Thursday, June 25, 2015

Transsexuals should stop looking in the mirror so much

I watch Caitlyn get his/her sex reassigned while the lady next door to me is dying of Hep C and waiting months for treatment she needs. Makes me think, I really don't want to see your hairy legs under a chiffon skirt as much as I’d like to see sick old ladies stop dying before their time. 

Another case of screwed up American priorities, where you get the best medical care money can buy, and if you can't afford medicine, you die. Obamacare did not fix that at all. 

Maybe if transsexuals stopped thinking about their own selves so much, they'd realize there are people in the world in a lot worse shape who need real medical care, and use their resources to help people with real needs. 

Get out of your own head long enough to see what is going on in the world, and you might even come to a place of peace where you can accept the body into which you were born. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Watching the Crisis from on top of California

Summer 2015 just starting, I watch from On Top of California. No one will doubt we are in a climate crisis by next September. In Pakistan, only those with money have water, delivered in tanks,  according to Boston Globe opinion piece. The Climate / Environment is a crisis of biblical proportions. No wonder the Pope got involved in it. 

At least 641 dead in Karachi alone since Saturday.

Part of a story in development called "Watching the Downfall of Civilization on TV" more to come soon

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mondo Cane USA 2015

Hey, all you guys afraid of your own military training in US cities. guess what. Wars are being fought in cities, our soldiers need to train. READ A HISTORY BOOK for cripes sake and stop hating your own government, who do you think is going to be there for you if there really is a war on US ground? Jesus with an AR15? Who is filling people's heads with this craziness that you can't trust your own govt but the neighbor on crack with a stockpile enough to blow up a small town is okay... argh once again, renouncing.

to me, banning the word nigger or the confederate flag is PR. When people stop using the word and flying the flag bk they want to, then we as a nation have progressed, until then, both are still there and that's the problem. Why are they both still there? I'm afraid we will take these Band-Aid approaches to the problem and five years from now people will still be calling Obama a Nigger, which I hear OFTEN, and picking up guns to shoot each other. We have to do more than change names and take down flags. We have to stop HATING to begin with.

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I have a feeling that when he's "former" president, Obama will say A Lot of things that will shock people. He is Pissed about the 2014 elections, where Demos lost bk they kept him out. I've noticed a change in him since then. He bristles now. I Don't Blame Him!!!

The one above brought in comments from people saying Obama is thin skinned, and another saying all this: 

He was set up for the Photo shoot with Parkers with the "mom's" sister Cottle allegedly from Odgen Utah and he is angry. Little blonde girls and hugs, smiles - after CT State Police Paul Vance and mainsteam media incl CNN's Anderson Cooper announced that 26 children were shot by a young white male who had Asperger's and was born at Exeter NH hospital? 

Check the facts - My sister was Barry's first friend at Columbia, he was pressured to lay off top U.S. Military generals and the CIA is brutal the way they use his mother's ex-boyfriend's illegal activities agaisnst him

Soros - Cheney - Kimmitts - Curtis and also Michael Aquino - pure evil

to which I have to reply, huh? 

Obviously there are people getting an entire different set of news than the rest of us. The above commenter is a woman from Florida who when I checked on her Timeline, I saw she is also afraid of military exercises in Ocala. 

Someone is purposely turning Americans against our own government, using hatred and ignorance as a tool to get in with this propaganda, and it is eating away at the country from inside. People are full of false information that they get from "websites" and "email lists" and "newsletters" and 

What is the origin?  

They have Fox News and also other sources- there is a whole population being fed an Alice Through The Looking Glass version of news and truth and believing it, now they are in second generation. 

This is weird. 

Look at your source. 

Who owns the website you are reading and believing? 

Where did they get educated ?

Follow the money. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Vegetarian Note: There is Protein in almost everything

If you try to replace meat protein with beans gram for gram, you will just end up farting all day. 

When I tell someone I'm a vegetarian so often the question they fire back is, Where do you get your protein? 

Well there's protein in everything. All the nutrients you need are in the Earth. 

The cow gets its nutrition from the plants then humans eat the cow, the vegetarian just bypasses the cow.  

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Broke Old Ladies an Emerging Demographic

From under her glasses she told me she was moving to Mexico because you can live there on, on. . . the words were hard to get out of her mouth, “Four five hundred a month.”  She believes, in her late sixties, that she will be better off in Mexico, even sat up straighter and said, "You can live in Rosarita Beach on five hundred dollars a month." That is the kind of decision some older women are having to make in the USA in 2015. 

Did you know, the homeless guy drinking on the sidewalk gets a larger Social Security check than many elderly women? He got Disability in his thirties. We took care of families and arrived in old age with nothing to live on. We are the emerging demographic that needs attention, maybe a project called Golden Girls, or Rusty Iron Girls. Need help with the name, Golden implies something that is not happening here.

I am 

Currently germinating The Golden Girls Project group homes for seniors who are housing challenged, converting one Vacation Home Rental at a time into year round housing for seniors.

It started with a letter I sent to the City Council and Mayor below. 

It started bk I have no family or friends to turn to, I am too tired at 67 to keep working the hours I'm working, if I don't do something soon, I am going under. 

I meet women on the bus in similar circumstances. We feel shamed that we are so poor, we all have the same look of shock on our faces, "I can't afford a Coke and I don't want anyone to know it." Met a woman other day who was taking a bus to Sacramento and then onto Mexico as that is what she can afford. Another looked at the ground and said she was returning to Carson City, with little enthusiasm. 

Grannies with Junkie Kids could be a name for the nonprofit, still working on it. 

