Thursday, April 27, 2017

Yay for Capitalism

A lot of one percenters' private jets take off a few miles from here to go to and from Tahoe (mansions are in different part of town). Sometimes they fly so low, you can see the shimmering of Golden trim that decorates their jets. When they take off from our little airport for billionaires only, they go Straight Up Into the Air as if they use USAF latest technology to the max. Yay for capitalism

What really bugs me is the Amounts of cash the Trumpsters took to sell out the country, these Massive Amounts that to me are unfathomable. Manafort who got Ten Million a Year payment from Russia to publicize it? That's not PR... plus Manafort is still living in Trump Tower. Here I am finding ways to make fifty dollars last two weeks at end of each month. Yay for capitalism

It took a Lot of money to pull off this coup, and the Saudis are being Awfully Quiet right now...

it's the era of the demented dictator, syphilis induced mania about to blow up the world... well maybe that's exaggerating but...
god this year has been so weird, i'm reeling
we have no fed govt right now and what that charade was about, putting the senators on a bus yesterday, is a real mystery. There Is No State Dept right now.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

War in North Korea would require a draft, your kids are next ISIS, and other gems from Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller Show, on Freespeechtv this AM

Malcolm Nance called in to the Stephanie Miller show on Free Speech TV this AM, so I stopped work and got it down, then finished work transcribing another interview.  It is now a few hours later, and as part of   City of Angels Winging It / Malcolm Nance Transcript Project, here is the transcript including these 

Outstanding quotes: 
"There is intelligence of collusion."
"The President is having a briefing at the White House to make his case about North Korea and the fact that he's bringing in the Congress shows he wants to bring in something that requires the entire Congress."
War in North Korea would require a draft, we don’t have enough men in the armed forces to fight a war of that magnitude, and they use that old technology. 
Re ISIS:  It's your kids, your neighbor’s kids, who will watch videos and go out and attack, that is the future of ISIS, where you can't stop it.

S:  Remember how Oprah used to have Oprah’s book club, I've read almost all of Chapter Nine of your book The Plot to Hack America, and it should be required reading for every American.

M: I’d read it over and over. 

S:  I just read it again on the plane and I urge people to read it again, especially Chapter Nine, which is currently coming true.

M:  Yeah it absolutely is and yet the worst parts are yet to come, the predictions of how deep this thing could go. There's a debate between me and [INAUDIBLE] an FBI double agent who caught a Russian spy.  And he thinks this is not about collusion that this is more sinister, this is infiltration by people who were witting, who knew what they were doing.  I'm more of the theory that this was co option that this is about money.  This will come around to identifying money, espionage, or a hybrid of both. 

S: People are tweeting that Comey will want to come out on the right side of history on this. What do you think about what's going to happen?

M:  Well I'm of the [INAUDIBLE] that thinks that Comey thought the Clinton thing was easily dismissed, let the chips fall where they may.  But I also believe he will not reveal anything about a counter intelligence investigation. 
This is an FBI investigation using their spy hunters.  That means if you're not a member of ISIS in the United States, or if you're not an enemy spy, these people would not be investigating you and they're investigating the Trump campaign.  So that tells you all you need to know.

S:  In your book you said there would have to be collusion for it to be treason, now you've heard Adam Schiff and others say there is evidence of collusion.

M:  There is evidence of collusion or let me rephrase that there is intelligence of collusion.  Intelligence is not evidence, until it is in the hands of the Justice Department and has been brought in under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. 
So we might have table tops full of intelligence, but you only see the parts of a jigsaw puzzle with intelligence. 
Now we are moving to evidence and people have to be patient. 

S:  I want it now!  Mrs. Nance is very understanding.  I said yesterday on CNN, this is looking like obstruction of justice to me, not turning over documents, Flynn clearly broke the law, so it's a political death march for how fast he turns into a witness against Trump.  Why no immunity, it looks like a massive coverup

M:  Well Republicans are dragging their feet because as long as they have time, they can obfuscate, change this into a debate about Obama- that's the only thing that keeps them politically alive.
 Flynn declared certain aspects of his career on the record, the news media put it out that he’d gotten paid for speeches in Russia.  But to get a top secret clearance you have to fill out an F X 86 a computer program where you put in all your data, every foreign contact past ten years, source of all income, this is your declaration to the intelligence world of who you are. 
Flynn left out Russia and Turkey and the Turkish contact was working for the Russians.  He must have thought he could get away with it because he was going to be National Security Adviser,

Now it looks like total obstruction of justice, hiding the fact that he's working for foreign powers.  If he was a business agent or an actual agent of a foreign intelligence agency, those are two horrific things that he going to have to account for.  

