Monday, June 20, 2016

Rain of Fire the new norm

When I was a little girl, June was "rainy season" in California, then they started to call the cloudy month "June Gloom," now we have wildfires and heat waves in June. hello
John Brown and in SE QLD (South East Queensland - Australia) we have unseasonal rains and warm temps simply because the primitives in these regions still believe that their deity made this Earth just 6,000 years ago.

SOI and la Nina are meaningless unless you hear and feel the touch of winter rain even though our rain is accustomed to coming in January and then later to hear just how intense a new downpour can be
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Kay Ebeling
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holy sh-- watching my state burn from on top of a mountain-
Tens of millions of dead trees, record temperatures in June and persistent drought can only mean one thing…

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