Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tim Leary Wisdom vs Fundamentalist Christians

Timothy Leary used to say it was useless to try to put words around a concept such as God. How as soon as you begin to solidify the idea of god with a word, you begin to get away from the true concept and the best way to grasp prayer and talk with God is to keep quiet and listen. 

In fact one can go on and on and on and on about God without experiencing Him, look at all the volumes of babbling in most church libraries.  Theology professors build whole buildings for their collections, but truth is you lose the truth when you start putting Earth boundaries around truth by using Earth language, as Leary used to say, Words can lead you there, words can explain and define the place.  Words can even describe what it's like, to a certain extent.  But words are a construct devised for humans to interact on this planet, not for interaction with God, who doesn't care what language you speak or which words you are actually using.  

God or Holy Spirit or Higher Power reaches into your heart and sees who you really are, and is not even interested in the specific words you are using. 

That's what drives me nuts about the fundies, when they want to do something like hold their hands over my head and pray over me to make me well.  Huh?  You think God doesn't know what I'm going through already and you think God doesn't already have his own idea how to deal with me? 

You think you have some kind of special pull with God to change his mind? 

What an abomination.

No, mister street preacher, you can’t touch my back and hold me close to your sweaty body while you babble on the corner and everyone is watching.  

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