Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Takeover of USA continued

All those billions being raised for next election will go for a lot more than TV commercials. Watch for fake surveys, repetition of false facts, rewriting of history. They will build whole structures to control the message with an iron fist, don't kid yourselves, one of these Republicans could end up president just bk they arranged to purchase the country over the last decades. They got away with Fox News, last few SCOTUS decisions, who knows what they will do next. The audacity of America to claim it's bringing democracy to the world while deconstructing democracy at home makes me glad I'm hiding in the woods...
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

God got mad at the God Squad maybe?

As this happened, Police were running a God Squad on the beach, using "faith" to do law enforcement. Most of the articles about the bounce house incident don't mention this, I guess I'm the only one who sees a funny connection here. I think if there is a God, he's pissed at all the phake hubris filled egotistic humans who think they speak for Him when They Do Not. Florida, ugh…/waterspout-lifts-bounce-house-with-kid…/

Officials say the children's injuries are broken bones, cuts and bruises. They're all expected to be OK.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Jesus Was Right

Even Jesus did not bother to come back to this planet after what developed here in his name. 

The Hippies Were Right

Everyone laughed at us, now everything we said is true

How Fitting

Texas and Oklahoma go underwater on Memorial Day, how fitting. Millions of unjustly killed soldiers are sitting up in their graves cheering.

People wonder why Obama supports TPP, I think it's bk in 2014 election Everyone abandoned him, his own party would not stand behind him. And They Lost. 

So why wouldn't he just find a way to make as much money as possible and say fuck you? It's human nature. At some point you say, if you don't want to be helped, there's no point, I need to take care of myself. I get it, I really get it. 

American voters put our government into Corporate hands, Obama did not do it. He's just smart enough to find a way to survive, which is what we all have to do now.

    stupid fucking wars got us into so much debt we are not even a nation anymore. Happy Memorial Day
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    since we owe several trillion to global entities, mostly the Chinese and Arabs, and we aint got the money to pay them back, um... who owns the USA now?
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    I live in Occupied America not even knowing who the occupiers are, just knowing it ain't the USA anymore
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    They won. Forget your social security and start a business, fend for yourself bk they aint going to be there helping you...

    I went to Univ of Texas in mid-seventies when this right wing "revolution" started, when Ron Paul first ran for Congress, when George W read a book, when Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld were having orgasms over Ayn Rand. I was there, I even fell for it for a few years. Call me Forrest Gump I seem to have been in the middle of a lot of stuff in my life, gotta write that book somedy
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    stupid fucking wars got us into so much debt we are not even a nation anymore. Happy Memorial Day

There will probably be more

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Going Under

People who deny climate change are like in the fable of Noah. Environmentalists will build arcs (move out of cities, build solar generators) but the bulk of humans are deniers who want to spew fumes on freeways with Whoppers in their mouths, pretending everything is fine.

Just saw news footage of a car underwater on a Texas city street and thought it was a whale under oily water in Santa Barbara, the images are a lot alike, weird huh?

Serendipitous, watching this report, while on TV Oklahoma and Texas are going underwater with the sound muted. 
Republicans are so unwilling to accept the science of climate change that they are now trying to strip NASA of their means to study it. This could spell doom...
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Attack on Santa Barbara 2015, part 2

    My fantasy is freeways full of skateboarders.
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    I just realized how few people there are out there who remember what the world was like before this oil insanity. Before freeways. When you could hear wind and birds even in cities. When you could swim in the Pacific Ocean without a wetsuit to protect you from hazardous waste. When the sand was white. Yes, Ronald Reagan, we have come to a time when we tell our grandchildren what America used to be like when there was what he called "freedom", when it was a Democracy run by people not a corporatacracy, this nightmare even Reagan didn't foresee.
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    Fashion of the future - Hazmat suits on sale at Amazon
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    you could just park your cars and start walking
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    I remember what Santa Barbara looked like before the 1969 oil spill from which IT NEVER RECOVERED so don't believe them when they say they will clean this up. You can't, you need a few centuries of leaving it alone for Earth to recover itself. For those of you younger than I am, that beach Did Not Used To Have a Layer of Black Gunk in the sand before 1969. It still did last year and that Is Not NORMAL to begin with, now it's just A Whole Lot Worse but it already was getting ruined. So get the oil companies out or learn to live with the gunk.