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Everything Clint Watts talked about in hearing this AM is happening RIGHT NOW on MSNBC.

I just went through Every Clip at MSNBC site looking for a story about Thursday Morning’s Senate Hearing and instead there is Almost Nothing There but stories from news that "broke" one hour after the hearing that Michael Flynn is being given immunity.
Almost nothing about the hearing Thursday morning at MSNBC, just one clip after another about a press release that came out afterwards about Flynn, that had nothing to do with today’s hearing.
In the March 30 hearing, Watts testified that Mainstream Media played a big part in the Cyber Attack against USA during 2016 election, because corporate media repeat whatever story is getting a lot of traction, and "bots" controlled by foreign intelligence are creating the traction.
Obviously that is what is happening right now before our eyes at the Quote Liberal Cable News Station – they are running with the non story that Michael Flynn just released about himself that diverted attention from this morning’s Senate Hearing. And Michael Flynn is not a man whose words can be believed. 
At one point on MSNBC March 30, Chris Matthews interviews Senator Mark Warner who is trying TRYING to talk about what came up at the hearing and Matthews just keeps asking, yes, but the White House and Flynn and blah blah blah, this is AWFUL 
And even more ironic, it seems Matthews interviews Clint Watts on the same March 30 show as he interviewed Warner in a different segment… 

Mainstream Media just let Michael Flynn's immunity story DROWN OUT reports of the Senate Hearing this AM on how disinformation is being used to attack America. A press release indirectly from White House followed by Bots who promoted it just steered our press away from the real story, which is that Russia uses this very technique to manipulate media. We Have Become That Dumb

Trump Land, a new theme park in 2020 that celebrates what used to be the USA. Come ride the ancient Amtraks and visit the set where the president is filmed hard at work ...
Trump Land, where shootouts take place on city streets almost every hour. Is it real or is it reality TV? Who knows, and who knows who will survive to return again to Trump Land, the new theme park in 2020 that celebrates what used to be the USA.

(More to come)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Transcript: Trump Nunes "Collusion a threat to checks and balances in our democracy" (2 former CIA execs on The Last Word MSNBC)

"Let's go to thirty thousand feet. There's more than just a game being played here. This is a threat to the checks and balances system in our democracy.  There is too much comingling here (Nunes and White House). Congress is there to oversee the work of the executive branch, in a constructive way, not in a way that amounts to collusion to effect the outcome of that oversight.  That amounts to what appears to be collusion and goes to the heart of the checks and balances system in our democracy and is posing a threat to democratic practice in this country." 
-John McLaughlin, former Acting CIA Director, on MSNBC 03/28/2017

Read more Transcripts documenting the coup and attempts to stop it at City of Angels Blog 

LO: John McLaughlin, where does this story stand tonight? What makes sense to you in this story and what doesn't make sense?

JM:  Well there are more things that don’t make sense than things that do make sense,  What makes sense at this point is if we were to add up things we actually know, we know Russia did interfere in our election.
And when you look at all of the things that are going on now that are quite mysterious you're driven to think, it feels like a cover-up. If you were writing a novel about a coverup, it would pretty much look like this.
So I think we're at a point where it's really important to get to the bottom of this. And increasingly I doubt that that can be done through the intelligence committees. 
I think Chairman Nunes’s actions here have pretty much neutralized his committee as an effective overseer. On this issue and perhaps on other issues as well. 

LO: Should the chairman recuse himself or be removed?

JM:  I certainly believe he should recuse himself, but I don't think that that is going to in and of itself make this committee a worthy committee to carry out this investigation.  I've been the subject of congressional oversight for thirty years during my time in government, and I've certainly watched it carefully for ten years since leaving government.  And I don't remember anything quite as bizarre as what we're seeing now. 
I think it's not much of an exaggeration to say that in this case, our oversight system has essentially broken down. Which is a serious thing when you consider that what they're doing here is overseeing the secret activity of the United States.  In an open pluralistic society like ours, it's one of the most important things Congress does.

LO:  Jeremey Bash, Nunes said very clearly in that driveway that he went to Speaker Ryan before going to the White House: 

JB: Well John McLaughlin said correctly that the effect of Chairman Nunes’s actions was to neutralize the committee’s ability to conduct oversight.  But I would go even a step further.  It wasn’t just the effect, it was the purpose
The purpose of his actions was to neutralize the committee’s effective oversight.  Because what was clear after last Monday’s hearing … was a public announcement that the FBI now has Trump’s inner circle under an active FBI counter intelligence and criminal investigation, for coordinating with Russians during the campaign and beyond. 
For coordinating with Russians during the campaign and beyond
And that was an unmitigated disaster for the President and his Allies on the Hill for everything else they're trying to accomplish.  So it would make sense that Devin Nunes would try to slam the brakes, it's just he did it and swerved the entire oversight process out of its lane and really into a ditch.

