Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My neighbor has his door open. He's about ninety, bone with skin stretched over it, Einstein hair. His apt is a wreck, and there he sits glued to Fox News sunup to sundown. Now and then he speeds the halls in his electric wheelchair to join the gang in the mailroom and tell us That Damn President Is Ruining This Country then repeats something Charles Krautheimer said. Mesmerized, pays for cable never changes the channel, active voter every election. How Did We Let This Happen? Plus he's a reverent Catholic oh oh oh how I want to pick him up and put him in a box and force him to shut up and listen to truth for five days straight
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  • Kay Ebeling BTW this man is a retired Lighting guy from the studios in L.A., he would have a horrible retirement if it had not been for the union job that provided him all his health care and retirement benefits, union jobs that have now disappeared. Yet he is a Fox person. Clueless that his own life would have been hell under the Fox vision, he wouldn't have that frigging high speed wheelchair for example.
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