Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sign at bank says ‘all crimes investigated unless done by banks themselves’

FBI will investigate any crime, “Unless done by banks themselves,” read words recently scrawled on the metal Warning sign at the entrance to a bank in my neighborhood. 

Must have been a rough Christmas for the pedestrian who saw this sign on the front entrance of a California high desert bank claiming the FBI investigates all crimes at financial institutions.  He or she had to have hesitated at least a minute, before getting out a pen or marker and scrawling: 

“Unless done by banks themselves” 

You can barely see the hand-written words in the photo I took yesterday above, apparently the bank has been trying to clean them off, but the words remain. 

Because those words are the truth.  The US Justice Department investigates financial crimes, like grandmas hiding money from Medicare, but they do not prosecute crimes of major financial institutions which have broken the economy worldwide. 

So I hope this local bank leaves the sign as it is, to let those of us walking by experience some sense of justice, and maybe even a moment to laugh long enough to stop feeling the holes in our shoes.  Because with the U.S. bailout of mortgage owners instead of home owners and all the blatant financial unfairness that has trickled on us the past twenty years, comedy by defacing an occasional sign on a bank is just about all we have left.   

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