Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Deep Internal Sense of Being Pissed Off

Past few years I've had several "friends" enter my life, by way of the blog I wrote about pedophile priests. My new "friends" told me they would do things for me, got my hopes up, then when the time came, they disappeared. The way the same pattern happened over and over, I can't help thinking "someone" orchestrated these incidents to get the result they got, me being depressed, lonely, unmotivated, and now able to trust no one. I keep telling myself not to let paranoia taint my instincts, but it's just too weird that this has happened over and over since 2010. And, I mean, the dirty tricksters are likely working for Catholic Church hierarchy (boy will that get you funny looks when you try to tell someone). Well, guys, they won. I have no motive to continue the blog at all after being burned like this over and over. I should feel liberated, but instead I just have a real deep internal sense of being pissed off.

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