Monday, July 27, 2015

It's the Saudis

Everywhere people wonder why nothing is working. The US government is owned by the 1 percent, and everything is falling apart.

We are owned now not by one percent of Americans, it's the global one percent.

As in global oil magnates.

As in Saudis.

I came to this conclusion while working on the EPK for an upcoming film about the financial collapse, called The Big Short (2016) produced by Brad Pitt's company Plan B.

The reason the US government infrastructure is not working is it's all owned by the Saudis, who used their wealth to buy their way into our culture and destroy us from within.  An example of this Congress, quietly, made the agencies that rate banks into for profit companies, sometime back around 2002.  They took the agency that monitors banks and made it a part of the banks.  Then under funded the SEC so badly that there was no one monitoring banks at all when the 2008 crash came. Laws and policies like that fundamentally change the nature of US government, yet these new laws passed, in our one-percent-owned Congress, leading the nation to self destruction.

I think our enemies bought the government and are turning it back on us, while taking out all our wealth. I think global oil magnates, Saudis, bought politicians, siphoning money through the NRA and other organizations, they fund Fox News and the think tanks that feed it sound bytes, and they have used our open media, own own Free Press, to infiltrate and ruin the country, as well as used our banking system, through their amazing oil wealth, to destroy our economy.

They did it all from within.

Just my theory.

Who are the one percent? Why do all federal laws now reflect the needs of global billionaires and not the American people? Who bought the country?

Now are we all left to scrabble for what crumbs are left behind?

Just a thought.

This movie coming up shortly, for which I am working on the EPK, will prove it, not the Saudis part, but that the banks, the one percent, are the ones tanking the economy right now.

Adam McKay directs The Big Short coming in 2016 based on The Big Short the book by Michael Lewis. And I'm glad I live near fresh water and farmland.

-Posted by Kay Ebeling

"These guys- when you talk to them, the real guys, they- they look you in the eye and say, like it's bad, like what's going on with our banking system is really bad and hasn’t been fixed." 

(Quote above from Tim McKay, who knows, the facts are in The Big Short book and movie, true story . . . )

Tim McKay also directed another film about 21st Century Financial Crooks entitled The Other Guys watch it at this link with the tops of their heads cut off, so it's free. 

Great time to be alive, still.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Find High Ground with fresh water nearby

With the recent news that water levels may be rising faster than scientists had originally estimated, are we all doomed?
There are some people who think we are doomed, some very, very bright people in the science world who think that we’re past the moment where we can do anything significant, but there’s also a lot of people who don’t. I do think we’re on the line right now.
What’s the number one thing we can do now to prevent this?
There’s a big movement to shift completely away from fossil fuels, which is, I think, the greatest thing we could do. And not only for climate change, but for the four to seven million people a year who die from fossil fuel pollution, the degradation of water.
-From Hollywood Reporter interview with Mark Ruffalo July 21 2015

I moved to Tahoe to ride out the inevitable environmental collapse of next few years, feel this is one of the best places to be while whatever is going to happen happens. . .
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Too many stupid people with smart phones

    In a dying ocean, sharks know who the culprits are, and they're coming after us, now on both coasts. Another unexpected effect of pollution and climate change??? !!! Wonder what's next. 

    A shark bumped a surfer Friday in Huntington Beach, prompting lifeguards to order everyone out of the ocean until tomorrow morning.
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    News Feed

    Somehow being a heart disease patient is more comforting than being a pedophile priest victim. Healing my heart and reclaiming my life from the damage done by the whole pedophile priest thing seems a better way to spend my last days than endlessly being pissed at the church. That gets me no satisfaction. At least as a heart patient, I get a Valium now and then.

    too many stupid people with smart phones, love this photo

    It’s a lesson that audiences have yet to learn. Tony (and Audience Choice Award) winner Patti LuPone will not tolerate your foolery in ...

    Great, take down the flag, but what have you done to keep crazy people from getting guns and killing random people?

