Saturday, April 19, 2014

Contemporary Christians worship a Zombie

Happy Easter Yikes

A lot of 21st Century Christians believe Mel Gibson's version of "The Resurrection and Crucifixion" rather than do some reading and find out the real story of Christ and how the Vatican took it over and ruined it.  
 Then they repeat that gory bloody story that we actually have No Real Record to prove the details are true and they repeat the gory details over and over ENOUGH i've heard the Crucifixion story Enough. It has no woo-woo mystical powers for me at all and I don't want to hear it anymore!  They claim the guy rolled back a stone and crawled out of his grave? If he was a spirit, why didn't he just go through the stone. Someone stole the body. DUH   And who wants to worship a Zombie anyway, came back from the Dead? Yikes
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