S:  Let's move on to even more terrifying things, North Korea.  Hard to see it without the lens of Russia and how this distracts from the Russian allegations.  This is provocative and dangerous what we're doing isn’t it?

M:  Now we're talking a completely different game, when I was there [on SMSHow] a week ago we talked about how grave a situation it is, because a miscalculation on either side could precipitate incidents that lead to a second Korean War.  They put on an artillery demonstration yesterday and fired off one salvo of artillery rounds.  Well North Korea has fourteen thousand artillery pieces aimed at South Korea and a miscalculation could lead to those firing.  Every thirty seconds.  They could literally devastate the northern part of Korea and kill tens of thousands of people

This briefing today is as serious as a heart attack.  The President is having a briefing at the White House to make his case about North Korea and the fact that he's bringing in the Congress shows he's going to bring in something that requires the entire Congress. 

S:  But we don’t know how much his ego and poll ratings, first hundred days he has to do something-  We've never had our own dangerous lunatic in charge in terms of us and North Korea.

M:  Well you get what you pay for in politics and right now the president has mapped out this course, he can say it's a mandate given him by the people and right now- the seriousness of what he's doing here requires all of us to think twice about what we think is important.  I'm not- North Korea the Russia thing will play itself out but if we find ourselves carrying out military action against North Korea, we can provoke them into doing something provocative, that's going to be a completely different set of articles.

S:  Going back to the botched military actions- starting with the botched Yemen raid, he said he’d blow them out of the water if he was president, everything you read about how he's going to react is terrifying. 

M:  (Phone goes off air a while then) Oh yeah those dang Russians.
Well, these Iranian confrontations occur weekly in the Arabian Gulf-  but you have to put it into context.  We're not equipped to fight two wars.  North Korea would require a draft, we don’t have enough men in the armed forces to fight a war of that magnitude, and they use that old technology in North Korea, perfect for marching south, but not for us, you can't come down to an altitude without getting shot by men using eye.

We're going to need more than the twenty eight thousand service members there to carry anything out.  I don't know if the White House is planning that or if the military advisors would but – another Korean war. 

S:  You have another book Hacking Isis that came out this week. 

M:  Regarding ISIS: Most of their really smart guys are dead, but there's a new generation of ISIS and in the next six months, everything will be online, it won’t exist in the physical world.  But it's your kids, your neighbor’s kids, who will watch videos and go out and attack, that is the future of ISIS, where you can't stop it, it doesn't exist physically, it's an idea that anyone can pick up. 

S:  Malcolm, thank you, we need more patriots and heroes and The Plot to Hack America should be required reading for everyone in America. .

M:  I agree, I still read it and go, did I write that?  My favorite chapter is Lucky Seven where I organize how the Russians did it.  I call it Lucky Seven, they call it Grizzly Step. 

S:  They wanted to blow up NATO, it's

M: I will see you Monday in Los Angeles. 
(That means Malcolm Nance will be on air on her show Monday in person broadcasting from Miller's basement in L.A.  Oh boy) 

We've been invaded through our own laws.

Kay Ebeling
First they took advantage of our First Amendment, knowing they could publish and broadcast Anti American lies and no one would stop them, because we cherish freedom of speech. 
Now they are taking advantage of our constitutional system of checks and balances, knowing that no one branch of government will take action without the other, which somehow keeps anyone from being able to PROSECUTE, INDICT, or even issue a frigking subpoena. Nothing. Instead they're doing Nothing. 
 We've been invaded through our cherished traditions of freedoms. We forgot that other nations don't share those traditions. stay tuned
In any other nation in the world, if someone had done what Michael Flynn did, he’d have been in prison Months Ago and Trump would have been removed from office. I think the attackers carrying out this coup KNEW it would take the USA years to figure out what is going on and take action, because our system is inherently so slow, so slow
But this is ridiculous. 
While we conduct investigations that go nowhere, the dictator is doing permanent damage and soon we'll get past a point of no return, I'm afraid, because we aren't able to act. 
Everyone in Congress, Senate, press all seem to know what's going on and the leaders can't take action, it's horrible watching this.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I think the Trump presidency is making me Very Angry, as you can see in these posts...

