Thursday, March 7, 2013

FB Grant Award Scam, the check will never clear

As posted today on Facebook:

FB SCAM EXPERIENCE: Weird one today person on FB messaged me, "just got a $50,000 check from Facebook Awards and your name is also on the list." I am broke enough to ask more, her name was "Patricia Hoyt" a recent friend here on FB, with child abuse action groups on her page, we had 3 mutual friends among her 53. When I asked for more she sent me to the "agent, Dennis Woods" who piped in needing my name address etc. I knew it was phishing. I asked more to see how it played out. Pat claimed her check came to her door by FedEx, in mutilated English, same errors Dennis made. Man, people fall for this stuff, they catch you when you're vulnerable. STRANGEST THING was when I said, this is a scam with a link to the website below, BOTH "PAT AND DENNIS" FB ACCOUNTS DISAPPEARED no trace of them, soon as I sent "her" that link, both "Pat" and "Dennis."
Visually, the shades of their names changed in the messages. My messages with the link below disappeared. In a few more seconds, both profiles disappeared entirely. Their friendly smiling faces, gone. People who fall for these things end up sending them money for fees or whatever, and the check may come, but it never clears. Here is the link to info about the scam, amazing.
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