Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Smooth coup

While Flynn pleads the Fifth and all of them refuse to turn over documents, and while Trump picks Halvah out of his teeth and opens his mouth for a Big Fat Bagel- intel, resources, secrets, who knows what else, are all being siphoned off, permanent damage is being done as information gets scrubbed from EPA etc, they are STALLING while the coup continues right in front of our faces, with All The Cameras pointed at them. Especially Flynn, so smooth while he sells out the whole nation, legs crossed, ignoring reporters' questions. Gotta hand it to them, this was brilliant strategy. The USA lost and I'm an American about to be f---ed but it was a brilliant military conquest. No weapons used. hmm

why did someone from Trump Admin leak name of Manchester terrorist when Brits were still investigating and wanted his name kept secret?

Review: The USA under attack from within but so distracted we do not yet know it

This attack started in 1995 when a huge amount of cash was paid to put Fox News on cable lineups all over USA (probably saudi cash washed through rupert). Thus began the attack on USA using Misinformation. It worked so well they expanded online to websites, bought up almost all the radio stations so entire geographic regions heard nothing but misinformation. They used agents to find the most vulnerable among the rich and found D Trump- (enter Melania)- made sure he was Completely Entrenched in Misinformation so he then could rally the rest of the... zombies to vote for him even though he was lying right and left. Now he's President and the coup set it up so We Can't Stop him- he lined up The Richest People in USA behind him- the coup knows how money runs everything here.
It's greed and ignorance that is destroying us now from within. I'm glad I have a staircase hiding my windows, here where I'm hiding under the big tree.

My bet is that the Saudis are behind this coup, working with Putin and who knows who else, Putin is too easy to see and this hold coming down on us is just too - vice like. I think my neighbors who drink all day on their Disability checks are about to have a rude awakening and I will not applaud, bk I know the new dictatorship will find a way to come after me soon too. I'm not a journalist anymore, just a transcriber, living quietly behind a big tree...

i hate to admit this but a big part of me says, we deserve this. not necessarily Me and my Friends. But the people who have run USA last 50 years have been war criminals and now as a nation we all have to face the consequences. maybe I'm a little more down than I should be over this... but it's how I feel. Facebook says, Post Something, so I posted something.

I'm ready for this, after so much got shattered for me last 10 years dealing with Catholic bishops on my blog re pedophile priest crimes, so I already have calluses from that pain. Now what's happening to the USA is not hurting me as much as others, perhaps. It is just thickening my calluses as I watch the nation I once loved be destroyed. That blog started here in 2007:

Cardinal Stritch stood over me in 1955 in Chicago and said I had to stop "babbling" to everyone about what Father Horne had done to me. So I kept quiet for 40 years. Now in my late 50s -- I babble.
Just heard trump admin released name of suspect in Manchester when British law enforcement wanted to keep the name from the public (Rachel Maddow, second half hour 05.23). Screwed up their investigation of other suspects. What more will it take?

This presidency / coup has turned into a long show, an awful show, with consequences all around me so I have to keep watching. He's winging it, we have no choice now but ride along. I keep watching bk i feel like ... what next?

back to working my double shift at new reduced pay. good morning

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just finished reading this and all I can say is %^&*()_+}

Tenants in more than a dozen Baltimore-area rental complexes complain about a property owner who they say leaves their homes in disrepair, humiliates late-paying renters and often sues them when they try to move out. Few of them know that…

Fictionalized version of current events

What kind of a mess did Trump get himself and the world into and what Wild Ass Crazy thing will it take to make it stop?

Melania is peeved bk for 20 years she's been f---ing this disgusting creature on assignment for Mother Russia and now he's not doing what the whole mission was created to make him do. The orange bastard is going rogue, coming up with his own ideas on the fly and throwing the whole operation into turmoil and Melania is not able to hide how angry she is. (Imagination aids survival.)

A matter of Hours ago, Trump finally realized he had been manipulated by Russian spies during the election, so Now, he's going to do something bizarre and insane to stop them. He looks pissed at Melania too. (This is all fiction )

On this trip, there was something Trump was supposed to do that he did not do bk he just now figured out that he really is surrounded by Russian spies. Stay tuned to see how the Donald solves this most unusual problem..

Desperate to get away from his Russian handlers and the horrible thing they are trying to make him do, Trump seeks asylum in the Cathedral at the Vatican, where he disappears into a catacomb. As a result, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau form an international Leaders of the Free World coalition and a new Nation of Earth is formed.

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digging deep into internal survival mechanisms

Monday, May 22, 2017

If our goal is peace, why did we sell Saudis all those weapons yesterday?

