Saturday, September 27, 2014

The attack on the USA started more than a decade ago, with multiple techniques, including using American media to infiltrate with an anti-American message, turning us against each other just as they were about to attack us. Fox News will be shown to have been a tool of the Islamic State, look at their message. Hate the President, do not support your government? All you Fox watchers have been playing right along with the Islamic State's attack on the USA.

knowing we would not stop them, bk we believe in a Free Press, they used Fox News as an open road to attack us, from inside.

They mutilated our First and Second Amendments as part of their attack on us. Using Fox News to get us to Take Up Arms against ourselves. 

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Letter to the Editor: 
Islamic State warriors knew from the start that Americans cherish our First Amendment. So they infiltrated using our own air waves, knowing we would not stop them because we believe in a Free Press. Their message? Hate your President, hate your government, take up arms against your own countrymen. People who watch and believe Fox News today have been playing right along with the Islamic State attack on the USA. 

Look at the source. 

Change the station.

Monday, September 22, 2014

ISIL videos look like Homeland opening credits

Did anyone else notice the similarities?

The edits are so similar in the two videos, it's as if ISIL got its ideas on how to do Flames of War etc from watching Showtime.


Someone took down the total movie video, here is the trailer of ISIL's Flames of War where the editing techniques look like they copied Homeland

Wonder why we can't watch the whole video anymore.
-ke 11/3/14

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My neighbor has his door open. He's about ninety, bone with skin stretched over it, Einstein hair. His apt is a wreck, and there he sits glued to Fox News sunup to sundown. Now and then he speeds the halls in his electric wheelchair to join the gang in the mailroom and tell us That Damn President Is Ruining This Country then repeats something Charles Krautheimer said. Mesmerized, pays for cable never changes the channel, active voter every election. How Did We Let This Happen? Plus he's a reverent Catholic oh oh oh how I want to pick him up and put him in a box and force him to shut up and listen to truth for five days straight
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  • Kay Ebeling BTW this man is a retired Lighting guy from the studios in L.A., he would have a horrible retirement if it had not been for the union job that provided him all his health care and retirement benefits, union jobs that have now disappeared. Yet he is a Fox person. Clueless that his own life would have been hell under the Fox vision, he wouldn't have that frigging high speed wheelchair for example.
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Why are we so amazed that ISIS uses social media as a weapon of war. Look at the job the Saudis did with Fox News.
i feel so bad about what's happening in this country right now, obama beleaguered overseas and at home surrounded by herds of cats. Where he should have advisers and Congress, instead he has yammering talking heads countermanding whatever he does and The Whole Country Is Going To Fall bk of this, hope it ain't too bad. Randi Rhodes quit doing radio and got out of the country few months back saying, "Have I ever been wrong before, people?" She's not wrong. This place is going DOWN and it will take decades to figure out who orchestrated this. I still say Fox News has been working for the enemy from the start and history will prove me right. Meanwhile TIMBER

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Friday, September 12, 2014

"All my friends can see what bad shape I'm in. I tell them, it's thanks to Kaiser Permanante and the Catholic Church." (From my last complaint email to doctor) I am on my own. No MD or Friar can help me, I have yoga and the internet and salt. Pour salt on an infection you don't need antibiotics. I know I will die of something curable, but that's life in the USA today, there are no doctors, just CEOS and their employees, Kaiser doctors must go to the same business school as the bishops

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