Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The world needs $400 a month studio apartments everywhere

    I used to hear stories of The Depression where people were hungry, yet dairies poured barrels of milk into the streets, bk no one could afford milk. Same thing is happening today, empty buildings while there are people who can't afford a roof over their heads. the Dept of Agriculture, subsidies, and later food stamps grew out of the Depression and the poured out milk, what will we get finally after decades of people sleeping on the street outside of empty buildings?
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    He is there again, sleeping between two vacant buildings across my parking lot. Just now I thought, I'll go talk to him, then I saw him get up, urinate right next to his chair, then get back in the chair and go back to sleep. He pulls a blanket over his head to block the light, at sunrise, he wheels away. He has a direct sight into where I work here in my office, has been out there several nights last few months, I know he's no one to be afraid of. I even wish I could help, b...
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just looking out my window

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