EMAIL sent out

Dear Councilwoman Conner: I have moved 5 times in 4 years, as a 67 year old woman trying to find affordable housing. Why Can't we work with a few homeowners to convert some VHR's into year round housing, group homes, for seniors. Currently I am waiting 2-3 years to maybe get in Tahoe Senior Plaza, yet there are empty houses, whose owners want to use them as income property, all over this city. There are dozens of women in my circumstances right here in Tahoe who we could accommodate, I meet them at senior centers, on the bus. We are the new demographic that no one is addressing yet, low income elderly, mostly women. We live in SROs and shelters or other horrible places, this is not right. I am sure there are Federal programs that would help us create housing for seniors, there are likely South Lake Tahoe homeowners who would rather rent year round to five women in their sixties and seventies than three months a year to a group of rowdies in their twenties. I WILL VOLUNTEER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN and am already doing research, any help you can give me, Councilwoman Conner, I think we could do this, it would solve many problems.
hope you are an ally with me on this
Kay Ebeling
journalist from L.A. currently living in an SRO in Tahoe and Do Not Want To Have to Move Again, please.
Let's Do This, we can call it The Golden Girls Project, perhaps, but men would want to live there too...
Kay Ebeling Phone 530 -----
you will hear more from me about this soon

Also forwarded to a new subcommittee to find "alternatives" for owners of VHR's, who are investors who own homes by the dozen, Council members Austin Sass and Wendy David, the latter responded that it's a good idea I should do it. 


I don't have six hundred dollars to file the first forms and start a nonprofit in CA. People never realize that. I can't do this, I need someone to do it. I can't even buy a Coke. 

AARGH Now I have to try to get a one percenter who owns homes as an investment to talk to me.  The other day one tried to run me over as I crossed the street with the light. 

People in cars have no idea what it's like to be a broke old lady. 

Correction, the one percenter did not try to run me over. He just continued on with his nose pointed so high that he could say he did not see me right there in the crosswalk if he did hit me. He was going to pretend he did not see me, as lifting his flabby leg to put it on the brake was too much work. I stopped and watched him float by me in his height of comfort, his stomach really did overlap the steering wheel and he knew I was there, he just was not going to stop. He was going to hit me or make me wait. He was pulling out of the Tahoe Keys development of mansions on the water. 

I have lived in Tahoe since March 5 and now I can count three THREE times someone has seemed to be trying to hit me as I crossed the street. 

Cut paragraph: 

She was in the Y waiting for the Amtrak bus down the mountain.  Her posture made her look circular on the bench,  


Friday, June 19, 2015

No more nouveau riche

I now live among the nouveau pouvre and am proud of it

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TPP will bring new ending to Wonderful Life

After TPP passes, the USA will be like George Bailey was never born.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More fun on Facebook on a Tuesday this time

    If Trump is President 
    the USA will become 
    a casino that loses money

    OH no I am agreeing with D Trump his announce speech right now, bring the jobs home from China et al, but... is it too late? He also said it out loud, we owe 1.5 trillion dollars to China. "How did we let that happen?" Weird, as he said that, I was saying exact same words. How did we let that happen. Still, he sounds more like a con artist than a president, maybe it's the Brooklyn-ese accent and Oh Wow, his hair is white and thin, almost looks real!
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    News Feed

    Omg seabrook texas is going underwater NASA mission control is just up from there oh boy this storm is going to go on through Thursday said one report
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    The rich man who thinks people should work until they die as a hypocrite. In many places in the gospels Jesus emphasizes not being materialistic and giving to others as he does in Mark 10:21:Jesus looked at him and loved him. Then he told him, "You're missing one thing. Go and sell everything you own, give the money to the destitute, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come back and follow me." If this man truly was a real Bible believing Christian, he would give away everything he had to the poor. He has not done that so he has no right to judge elderly people who retire. For Sean Boswelland Kay Ebeling and Mike Drabik

    WASHINGTON -- Greg Gianforte, a multi-millionaire tech entrepreneur who is "seriously considering" challenging Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) in 2016, doesn't...
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    • Kay Ebeling thanks, that scripture ref is one we all should throw back at Republichristians
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    • Kay Ebeling

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    How Repubs can rescue their party: Have Donald Trump run their nomination like a season of Celebrity Apprentice.
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    Imagine what Hunter Thompson could have done with a blog.
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    Watch Galveston go under the Gulf Live from KPRC Houston streaming

    A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston Harris, Liberty, and Matagorda counties. Calhoun and Refugio counties are also included in the warning.
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    Imagine how horrible news reporting would be if there had been no internet when this corporate takeover happened. Blogs and alternative news websites are Protecting The First Amendment where abc cbs NYTimes et all are failing us. Yay for us bloggers.

    Cardinal Stritch stood over me in 1955 in Chicago and said I had to stop "babbling" to everyone about what Father Horne had done to me. So I kept quiet for 40 years. Now in my late 50s -- I babble.
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    Caitlyn Jenner was NEVER on the rag, he CANNOT claim to be female No No No, just like the white NAACP woman from Spokane can't be Black. You have no claim to victory over burdens when you never faced the burdens. You can't claim to be female without going through the pain, you can't claim to be black without going through the pain. That's my three cents. I knew there was something bugging me about Transvestites, I jsut realized it. You ain't a waoman until you bleeeeeeeed It's way too easy to just put on a dress and shave, there's A LOT MORE TO IT THAN THAT!


    He never went through the emotional hell of being a teenager having her period, uh uh they don't get to have it that easy.