Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christian Taliban dominate my town

Fundie Christians dominate my little town, to the point where I am running stuff in my head like, "I keep my prayer private, in fact that's what Jesus himself said to do in the Sermon on the Mount" but I don't say it to them, instead try to avoid them. But they get in your face, these people, hollering that you are damned if you don't do it my way, which Is The Opposite of what J himself said in Matthew in the Sermon. It bothers me so much I run arguments with them in my head to the point they keep me from concentrating. Why Does This Bother Me So Much? Why can't I just tune them out and let them go on in their blissful ignorance? If they would leave me alone, it would help. Why do they feel they need to force their religion on me? My journal has "Christian Taliban" in it 2-3 times from past month. . .

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