Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lush Lancaster


In search of a home I could afford close enough to L.A. to be there fast, I stumbled upon Lancaster, 

discovered a lush place in the Mojave Desert.

where humans are effecting the ecology in a positive way.  

Apparently watering the soil of the Mojave Desert produces lush landscapes.

Farms thrive here and the climate is changing here for the better.  

The Mojave Desert is becoming cooler and damper as the rest of the country heats up and dries.  

I chose a good place to move. 

-Kay Ebeling
Lancaster California

I think at night while I'm sleeping the wires in my house come to life and tangle with each other so that after a week or so they are a complex knot I have to unravel.
That's life in 2013.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

America is self destructing

America is full of reactionaries on both the left and the right. They hear a two-paragraph news story and start reacting and reacting.
They don't stop and look at the source of the story, and the motive for releasing it.
We are under attack from overseas through corporate news media. They know exactly how we will react and are pushing our buttons, watching us fight with each other, while they raid our wealth and strip us bare.
glad to be leaving this planet soon

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  • Kay Ebeling They are using our own Bill of Rights to destroy us, laughing at the babbling pundits. Freedom of speech includes the responsibility to know what you are talking about. These corporate news spokes models are just reading sound bytes, written by very smart people who want to destroy us.
  • Kay Ebeling They are winning.

Early on they found an easy conduit for their propaganda on the right in dimwits like Sarah Palin.
But today progressives on the left are also falling for corporate news manipulation, reacting and reacting, not stopping to think, believing a high school graduate who leaked information that riled up the left after somehow getting classified access, then escaped to China
Instead of believing the President we elected.
It pains me, really pains me, to see EVERYONE falling for it.
Not a new experience for me, actually, now that I think of it