Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Don't Bother telling right-wingers that poor people will die, that's what they want

Libertarians believe in social darwinism. They know that poor people will die, disabled people will die under their laws, and that just proves their point: In a survival of the fittest kind of Wild West world they envision, only the healthy strong, indeed Purest Human Race humans, will survive. It's a new naziism based on eliminating humans who struggle and don't have good karma and aren't born to rich parents or in places with lots of resources. Everyone who makes less than $50K a year is, in other words, a jew to these new nazis.
Deleted Tweet:
Libertarians Know poor people will die w/their laws. Everyone who makes less than $50K a year is a jew in the eyes of the new nazis.

The coup control so much already and they have only started

In order to watch a news story about US politics, one if FORCED to watch the spokesmodels Trump has hired to obfuscate the coup, and his babbling airheads dominate the coverage. Your choice is to sit through their awful noise or turn it off. The coup control so much already and they have only started
Every day it gets a little worse, as they destroy us in increments, and we, like frogs in a boil pot, are just starting to notice the water is getting hot.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Politicorgasm Defined

politicorgasm: Used in a sentence: He Tweets and all over the world people react, which gives Donald Trump a politicorgasm. 


USA developed the tech that our enemies then used against us and it was all possible BECAUSE the usa did not bother to educate its own people about the technology. Half of Americans don't even know what a bot is, when it is a cyber weapon used and still being used against us. 
At some point, you can't blame the govt for everything. Anyone can go to a library and learn what the internet is, anyone can save four hundred dollars to buy a laptop, so-
I have no feeling now except Americans deserve what they are going to get.

It's like all those people I see interviewed in L.A. who complain that they can't get a job bk they don't know Spanish. Well Fucking LEARN the language that half the people around you are speaking then. DUH!!!

Hmm. I walk around with my little old lady smile most the time, dressed up with a sun hat. And inside I Am So Pissssssssed Off
Seeing how FoxNews now acts as State TV, who can doubt they ran the Misinformation campaign that Ruined the USA from their startup in 1995?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

no news is good news, literally, none of it

wish I didn't care, fantasize about just not reading the news... can't. Have read news first thing upon awakening My Entire Life and it's Never Been This Bad (born 1948). This AM all over the news, Hate Rallies are back so I get to see my fellow Americans in Iowa salivate over human suffering and cheer President T who emanates Pure Hatred and they love that about him, they think he's a rumpled version of christ and I think T looks like satan if he took on human form. Then bk international affairs are my thing I go to Reuters and have it confirmed that the Saudis tricked T into siding with them and soon we will be at war with Iran... I KEEP WAITING for some forceful response from the sane side of the USA and- at first I wrote here that waiting for a real response from the left is like having sex with a guy who's impotent, then realized that is not fair, bk at least the guy who's impotent does SOMETHING.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm sure Repubs did nothing untoward in winning two more elections today, they are so popular right now, plus have always been honest and straightforward and Repubs have won every other election lately so fair and square...

Where the F is the Revolution? We Need One

I have no hope that we will ever find out the truth about Trump or how Someone is controlling these elections and every other dept of the govt when Republicans are not liked except by a small group of people, it feels too big, like they already got so much power that there is no way to stop them, we can march in the street and call our senators and they will just keep doing what they are going to do, we are like fleas or gnats bugging them no more than that. they will suck out all the resources and live on the wealth and the rest of us have to figure out how to fend for ourselves, don't expect them to change or suddenly become compassionate. We are colonists and they hate us that's why they spent 20 plus years effecting this coup, they aren't going to be suddenly sweethearts. Stock up on supplies and practice being hungry...

They suck out resources and get so wealthy they can't think of anything more to do with the money, they buy more and more mansions, yachts, cars cars cars the price of each could support a family for years, with all this money it never dawns on them to build... affordable housing, factories that employ and pay people... they just eat eat eat drink drink- hire doctors to medically remove the fat and then go back to eating and drinking. Buy Spanks for $700 that pull in and hide all the fat so they can keep eating and eating and drinking. And all we can do is watch...?

It feels too big to stop this power moving in to control, especially when we really don't know who or what it is. But we have to stop pretending this is still the same old United States we all grew up with, obviously it's not.

This is their revolution, 
we are being forced to be Libertarian 
(scrabbling to survive on whatever we can find) 
whether we like it or not.
posted by Kay Ebeling
bored by the rich

George Orwell and Me

If George Orwell were alive today, he'd be a blogger.

