Thursday, January 28, 2016

Irony you can Bite on

Doctors won't prescribe pain killers or tranquilizers, no matter how much I hurt or panic, out of "concern" I might get addicted. Yet 20 feet from my front door I can buy all the heroin and marijuana I want. Bitter Irony
Kay Ebeling
15 mins

Obamacare Did Not make medical care available for poor people, it just put up more obstacles. We Need Medicare For Everyone, so doctors can't just say, Oh we don't take that insurance, it's for poor people. Right now, I can't get to a dentist, I can't get prescriptions that I need, all bk I am on Medicaid. I'm surrounded by doctors who see rich people and give them all the care they need, and I can't get a lousy vicodin

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