    Go ahead and fly your Confederate Flag, then I know to keep away from you. I believe in Free Speech, I want to know who are the douche bags right up front. - John Fugelsang

    News Feed

    "Looks like Jeb planned his campaign for Pres as well as his brother George W planned the Iraq War." (John Fugelsang)
    The guy tried to incite a race riot, instead he opened the door for them to show their spirit and self control, has been wonderful watching reaction to the killings in South Carolina.
    With protracted emotional debates and raucous protests behind them, South Carolina officials were preparing Friday to quietly and quickly remove the Confederate flag...
    Working on EPK for this film, Michael Keaton plays founder of McDonalds franchise, it will be very "nostalgic of post war America when there was a positive spirit all over the country." Like they said, nostalgia. Keaton's name does not even come up on "StarMeter" at IMDB until like No. 7 in the cast list. World has changed so much. Film is story of Ray Kroc taking the McDonald brothers' business and turning it into the monster it is today. Not sure that's something I celebrate. But ALSO, that ambiguity is a big part of this upcoming film. You are not sure if you like this character or not from the start, apparently a real amazing challenge met by Keaton, and the sets are going to be amazing. 
    Directed by John Lee Hancock. With Linda Cardellini, Laura Dern, Patrick Wilson, Nick Offerman. The story of McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc.
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    The real culprit here is STupiD Amerikans, bk Exxon was not the only one who knew damage of fossil fuels in 1980s, anyone who read a news story knew, but in the USA we chose to believe Exxon commercials instead of looking closer. Incurious Humans with Lazy Brains more interested in their own convenience than in seeing the damage they cause can't blame Exxon and then get in their cars and drive when they need to go two blocks.
    A newly unearthed missive from Lenny Bernstein, a climate expert with the oil firm for 30 years, shows concerns over high presence of carbon dioxide in enormous gas...

The internet was so much better when only smart people were on it, instead of all these stupid people with smart phones. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

No More Happy Clappy

    At the end of this report, Bloomberg anchor says, "I'm scared." it's not just me. once them Commies got a taste of Capitalism, they became greedy basterds just like the rest of 'em

    July 8 -- Morgan Stanley Investment Management's Ruchi Sharma discusses the bubble in the Chinese stock market. He speaks on “Market Makers.”

    Does anyone believe the NYSE closed for hours today bk of a computer problem? Especially when they closed in China too today, after Greece fell, bk Greece owes China trillions, and since we owe China trillions of dollars too, what did Wall St. postpone today? I'm kinda glad I'm already broke, I have a feeling some wacko financial sh-- is about to hit all of us, with monsoon winds

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    One pervert after another in USA news, does anyone see a connection with thousands of pedophile priests let loose on the population over the last century, like they may have affected and empowered other predators? Thanks again, Catholic Church.

    Imagine what could have been, if Pres. Jimmy Carter had been able to enact his environmental policy, instead of being forced out of politics by the Powers and replaced with the Reagan machines and, welp, look at what we've got now.

    More than 1,200 people have died as the result of an intense heatwave in southern Pakistan, and experts...

    Just got it confirmed, I've had a couple small heart attacks, I think last few years incidents Broke My Heart, I'm on Medicare and Medicaid, scared, popping aspirin and fish oil pills, deep long breaths. Not scared of dying, but there's no one to get my stuff if I die here. I know people think Facebook is for happy clappy stuff, this is what is going on with me. I don't care if I die soon, everybody dies. I'm really more worried now about my boxes... Who's going to get my boxes out of my apartment? They are full of pedophile priest books, documents, family photos, originals of work I got in magazines in the eighties. All of that will be in the trash and gone, and the landlord here will be pissed he rented to a broke old woman. . . 
    Jimmy Carter about to be interviewed on Stephanie Miller Show at top of hour

    Free Speech TV is a 24-hour television network and multi-platform digital news source, currently available in 37 million television homes nationwide, airing fulltime on DISH Network (9415), DIRECTV (348), and Burlington Telecom (122). A non-profit, public interest network, FSTV is publically support…

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    I think the Surge in Heroin use is bk Afghanistan is using its poppies to Attack the USA without using a military, showering our cities with heroin and killing thousands of people. It's possible.

    '"It's not uncommon for birds to abandon nests, But, in this case, what's puzzling is that all of the species did it all at once."' said U of Florida wildlife biologist (Smart birds? BP pollution makes it unlivable? More unpredicted signs of environmental crisis coming?)

    SEAHORSE KEY, Fla. (AP) — The din created by thousands of nesting birds is usually the first thing you notice about Seahorse Key, a 150-acre mangrove-covered dune...

    anything goes
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