Friday, December 13, 2013

I have to remember I'm a visitor to this planet, here mainly to observe. Every winter I watch these humans in their Christmas rituals and, to be honest, I get jealous. It looks so warm and cozy, those family hearths and whatever. I have to remind myself, “This is something they do, not me,” so I can sit back and enjoy the scene from my platform here in the High Desert, taking notes, always taking notes. I have to admit though, a turkey dinner with trimmings would entertain these senses I have while in this human body better than my daily fare of rice and vegetables, which seems to be the only Earth food my stomach will tolerate. Oh well, hope to get back to my home planet soon, wherever it is, and compare notes with the other journalist travelers as to what they found while visiting their solar systems. Meanwhile, I ride around and around, waiting for January 1 when all this disruption stops and we return to normal schedules. Oh Mother Ship, when are you coming to get me?
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Kay Ebeling

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