Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Citizen Zombies Repeating Treasonous Phrases

From Facebook by me this AM:

Today I am perplexed at the condition of my country. I think NRA, Karl Rove's PACs and Fox News get overseas money, which is then used to disseminate lies through Opposite World sound bytes such as "Social Security is a ponzi scheme" and "guns don't kill people" etc. Maybe in china and the saudis, some magnate who hates America (pick one) uses this disinformation to sabotage the USA from within.  They turn citizens into zombies who then quote these treasonous phrases over and over until they believe them.  

We are under attack by our own words which are being written by our overseas enemies. 
That's what I think is happening in Amerika and it's damn scary.
* Not CPAC, the other PAC, the one run by Karl Rove. . .

-first posted by Kay Ebeling in Illinois today on Facebook, Friend me:

Kay Ebeling

Post to be continued:


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