Trump has emptied out the State Dept and several other agencies now have empty offices, as reported Many Places. I think he is Consolidating the Entire Federal Government Under Him, as in becoming a dictator, moving so fast that our usual system of "checks and balances" can barely catch up before he Does it.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

F--- "Earth Day"

If you really want to talk about clean air, get rid of your frigking car and figure out how to live without it. Otherwise, you are just bloviating hot CO2 in my face.
I find it hard to get enthused about marches re environment bk we knew back in the 1960s how to get clean air-water etc and marched back then. I hear activists being interviewed today and They Are Saying The Same Thing We Were Saying in the 1960s so it's obvious to me that No One Is Listening. 

As long as big oil runs the world, we can march our shoes off, nothing will change. Plus probably the demonstrators at those "March for Science on Earth Day" events yesterday then got in cars and drove home when it was over. Until people actually Change their lifestyles Seriously, protest marches are no more than photo ops and probably fun. 

But the environment Ain't getting any better

I'm back to being pissed off a hundred percent of the time...
Russian propaganda would not work if we still had 2-3 newspapers with a full staff of reporters and editors in every city, I'm just saying

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I am no longer an American, I just live in Tahoe

Once I saw Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin smirking at the world in front of Hillary's portrait in the White House, I knew it. It's over. That's it. You can have this crappy country and the pile of even worse crap you are going to transform it into. I am no longer an American, I just live in Tahoe.

Every news story I hear or read, can't help but think, my fellow countrymen, bk they were so Vulnerable to propaganda, bk they were so full of hate for "liberals" that they were so easily manipulated by propaganda, they made this happen. Last summer through the election, I tried to point out to friends, That News Story is Made Up- Hillary did not kill anyone, etc. I am still physically in SHOCK from what is going on in my country as a result of this president frauding his way into the White House, this cadre of grifters and con artists getting so rich selling out our nation. Oh well, I got a sack of split peas and another sack of rice and... so glad I'm kind of unreachable on top of a mountain as the stuff going on in the USA right now is AWFUL.

O'Reilley should have been fired Years Ago for distribution anti-American false information from a powerful platform (Fox News) and helping to destroy the political atmosphere in the United States. But-
Karma meets schadenfreude: The Bill O'Reilly edition

Karma meets schadenfreude: The Bill O’Reilly edition Jack Cluth 04.21.1704.21.17 No Comments on Karma meets schadenfreude: The Bill…
So for now, 
I am no longer an American, I just live in Tahoe.
Days after Marine LeP visits with Putin and days before her election, this mysterious attack on the Champs Elysees complete with ISIS costumes and the shooter dead on the scene then the call afterward from ISIS claiming credit. Okay, is anyone else not believing Any of This but watch France vote to go Fascist next week bk of this. I am sickened and scared, bk this manipulation of news to install dictators is global AND becoming more reckless as no one is reining it in.

Analysts say policeman’s killing could shake up Sunday’s four-way contest, thrusting security to the fore of campaigning
Keith O still speaks for me

This thing is actually getting worse by the day CONNECT WITH GQ Web: Twitter: http:…
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American health care is so wonderful. No matter how many lawsuits a drug company pays out because a drug does not work, Big Pharma can still advertise the drug and doctors will still prescribe it, aggressively. However, doctors will NOT give a 70 year old woman, in so much pain she can't walk, a pain killer, out of "concern" she may become an addict, because, after all, there are junkies in her zip code.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Serendipity (Post in Development for near future)

New favorite word: serendipity
The occurrence of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
From its possession by the heroes of the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip
First Known Use: 1754

Housing Challenged in South Lake Tahoe

Posted just now on Craigslist:
Seek others who are paying $600 to $700 a month and would like to combine resources and instead of living in a shabby studio or one bedroom, move into a big beautiful home for same amount, around 700 a month. 
NOTE: I do not have a property yet, I am renting a 1 Bedroom for $650 plus utilities myself now, and I see all these big beautiful empty homes around me here in South Lake. I think we could combine resources and rent one, and it could be a way to solve the housing problem at least for people at my income level. 
At this point this is just an idea: If anyone responds, we can meet in a public place and talk about how to pursue this. 

