Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fixing Fox News Lies, one plumber at a time

Yesterday a plumber in my kitchen actually said to me, "Obama has just given Iran the freedom to build a nuclear bomb." The Freaking Plumber! I got him to stop long enough to say, "Well since this deal comes after a Year of secret negotiations, I don't think anyone knows the details yet." That shut him up, 
But it really P's me off that the Misinformation Machine reaches Everyone so easily, thus UNDERMINING American security. Once again, I believe Fox Limbaugh et al are paid and run by anti-American groups and the FoxFriends are so Dumb they don't even know it, just repeat what the bosses tell them to say and cause Millions of Americans to believe the opposite of the truth. Meanwhile Obama is solving one international problem after another and the Boehner Bimbos still can't figure out the Obamacare website.

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