Trickle Down Economics makes for great reality TV
Trump sells weapons to Saudis so they can dole them out to both sunni and shia and now we can all turn on our monitors and watch the war show. Which will get very high ratings, hence Trickle Down Economics.
It's like Trump, with very little knowledge of history, just decided how the Middle East should resolve its conflict and that he can dictate it. I'm actually scared of what kind of power trip he can go on after this.
Now that misinformation dominates most media, the coup no longer needed Roger Ailes, who fell and died accidentally last week.

The American Flag in 2017 has come to mean something Mean Spirited, not what it meant before the Nov. Election. The flag now shows you give blind support to Trump, so does the Eagle. Like it or not, the coup has co-opted our icons and Americans need new ones now. Sorry. I served, both in Naval Reserves and as a civilian, and politically I am a Centrist, so this does not make me happy but I have to face facts. Some entity has taken over our country and is currently destroying everything we stand for and putting itself in the place of our constitution, laws, and dreams. And symbols.

Tim Hall
20 hrs
I am not one to put American flags on my home, car, or clothes.
After all the work that went into repairing our relations with Iran, we are now encouraging our new "allies" to bomb them? Is that what is going on here? Why is Obama being so quiet?

Hillary Never Even Really Did It
$100 Million Donated to Ivanka's Charity?????

When they made up stories about Hillary and her nonprofit getting money from foreign govts, they were really planning their own scheme to set up a nonprofit and take millions from foreign govts. And americans now can just watch. In case you missed it, $100 mill deposited in Ivanka's "charity" by Saudis yesterday. And Hillary never really even did anything untoward, her charity is highly rated. Wonder what Ivanka is going to do with $100 mill deposited in her newly created nonrated totally unchecked "charity" yesterday by King Salmon. Will we see massive housing for all the old women like me who live in dumps and don't deserve it? just wondering, since she claims to be using the money for "empowerment of women" um...
Ivanka's charity is raising money to "empower women" and apparently no one but Ivanka will get empowered: 
Didn't Lucille Ball do that in an episode of I Love Lucy and get in big trouble? Raising money to send two women to Europe, when it was her and Ethel she was raising money for? And that was a 1950s sitcom, we laughed at it, it was so outrageous.

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Kay Ebeling
Now that misinformation dominates most media, the coup no longer needed Roger Ailes, who fell and died accidentally last week.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

didn't the saudis do 9/11? wtf

Oh but it's all so clean and shiny there in Riyadh and isn't Melania pretty, and everything he said was so nice and shiny and clean. Such a nice nice man we elected as president why would anyone not believe him or love him...

Didn't the Saudis Do 9/11? WTF? 
Virginia Pickles Jones Not the government but about 15 Saudi citizens and a few people from other places.
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Wayne Kurtz YES WITH PAKISTAN !...
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Wayne Kurtz AND ISRAEL...!
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Johnny Pierce Yes they did. 15 of them were Saudi
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Kay Ebeling looks like they won, to me
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Johnny Pierce Pretty much

United Emirates of America established May 2017

United Arab Emirates of America May 2017
Why did the travel ban on "muslims" not include any Arab states?
Think About It:
Trump flew out of here with all his entourage on the One-Year anniversary of the Egyptair crash ... a few weeks ago they concluded that though the plane exploded in midair, there were No Explosives on board... What secret was it Trump was telling the Russians about airline safety last week?

my imagination is going wild with crazy scary ideas and I wonder, is this terrorism or is it just me?

The secret T gave the Russians last week in Oval Office had to do with batteries on laptops: "One theory being examined by investigators, according to the latest reports, is that a tablet computer may have burst into flames on, or near, the flight deck." May 19, 2016.

French crash investigators probing the crash of an EgyptAir Airbus A320 over the Mediterranean Sea in May 2016 have reportedly found no trace of explosives on the…
One Year Ago:
trump is leveraging the Egyptair crash / terror attack to become an even more powerful candidate, sucking up support, even from the fractures in the democratic

Proud to be a former flower child AND a former PAO for both NASA and the US Naval Air Reserves. Used to be Chill Hippie Blog but that no longer applies.

Putin et al read more history than Americans do, so knew exactly how to manipulate us.
L.A. Times 1973

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Watching this Trump trip, it feels like we are now the United Arab Emirates of America

Interesting. Trump is about to get a special tour of The Vatican including St. Peter's Cathedral. I'm one of the pedophile priest victims and have not been able to even walk into a church for years without getting a knife-life stomach ache. Interesting that someone like Trump can rally right into the place...