LO:  What did Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain say about this?

Graham:  The problem that he's created is he's gone off on sort of an Inspector Clouseau investigation . He's not willing to tell the committee who he met with and what he was told and I think he's lost his ability to lead: 

McCain: I think there needs to be a lot of explaining to do.  I've been around for quite a while and I've never heard of any such thing.

LO:  Is that the consensus of people who’ve been around for a while?  You've never heard of such a thing, in terms of the particulars of the chairman’s behavior.  That the Chairman gets some communication that then brings him to the White House in order to examine it, is that something you've heard of before?

JM:  No, that makes no sense. And as I think back over Chairmen that I've worked with of both parties, I can't imagine any one of them doing anything like this. And let's go to thirty thousand feet.
There's more than just a game being played here.
This is in a way a threat to our checks and balances system in our democracy.  There is too much comingling here between the White House and the oversight function of the Congress.
The Congress is there for a reason, it's to oversee the work of the executive branch, hopefully in a constructive way.
But not in a way that amounts or at least appears to be collusion to effect the outcome of that oversight.  And that essentially is going to the heart of our checks and balances system in our democracy and in turn therefore I think posing a threat to democratic practice in this country.

LO:  Included in Nunes’s schedule that day was the two press events with no hint to other members of the committee?

JM:  That violates the protocols, the traditions, and the approach that the intelligence committee has taken since it's history. 
Sure there have been times of partisan scrambling, but nothing where the chairman has purposely thwarted other members of the committee from seeing this information, understanding the basis for an accusation and effective oversight. 

I think what needs to be focused on now are the Seventeen Days. 
The seventeen days between the Time Sally Yates went to the White House counsel January 26th and February 14th, the day that Mike Flynn was forced out.
What happened during those seventeen days?

That's what Sally Yates was to testify about today at the hearing that was supposed to happen today.  


Clip is here:
Titled: Fmr. CIA Acting Director on Nunes: 'It feels like a cover-up' from March 28, 2017 The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell segment with Fmr. acting CIA director John McLaughlin and fmr. CIA Chief of Staff Jeremey Bash, Duration: 15:24)
Transcripts documenting the coup are linked here:
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Fascinated by role Ex-CIA guys are playing in trying to stop the coup

Seek Fellow Ancient Hippies to form commune in Tahoe and survive the Trump takeover

I'm serious

Seek fellow ancient hippies who want to form communal home in Tahoe, combine resources and rent a vacation mansion with a view of the lake. I will run vegetarian kitchen and contribute my tiny income, others can contribute their Social Security and what skills they have. We will support each other and survive the Trump takeover here at six thousand feet where the rolling tanks can't get us… contact me here on Facebook by clicking my name here. I'm serious. 

Kay Ebeling

just made a batch of pancakes using 1/3 almond flour to make them more heart healthy.  Plateful is enough to feed 4 or 5 people. Come join me in Tahoe and form a vegetarian senior commune in a place known as Heavenly

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wishing city of angels had not disappeared

Wow Bam Bam Bam no more USA

Wow. Bam bam bam, this is what it feels like to become a Colony of a hostile foreign power. The end of USA is now taking place, one hit after another, the air we breathe, the water we drink, where the money goes. None of it is for America. None of it. I'm a little FREAKING as to where this will end, imagining myself here among the toothless, digging up roots to boil on a fire where I'm burning old furniture for heat. At least Im already vegan and have had no appetite for months, so have gotten used to not eating, am used to days at end of month with no cash, now will just have no cash at all. People survive under worse conditions but WOW if you are not freaking out about the fall of the USA right now, you are blissfully uninformed, I envy you...

While we Are Being Taken Over, our Congress is trying to get an investigation going...
"Thank you, Lawrence, for listening, may the facts be with you." (climate scientist on The Last Word w/L O'Donnell MSNBC March 29, 2017)

You know how strange and weird ISIS is and they wear masks, almost costumes... maybe they are Russians too, Just read an interview with a family in Mosul who said the ISIS guy who used them as human shields sounded Russian... Ah here it is 

In late February, as Iraqi troops advanced on the western half of the city of Mosul, ISIS gunmen barged through Median Hikmat al-Galou’s house, commandeering…
Actually exploitating human spirituality using Christ started with Vatican year 300, and it's probly why, if there was a Christ, he decided not to come back.