I don't want to forget when I finally get to writing this, the intimacy, the closeness, the sense of touch I felt as I held both my hands up to my cheek and it felt like one hand went numb and turned into another person’s or entity’s hand.  And as I filled with emotion, I could feel the entity too filling with emotion, letting me know it was here

It was not a solid experience, I didn't see a “GHOST” but it was definitely something, and as it touched me I knew, I wasn’t alone. I knew it had been there with me when I walked around crying last year here in this apartment, I knew it hadn’t been my imagination, the entity really had been reading over my shoulder last few months as I read the news of terrorist attacks, becoming especially Present and Intense during Manchester and London Bridge, and last few days watching footage of Grenfell Tower. 


As I'm working, in the background a video comes on YouTube describing the opulence of Donald Trump’s life, including a fifty thousand dollar cake at his wedding to Melania and

I feel revulsion coming from the entity, again, always behind me.

Another time, I'm at the sink chopping lettuce when Theresa May is responding to questions about the Grenfell Tower fire as if it were a bad rain storm and I swear I felt the rage coming from the entity all the way from across the room, it was so intense.

Then another time I said out loud to myself, “Oh that's reassuring,” as the Archbishop of Westminster was praying on TV over the Grenfell victims, and again I felt him / it / the entity consoling me.  

Does the entity know I'm also one of the pedophile priest victims? 

Is the entity really George Orwell? 


Orwell / Blair 
One of the first times I felt its presence was when I was entering a shortcut to the software I use to do transcription of videos for reality TV shows, work that comes in through my email and allows me to live in South Lake Tahoe, though the company I work for is in Burbank.

The software isn’t anything sophisticated, just Word. Every time I come across a word that is repeated often in the interviews I transcribe, I input a shortcut into “Auto Correct” so B F L is beautiful,  U S L is usually, etcetera.  As a result I am able to get down what people say at pretty much the speed at which they speak, a skill that gets me paid by the page while I work over the internet for clients such as Disney and Steven Spielberg.  I am a sub sub sub contractor so never speak to anyone at a studio, in fact I've never even met my boss, she's an entity that comes in through my email with instructions and “have a nice day” signatures with emoticons.

One morning as I was transcribing, the interviewee said the word “festival” and I decided that word had been coming up enough lately to to put it in my software- I opened Auto Correct and typed in  F S V and clicked to make those three letters from now on spell out the word festival.  I made the entry and came back to the manuscript where the letters f s v had magically turned into the word Festival, and I heard what was almost an out rush of breath- an excitement a release behind me that was so intense I felt it.

The entity seems to get really excited at how easy it is to cut and paste and edit with Word software.

He's been fascinated by the whole operation of how I do my job, where I go to my email and find links to download videos to work on them for television shows. 

So I want to capture that moment of intimacy at the opening of this story.

How this started

At 3 AM on June 6, 2017,  I posted on Facebook:

If George Orwell were alive today, he'd be a blogger.

At 3:05:

I hit send on that post [June 6] just as one minute of silence for London Bridge victims started on Sky News streaming on the other laptop, and I swear I felt it so much a part of me I burst into tears and apparently so did he. Sometimes I think George Orwell or some entity like him is here with me in Tahoe, a spiritual presence that nudges me to write what I write.  So I am now entertaining a fantasy that George Orwell is right here with me, he even held my cheek as we watched the minute of silence on Sky News live from England. Now, back to work, I may run with this as a story..

Then commented on my own comment:
Kay Ebeling My job is even kinda like Winston Smith's the character in Orwell's 1984. He was rewriting news stories. I transcribe video that ends up on reality TV... OMG I'm even living in isolation in a small northern rural area like Orwell was when he wrote 1984...

I know that George Orwell is not his real name, but the spiritual entity that made Orwell slightly mad and write the things he wrote is perhaps now inhabiting me.

My life and Job DO kind of parallel George Orwell. 
EARLIER that week I wrote:

OK tell me I don't have weird karma. I am in dark of night working on files for Unusual Suspects, a true crime show. This client also produces Blood Relatives and Murder Among Friends. The main reason my family fell apart was a murder/embezzlement in 1997 that could be one of the BR files. The residual effects led to me living here alone in a strange town with this strange job, and here I sit, about to spend 6 hours or so hearing the intimate details of yet another murder that happened recently in America, many of which will never make it to broadcast. But I learn, I learn about the kitchen device the murderer used in shocking ways to ravage her body, I learn the complicated family dynamics that no one will put on television, so strange, so strange, I mean...

