showed up as part of the space center employee population and we all had to get Top Secret Security Clearances.

But again, I digress. 

More To Come 

-Posted by Kay Ebeling
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gays can now get married in the Elvis Chapel in Vegas since Nevada passed equality laws. Hope the sanctity of marriage is not hurt by all this.   (Inspired by Stephanie Miller this AM)
Obamacare kicked in just in time, with the ebola epidemic arriving. If people don't have good health care, they are more likely to die and spread the disease, so thank God for the ACA, lives will be saved. Well, except for red states like Texas, where they turned down the ACA ,. . .
Thomas Eric Duncan, the man with Ebola who traveled to the United States from Liberia, died Wednesday morning at a Dallas hospital.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Only thing bad about obamacare is rates went up a little for some people. That means they can afford to pay that rate for health insurance. People who still hate the ACA seem to me to be Grumpy Old People who don't want to pay their fair share.
It's astonishing to hear this complaint about a small rate increase, which seems to put selfishness and greed above public health, plus it's outright stupid.
Do we really want people to have no health insurance at a time of ebola and other epidemics? Really?
If we had left troops in Iraq, their heads would be on stakes right now, and the fact John McCain and now Leon Panetta can't see that? Astonishing watching everyone bail on the president claiming they know better when No One could have anticipated the Thunderdome Game happening in Iraq. Talk about no loyalty, no sense of history. I'm astonished. Blaming this mess on Obama? What about the past hundred years in the Middle East? Blame this on the League of Nations if you have to.

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Our Congress would rather go on TV than come back to Washington and deal with this issue, it's too hard to do that.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Think Tanks funnel cash from Foreign sources to politicians

New York Times, September 6, 2014:

Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks

 "Most of the money comes from countries in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere in Asia, particularly the oil-producing nations of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Norway, and takes many forms. The United Arab Emirates, a major supporter of the Center for Strategic and International Studies."

Ever wonder why our politicians sound more like global oil tycoons than Americans? 

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Islamic State warriors knew from the start that Americans cherish our First Amendment.  So they infiltrated using our own air waves knowing we would not stop them, because we believe in a Free Press.  Their message?  Hate your President, hate your government, take up arms against your own countrymen.  People who watch and believe Fox News today have been playing right along with the Islamic State attack on the USA.   Look at the source.  Change the station. 
Why are we amazed that ISIS uses social media as a tool of war?  Look at the job the Saudis have done with Fox News where they turned a population against its own government. Using our own air waves, and our 1st Amendment, they attacked us. Now that's a military coup.

Obama is brainier than all of them

I still feel safer with him as President

By Kay Ebeling

Once again it's amazing to watch Obama strategize, as I'm convinced he's one of the smartest Presidents we've ever had. 

He realizes that whatever he says, the pundits will run with it for weeks, repeating phrases ad infinitum.  So he now has a "media madness" strategy that he can use for every issue.  While politicians argue predictably against everything the President does and talk of their imaginary policies on TV, Obama ignores them and carries out business.  

I think Obama is even using a media madness strategy now in his plans re ISIS. 

McCain, um...
While over and over again we hear on every news station: boots on the ground, air strikes, sneakers on the ground, black ops, Obama is off taking care of business, knowing that the cacophony on cable will produce no results.  Obama also knows that the topic among the pundits won’t change until the President throws a new phrase into the mix for them to run with. So he throws a few new words out, and the madness goes off on a new thread.  And Obama carries out business ignoring them. 
I've watched Obama in action since his early speeches as a Senator, and his braininess amazed me from the start.  Watching him use the idiot mainstream media as elements in his strategies lately has been great entertainment. 

Be in our War Movie, make a grand a month, free virgins to victors

Paid a thousand a month, they get to star in a live war movie. Probably best job a young man can find in Europe or Middle East today is to join the ISIS fighters. 

Does anyone else see a sick similarity to sci-fi in all this, like we are in some kind of pre-Thunderdome era now? 