If you have a good rental history and secure income, like I do, please contact me here through Craigslist, so we can see if we can form a group living situation and live better.

You can also contact me here:
Kay Ebeling
or email me at cityofangelslady @
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far as I'm concerned, anyone who worked for Bill O'Reilly was already a sellout, so your sexual harassment charges now are not news to me
with his racist and bigoted False News that influenced a generation of old men and probably several elections, for Bill O’Reilly to fall only because of sexual harassment shows how screwed up and vulnerable America really is.

if I'm not mistaken, one of Bill OR's books is basically taking the New Testament and rewriting it in O'Reilly's words, then selling it as his version, and making millions of dollars. God Knows who paid him how much to produce false news on Fox past 20 years.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Transcript: "Comey never going to talk about counter intelligence in same blithe way he did Hillary Clinton" Malcolm Nance on Free Speech TV April 19

Malcolm Nance just called in to the Stephanie Miller Show on Free Speech TV, here is a quick transcript,  next entry in the  City of Angels Winging It / Malcolm Nance Transcript Project.  

Memorable quotes: 
"Within the United States government we are developing a case [on Trump / Russia] and the intelligence has to become evidence." 
"The Revolutionary War went from 1775 to 1783.  There are things you are going to have to be patient for."


M:  Those armadas, you know, they block up the One Oh One. 

S:  Malcolm, as a former Navy guy, can you imagine you being on one of those ships?

M:  Yes.  [LAUGHTER] in situations like that- naval movement and deployment are often impacted by politics but I think this is an exception here.  What we were told was the group was sailing into the Sea of Japan and apparently they continued their regular deployment, joint naval exercises with Australia and are no where near Japan That information is routinely released, it has to do with orders-

S:  At any rate, I think as you've been tweeting, this is an incredibly dangerous situation. 

M:  Well it's dangerous because now North Korea knows the limits the administration will go to to mask anything, but on the other hand the administration is young, they like to talk before they get the facts, and this has now bit them. What you're going to see now is the battle group turn north very quickly and cut off operational practices that it really needs.  But carriers go towards Japan all the time.  But they've taken away any credibility of this threat.

S:  Malcolm, thanks for calling in.  Trump won’t comment on whether we sabotaged the North Korea missile test, Obama started the use of electronic warfare that may have caused it, what do you know about that?

M:  Well I personally don’t know anything about it but I know how these things work.  That report mentioned electronic methods, not cyber, which is getting into computers, the control system is programmed to fail.  Electronic methods are jamming or interference with the telemetry.  I don't know.  We're pretty good at that, we're very good at it, in fact.

S:  Problem is when you have a pathological  liar in the White House you don’t know what to believe.  This is why it's dangerous

M:  Sure, you can't bluff on something like this.  I was very concerned that the North Koreans would place blame on the United States and take action.  And they still might.  If belief gets around that we destroyed that missile-

S:  I think it was North Korean thank you. 
M:  North Korea has the ability to back up any threats we put out there.  We really have limited options or no options. 

S:  Question from a caller about Comey: 

M:  Well I think I've mentioned this before, there are two sides of the FBI, the counter intelligence officers do investigations that are extremely close hold.  I think Comey thought one side was politics, but this side was serious, and he's never going to talk about anything serious in the blithe way he did Hillary Clinton.  But exposing anything related to counter intelligence I think that's something he’ll take to his grave.
Comey knew since July about hacking and Americans being involved, and I think he thought this is the last thing in the world I'm going to put out in the public domain.

S:  The FBI used that information from the dossier for the FISA warrant?

M:  Well I think that you have to put that report together with one we received in early January where the CIA briefed Donald Trump and President Obama, that there was information inside the Steele dossier that they had corroborated with their own intelligence.  They had their own information in there that was correct and came from A quality intelligence and those two pages still stand, we don’t know what those two pages are. 
Comey is not going to talk about counter intelligence the way he would a regular gumshoe investigation. 