Longtime FB friend, Jo in West Virginia, responded:

This is the kind of shit that will turn a mind dark, even if it isn't inclined to be. Be careful. Reality will unhinge a person. And it is a strange life, for sure, where it wraps around in weird squirming coil kind of ways

Kay Ebeling i know that's why I say my karma is so weird that i have to do this
Soon posted this thinking it could be beginning of a 21st century version of  Orwell's 1984

Kay's Consulting, let me guide you through your fall from middle class to poverty, includes therapy to help you accept New Slavery as the only employment available, Plus business strategies for selling your belongings and downsizing, and tips on how to "relocate" not into a homeless shelter but, thanks to our new Chinese partners, Dormitories. Contact me here in a PM. Fees negotiable

(sort of)


Oh, of course, there was no real George Orwell:

Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950), better known by his pen name George Orwell, 

When I went to Wikipedia just now to get his real name, I swear, I could sense it over my shoulder behind me, excited to read what it says on Wikipedia about him. 

This could be the entity that embodied Eric Blair when he wrote his books, about 80 years ago. Now the Orwell entity has come back to Earth curious about what's happening on the planet, and it found me with my two laptops going almost 24 hours a day streaming live news up here on a mountain top in Tahoe, plus for my job I'm transcribing videos for TV shows, which any journalist ghost would find fascinating. 

Of course the ghost of Orwell would want to hang around here, it's an interesting human habitation.  He / it may have even been drawn to this location while passing the planet because of Facebook posts I put up earlier:

Posted Jan 07, 2017

The USA was attacked, successfully, through video monitor screens. Wow, it really is sci-fi come to life. Orwell. 1984 accelerated

And later in January: 

The only reason for Trump to keep doing those rallies is to keep the mesmerized mesmerized. Then those people go into the world being Very Useful Fools. Did George Orwell write this?

Both of which could have been written by the entity who was George Orwell last century. 


So now that I think of it, if George Orwell / Eric Blair were alive today he probably would be a blogger. And he’d be posting updates such as I just posted today:

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017

Being attacked from within

We have to stop thinking of this as a real presidency and accept that it's a coup, they [Saudi/putin?] installed this president to destroy us and everything we stand for, and they are getting away with it, bk we keep expecting Trump to act American. He's a puppet and we are becoming a colony, and if you think of it that way, everything they are doing makes sense. You can stop wasting time trying to make them do it right, and get to the real job of FIGHTING them as we are under attack from within

Trump is taking payments and getting rich off Presidency as that is part of deal he struck, he just has to dance like a clown and destroy the USA, and his reputation, and in exchange the coup lets him make as much money off it as he can. 

Then Trump will end up in Eastern Europe with a villa that does not even have a road leading to it.

So, nice having you around, Orwell, or, well, whoever you are.

Kay Ebeling wish I had a writing partner, or editor... a human one
Posted by Kay Ebeling 

Being attacked from within

We have to stop thinking of this as a real presidency and accept that it's a coup, they [Saudi/putin?] installed this president to destroy us and everything we stand for, and they are getting away with it, bk we keep expecting Trump to act American. He's a puppet and we are becoming a colony, and if you think of it that way, everything they are doing makes sense. You can stop wasting time trying to make them do it right, and get to the real job of FIGHTING them as we are under attack from within

Trump is taking payments and getting rich off Presidency as that is part of deal he struck, he just has to dance like a clown and destroy the USA, and his reputation, and in exchange the coup lets him make as much money off it as he can. 

Then Trump will end up in Eastern Europe with a villa that does not even have a road leading to it.

Kay Ebeling - Legal Thieves, usually white men in suits and haircuts that cost more than my rent, have honed the skill of GettingAwaywithAnything in USA as long as you hire enough lawyers.
There is no longer Any civilian oversight of military, Trump told generals to do what they want and boy are they

ARA News The US-led coalition confirmed to ARA News that they shot down a Syrian regime jet that attacked positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)…
Jaye Ramsey Sutter This is how it starts. We are in terrible trouble.

WTF? Global chaos?
On Monday, Russia said it has ceased its military cooperation with the United States in Syria over the downing of the plane, referring to the act as "military aggression."

Gayle Lemmon: This is a moment that was nearly inevitable, as the US has charged the military with pursuing a series of on-the-ground tactics to defeat ISIS without an overarching US policy for Syria.