"Dick Cheney criticizing Obama about Iraq is like Dr. Frankenstein criticizing the villagers for not destroying the monster." –John Fugelsang, September 19, 2014 

Watching ISIS War in real time on YouTube

If you go to YouTube and type “ISIS” in Search, then filter for “last hour,” a stream of videos from the war front shows up.  Some have people speaking English, most are in middle eastern tongues I don't understand, but you can tell they are from the front.  Go back an hour later and those particular videos will be gone but someone is always uploading more. 
AllEyesOnIsis YouTube logo
You can see what it actually looks like when hundreds of soldiers run away panicked while the ones who get caught are put through horrendous mutilation and torture, on the spot, killed right there, no trial, no judge.
In one video a guy with a knife to a man’s neck is begging his commanding officer to let him do it, holding the “soldier” by the neck of his shirt. The videographer claims in his notes the man is just a civilian but ISIS does not believe him. The officer gives the okay and they drag the man off, you hear them killing him only see his feet as he dies.
I went back an hour later to try to figure out where that video came from and it was gone.  Then that channel disappeared, then next day another channel was there with a slightly different name, same logos, same imagery. 
Dozens of videos are posted daily, some with mesmerizing music so you almost get entranced, even think it's okay, while you watch slaughter after slaughter.
I think it's a disservice to remove these videos because it's obvious they're real, no one could stage some of these scenes, dead bodies of people every age lying in the middle of villages, blood everywhere. Once in a while a civilian will post shaky scenes they are shooting out their windows.  

Americans need to know what they would be sending their soldiers into and know that we are going to see even worse imagery than we've already seen if we do send in more troops, and those will be American heads on those stakes. 
I think we should pull out of Iraq completely, evacuate the Embassies and help as many of our friends get out as possible.  We should pull out, come home, become humble, and develop alternative energy sources so we don't need their oil. 
There's no legitimate reason to put American personnel in this kind of danger.  None. 


In recent weeks, going to YouTube to watch ISIS videos has become a pastime for me.  You type in a keyword from the news, then filter for “last hour,” and amazing unfiltered reporting on the war shows up, some of it shaky and hand-held, some well produced.  These videos often disappear, then hours later reappear with different names on different channels.   

Most amazing this morning (9.22), a woman took a hidden device and walked the streets of Rakka, recording a taste of life in the “Islamic State.”  With the camera in her purse, she almost gets arrested because an eyebrow is showing under her veil. Then she goes to an internet cafe where a dozen women in black garb are talking in French to families back home. 
The big question I have as I click on AllEYEsonISIS, or whatever name the channel has taken this hour, is what about the ads.  When you click on these videos, there is often 15 seconds of a Glade Mist or e-insurance message that comes up, followed by footage of beheadings and such.  
Who gets the money from those ads, I wonder.

-Kay Ebeling

Friday, October 3, 2014

Let them eat bedbugs

There is right now a forgotten demographic and lucky me I get to be part of it. Older women in poverty. Thanks to divorce, disappearing pensions, thievery, and just plain earning less than men our whole lives, millions of women over 65 live on amounts such as 700 a month and I Am Astonished at how much the whole world does not give a damn.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Assassination Attempts by Fox News Crazed White Guys is what I think is really going on

The day the guy jumped the White House fence, I remember distinctly.  I finished work and went to Google News and The Lead Story was Obama his wife and kids leaving, a breaking news story that they were getting on a helicopter on the White House lawn.  I thought it was weird. Why was that a breaking news story? 

THEN awhile later came news that a guy jumped the fence just “four minutes” after the First Family left the White House.

OK, I keep waking up thinking that it was weird how much attention the news paid to them leaving the White House that day.  I got the sense there was an urgency in the way they were reporting the story of them leaving. THEN the guy jumped the fence.

I think there is more to these incidents against the White House than the news is telling.  I think there have been assassination attempts on the President and his family by deranged Fox News crazed angry white guys. 
Stay tuned.


Post note: The First Family was Rushing out the door, into the helicopter that day.