Thursday, March 13, 2014

Glad to be Alive to see Legal Weed

Can barely walk today, still I did a little jig when I heard this story play.

Glad to be alive long enough to see this.  In 1966 my senior year of high school my Civics Thesis was on legalized marijuana, and my socialist teacher gave me an A on it (Arcadia CA).  It amazes me that it has taken fifty years for the world to catch on, think of all the lives destroyed by prison sentences for using pot.  Illegal weed created a schism, created an underclass of "criminals" whose only crime was weed and resulted in decades of distrust between generations and a massively oversized outlaw culture that provided the weed to innocent criminals.  We are not criminals, we just like to smoke flowers.  So glad to be alive to see these laws finally get passed.

-kay ebeling

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Walk of Honor, Lancaster CA, for Homeless and Aerospace Heroes Together

Lancaster CA, by Kay Ebeling March 2014
No matter how patriotic, the current economy can destroy your life. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fox News is Treason

I can't wait 'til we find out who's behind Fox News sound bites, who's really writing the script. Then all the people who've been repeating the bites will realize they committed inadvertent treason, aided foreign enemies who were able to control you by using your instincts for hatred and bigotry. Sorry I've had to watch it happen, but look forward to the day we find out who is really behind Faux News and how it was used to undermine the United States from within.

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