Friday, June 6, 2014

US Under Attack by way of Right Wing Media

Our enemies could be using 'Freedom'
as a military weapon against us
When they flew airplanes into our buildings, it took us all by surprise.  Now what else could they do?  How about take our cherished freedoms, such as the First and Second Amendments, and twist them around to work against us.

Funnel billions of dollars into a misinformation campaign. Pay really high salaries to on air personalities and media execs whose main skill is to repeat sound bites effectively and reach a large audience (Limbaugh Ailes etc ).

Conduct this well financed misinformation campaign.

Then watch as Americans hear almost nothing but false facts and emotionally evocative phrases - "taking away our guns" "secret Muslim" "communism socialism"
They could be watching as Americans
fill up with misinformation and kill each other
Repeat over and over that the Second Amendment says we can stockpile weapons of mass destruction, and leave out the words “regulated militia” when quoting that part of the Constitution. 

No matter how outrageous your opinion, Americans will let you say it, under our First Amendment. Our enemies could be using that First Amendment freedom as a military tool to spread stories carefully crafted to turn us against each other.   

Add red white and blue and other elements to convince people what they're hearing is patriotic. 

Then repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. 


Those same persons who coordinated airplanes flying into our buildings could now be in caves watching this attack on us, through our own media, that they are successfully carrying out.  

It doesn't matter if it takes decades to get the desired result of a destroyed United States of America.  

They're patient. 

They could be watching as Americans fill up with their misinformation and kill each other.

They figured out a way to attack us using our own airplanes.  Why wouldn't they use our own Constitution to turn us against ourselves?  
-Kay Ebeling

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