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saying, what? How can one be patriotic in a place like this?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

waiting for everyone else to catch up

I think USA is a colony now. I think they did this while we were all distracted by things They Distracted Us with, such as Donald Trump's campaign, and now we are all wondering why things aren't working... this started in 1995 with Misinformation in our media mainly Fox and until we admit this critical part, that half our population is BRAINWASHED, we won't be able to stop it. Right now I"m getting tired of repeating that since I started pointing to this "Weaponization of Information" in 2013 read my LTEs in Antelope Valley Press and finally heard hillary use that expression a few weeks ago. They even brainwashed our service men and women: Fox News played nonstop on military bases for years, droning that false news into their heads. For now I'm going to wander around looking for respite until everyone else catches up so glad I live in Tahoe as escape Is Possible here. Strangest thing is the nation that took us over is not a nation it's a borderless entity made up of people so powerful and wealthy they are beyond our comprehension, aka the Global Elite, the 1 percent, Saudi/Putin, we don't even have a real name for it. 

Kay Ebeling
9 hrs"It's gonna be great, believe me, you're gonna love it," said Donald about how Everything would be after he got elected, and what he meant was the USA's new role as a colony of...
I'm paranoid enough to think someone purposely put the cladding on the side of Grenfell Tower in a way that caused it to serve as a chimney, assuring the destruction of the building in a fire, everything is Too Strange, the unsafeness of the bldg being ignored past years AND the fact it was public housing in midst of wealthiest neighbors in the World and it was populated by many Refugees who read the Koran and I am not beyond thinking it was done on purpose bk the wealthy elite wanted that property.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Putin probly didn't like Obama opening doors to Cuba so...

even at age 70, I wish Prince Valiant would appear on the horizon and take me outta here- preferably to Paris. Or to make things more tolerable here, Prince Valium...

Um...so trump Was doing what Putin wanted when he undid Obama's work in Cuba last week...
Russia is looking to expand its military presence and has its eye on Cuba and other Latin American countries. Russia has made several inroads in Cuba on several fronts, including nuclear energy, repairing trains and air traffic control technology. But…
posted by Kay
Yes, our Constitution is working and these thugs will be removed from office.
Hope "Eventually" comes before so many Events happen we can't get there.

Friday, June 16, 2017

I bet Trump ends up seeking asylum in Russia

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Remember: the misreading of Second Amendment that led to gazillions of guns in our culture is result of same Fox News Misinformation Machine that got Donald Trump elected, so... guess what's happening now. Mass Shootings. Yay
When do we get past Obstruction of justice to the Justice the thug is obstructing?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

only thugs and Archbishops say "I don't recall" over and over this much under oath.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Long term espionage got us here, dating back at least to 1995, when Fox News purchased its spot at top of every cable lineup in USA and started broadcasting Anti-american propaganda, shooting camera angles up women's skirts...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tear Down the Columns

1st thing in office T went to CIA and stood in front of them saying he was going to tear down the columns, which I truly think meant he is going to destroy the soldiers. I have not been able to stop thinking of that strange speech he made and the way he kept repeating that line, tear down the columns, when columns the word used to mean lines of soldiers marching...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Someone got him to turn on Fox News and sit there for 20 years watching and learning. Melania the spy.

Extreme right wing people think we are better off without a "government bureaucracy" so our reading-disabled president is destroying USA on purpose. Someone got him to turn on Fox News and sit there for 20 years watching and learning. Melania the spy.

Melania the Spy

First Putin / Saudis created Fox News by purchasing a primary location on cable lineups in every city in the country (1995), then they found a dumb rich guy and used M to seduce him, tell him to watch Fox News and Nothing Else... and now we have arrived at 2017, a president who takes his cues from Fox (oh and I forgot Drudge Report too) nothing but the right wing "controlled" media... that he's about to produce from the White House on taxpayer dollars with Breitbart and I gotta get to my job, yikes.

They may have even found out that Trump was into "grabbing pussy," as KGB guys are kinda known for getting to potential spies through their sexual tastes. SO, they staged that photo where Melania the model is naked and kinda grabbing her pussy. Once you see that picture, it's kinda hard to get it out of your head... nostrovia. I need to learn russian...
Only way this presidency makes sense is if you think of Trump as a Trojan Horse whose sole purpose is to destroy the United States. Then you stop wondering why he's doing what he's doing. We will not be able to stop him until we admit what he is, no amount of reasoning or persuasion will convince him to do anything but destroy us, that's his mission.

Trump is a Trojan Horse, an espionage tool of war used by pre-Assyrians and Greeks in same region that we call Middle East today. The Trum...
Melania the Spy - previous entries



The Erotica of a Trump Presidency begins

And most recently May 29, 2017
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yeah ain't it something