Conversation about Moby

M:  I said this on twitter a couple days ago.  Savvy consumers of intelligence, the most important point is understand and know how to consume intelligence in a smart way and how to know what's real and what is not real. 

S:  But we're finding the Trump administration has been in collusion with Russia since day one. 

M:  I wrote about this seven months ago in  my book, The Plot to Hack America and we talked about this before, that the intelligence is not evidence. 
Within the United States government we are developing a case and that means that the intelligence has to become evidence. 

S:  We're being told to be patient but seriously how much longer can not just the country but the world take this?

M:  You have to remember, the Revolutionary War went from 1775 to 1783.  There are things you are going to have to be patient for.  Richard Nixon after they had the evidence, the impeachment took one or two months before he resigned. 

S:  Malcolm one other question from a listener, about Jill Stein, we've all seen her at that dinner next to Flynn and near Putin, what do you think?

M:  Well I wrote about that in the book too.  She's from the Green party, she was anti Trump but she also was more anti Democratic party and the Russians picked up on that a long time ago.  In Russia you have a former leader of the KGB running a Mafia. 
She has Michael Flynn sitting on the right hand of Putin and three or four people down was Jill Stein.  Nance’s law (about

S:  What's amazing is how micro targeted the Bernie voter was to either vote for Stein or stay home and it was just the margin she got that swung the election

M:  It went from coincidence to coordination to cooperation. 
They took databases and microtargeted information, this is a pernicious threat.  A lot came out in the briefing to Congress, especially Clinton Watts’s testimony,

During the election, all we talked about all summer was emails, emails that turned out to be nothing but risotta recipes but were the knife in the heart of the Clinton campaign. 

S:  Malcolm, we'll talk to you again next week.  

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off to Heavenly up the street

US response to this cyber attack is dismaying, look at the policies Trump is pushing through. This is an attack from within

Bit by bit they are biting into our freedoms and protocols that Americans have taken for granted. Any right that is not guaranteed by law is disappearing, because they can. Remember right after T got elected, Kellyanne was on the shows saying, what the president is doing may not be ethical but it's not illegal either. . . 

The refusal to release visitor logs is yet another claw back of transparency by the Trump White House.
"Treason, a new cologne by Ivanka Trump"

Free Speech TV is a 24-hour television network and multi-platform digital news source, currently available in 37 million television homes nationwide, airing fulltime on DISH Network (9415), DIRECTV (348), and Burlington Telecom (122). A non-profit, public interest network, FSTV is publically support...

I think it's too late and we are now all Russians. However, I'm not sure the coup will affect me that much since I'm already broke and scrabbling...
And he's in the White House. People.

As President Trump discovers the prerogative of unilaterally making war, the media gaze has turned away from the ongoing FBI, House and Senate investigation of his…


Everything in life can be described in aerospace terms. Right now the USA needs a gravitational assist maneuver. Bad
Aerospace cont'd: USA needs to take advantage of rotation of a nearby planet to propel us away from the dark matter into which we are falling. Canada or Mexico or Germany (?) someone has to intervene, maybe the UN. What is happening here is not American, we are being overtaken from inside our government and it will take an unprecedented maneuver to get us outta here.

When I first started blogging in 2007, if I put up a post like the one linked below, for the week that followed, when you Googled Judy Resnik, my blog would come up. Now, nothing, it is not out there on Google, at least. Maybe other search engines find it. But I think that's a sign of how much we have already lost of the Internet Freedom and Audacity of the early days to whatever it is that has taken over the internet now: Corporate influence. I miss that free for all of the nineties. And in 2010 I would google a name after putting up a post about that person, and there I'd be in the Google search response right at the top, even my picture. I Was Somebody. Now I'm anonymous and buried deep in the entrails of the unfound. Probably a Google News Alert would bring it up in a week or three, eventually the bots should find my blog... sigh. this post is what I'm talking about:
Okay, I'm a vegetarian but I still eat Jack in the Box tacos. bk I really don't think they have much meat in them and other than that... addicted

That big hole in Afghanistan is ideal for the parking garage at the new Trump Tower Kabul (Kaboom Tower)
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Kay Ebeling