Saturday, February 22, 2014

NSA can listen to me all they want

Want to hear something weird? Knowing the NSA may be listening does not scare me, it actually makes me feel... secure. I know I'm not a criminal. I know I'm writing the truth. So if they are reading, great. I want NSA spooks to hear what I'm saying.
Same with when they tapped my phone back in 2008. I actually hoped it was Justice Dept guys and they were using what they heard to build their case against bishops across the USA, bk that's what they could have done with the stuff they heard on my phone.
Guess it wasn't them.
Anyway. Maybe it's my lack of security in real life that makes me feel fine if Uncle Sam wants to watch so closely over me that he reads my emails. It fills a gap, it makes me think they are going to be on my side after they read.
I am not a real sane person, as you all know . . 
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