They’ll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record’s clear: It was segregation.

Wow: "Marinelli has indeed made no secret of the fact that he not only lives at least part of the time in Russia but also works with a group reportedly backed by the Kremlin, although he denies knowledge of the latter. While he has a San Diego address, as of December 2016 he was interviewed by Bloomberg from his home in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, where he has a Russian wife and teaches English: As president of Yes California, Marinelli is organizing a statewide referendum on independence to be held in 2019—

There are ties between the Yes California campaign and an "anti-globalist" Russian group that has received funding from the Kremlin.
State Run Media In Action: "Trump’s success in the business world gave him the skills he needed to negotiate the costs of his aircraft in a way that cost far less but resulted in much more. The result was a more luxurious Air Force One that costs less for American taxpayers."
But it does not say how much it cost, and I mean, LOOK AT IT, you have to have a thousand dollar manicure to touch anything here: brings you the latest news in politics, entertainment, local and world events, opinion, viral content and videos.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It looks like we'll get Trump outta there eventually but all this time he's being an international dufous he's destroying America’s reputation, whatever credibility we still had left. Can we ever claim we are bringing democracy to another land after the embarrassment we've made of democracy in our own nation? Will anyone even want our Peace Corps anymore let alone military advisers? The longer he's in there, scribbling bills to NATO members and installing his children in jobs where they will be in charge of sucking cash out of the Treasury and into corporate coffers, the longer he's Tweeting while Rome I mean America burns- we will not recover from this. And maybe that's a good thing.
There is a foreign agent in the White House, every act he takes hurts the country and even kills Americans. What will it take?

Trump's dad built his empire on low-income housing. Why can't Donald figure that out and do the same?

All over USA seniors wait on waiting lists for years, YEARS, to get into senior housing that is within senior price range. Do you realize how Mean Spirited that is, like, yeah we know you may die before you get in here, so what? Bk obviously that happens. While you are on that waiting list, you are waiting for people to die so you can get into a decent home, bk Rich People Won't just pay taxes and / or build affordable housing. 
I think Exxon et al knows the Earth is about to become uninhabitable so they are extracting as much as they can and getting as rich as they can while they can, bk their studies showed them the uninhabitability is inevitable. So why the f-- not get rich first. Yay, earthlings.
That big Methane cloud under Antarctica is about to burst, so who gives a F--- how much methane we put in here and there now, once the ice melts on the Poles it's hellscape planet anyway.
I'll be on my way outta here soon as the Mother Ship comes for me so I will be spared the brunt of most of this, I feel for you young 'uns 

When the full climate sh-- hits, those 1 percenters who profited from the extractions will have yachts, airplanes, and homes in regions anywhere on the planet. They'll be able to survive whatever the results are. and not be saddled with this massive over population ... man. I really think that is what they are doing. And the orange puppet President with his wacky remarks distracts Everyone as part of the scheme. Watch Trump perform while a tidal wave washes over Australia

why are we surprised? The nation has been headed into oligarchy and serfdom for decades. Just now was thinking of All The Times i've been robbed by corporate entities over the internet, with crappy return policies, bank fees... it crept up on us in increments. 
Right now I am getting through the coup by accepting that I'm now like the people who lived with the lady before she became My Fair Lady. Earth has almost ALWAYS been like this, a few people at the top reaping all the wealth while the rest of us scrabble. 
Well you can do some nice dancing and singing while you scrabble, I got a few more years here and my life is about to become very simple. I'll keep my apt, as long as more corporate thieves don't find more ways to rob me. 
PS It must be much worse for middle class people. I get robbed of hundreds, they probly get robbed of thousands, just a little bit at a time...

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Losing hope
not even thinking of angels anymore

Monday, March 27, 2017

Fox News is like Pravda. -EJ Dionne quote transcribed here

"I am struck while watching Fox News. This is like the old Kremlin, when you read Pravda and Izvestia to find out who was going to be purged next." (E. J. Dionne on AM Joy, March 26, 2017)   

Quote is at 1:30 in on this clip
EJ Dionne on MSNBC points out Fox News sounds like Russian propaganda and I feel vindicated. I've been SHOUTING that Fox is anti-American propaganda since 2012, it's in this clip at 1:30

The failure of the Republicans' health care bill has potentially led to a political blow-up between the Steve Bannon and Paul Ryan factions of the party. The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart, MSNBC's Joy Reid, former Breitbart Media Consultant Kurt...
Read Transcripts documenting the coup here

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A little listless today
but will hopefully
find new clips to transcribe and post and get re-energized soon