Thursday, January 28, 2016

Never Fails

I used to wake up in the AM and turn on the news. Now I wake up and turn on Trump. I hold the remote in my hand and say, "Donald Trump" just as the screen lights up and they are saying "Donald Trump" in unison with me. weird

Irony you can Bite on

Doctors won't prescribe pain killers or tranquilizers, no matter how much I hurt or panic, out of "concern" I might get addicted. Yet 20 feet from my front door I can buy all the heroin and marijuana I want. Bitter Irony
Kay Ebeling
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Obamacare Did Not make medical care available for poor people, it just put up more obstacles. We Need Medicare For Everyone, so doctors can't just say, Oh we don't take that insurance, it's for poor people. Right now, I can't get to a dentist, I can't get prescriptions that I need, all bk I am on Medicaid. I'm surrounded by doctors who see rich people and give them all the care they need, and I can't get a lousy vicodin

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Read American Sniper and learn some truth about Iraq war, as newspapers sure won't tell you

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I just finished reading the book American Sniper and the movie really hid the truth about our Rules of Engagement in Iraq where we just barreled into Apartment Buildings and Homes and threw all the residents out so we could shoot "insurgents" from out their windows, for example. The insurgents were mostly guys who'd been thrown out of their homes earlier. That was Before Obama was President by the way (love his expression watching her babble right-wing talking points as she leverages her husband's career into a political one for herself, watch her run for office as a Tea Party jerk in near future) Aaargh)
President Obama is absolutely on fire.

If you're an American, it's very likely that you've heard the name Chris Kyle. Kyle was a Navy Seal sniper deemed as the deadliest sniper to ever live after the Department…
Kay Ebeling
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Aarg '“Newspapers are a business, and owners can do what they want with them,” [the Las Vegas Review Journal new editor] reportedly said.' A corp named "News + Media + Capital" owned by Sheldon Adelson is yet another step towards fascism we are facing in the USA. Once we lose a free press, which we almost have and this Las Vegas paper development is an example, we are on our way out as a democracy. Sigh, glad I'm hiding in the woods in the mountains. Kathleen A. Shaw this should interest you

How journalists uncovered judge-watching, fabricated bylines, and secretive business dealings.