Sunday, March 13, 2016

watching from a mountain top

"Mr Trump is creating a toxic environment" says a TV pundit and I think to myself, just the beginning of unexpected consequences... who knows what chaos this mulch of fake news, climate extremes, income inequality, and one orange haired demagogue will produce.

    18 hrs
    yay chicago
    man, apartment hunting is an invasion of privacy, as my bank info, employment, moving history, and SS number are now all over the place, copies of my driver's license seen by dozens of people wow. I hand them twenty dollar bills and a stack of all this personal information, then they still don't rent me an apt so I have to do it at another place again, and again. wonder how many times my identity will be stolen after this, sigh

    Iraq Veterans Against the War
    Last week four of our Iraq veterans were manhandled and kicked out of a Donald Trump rally in Alabama for telling him to stop spreading his message of hate, fortunately they weren't alone. ‪#‎VetsVsHate‬
    Where is my lollipop. I never leave doctors offices feeling better. They poke prod and stick me measuring my pain, they make me hurt more, and then there's no toy when I leave. Where is my Rx for 20 Valium, take as needed? Can't have good drugs as those can be addictive, get into the neighborhoods, yada yada. I come home feeling worse than when I left and my neighbors are smoking heroin in their perpetual party. Hmm.