Saturday, September 27, 2014

The attack on the USA started more than a decade ago, with multiple techniques, including using American media to infiltrate with an anti-American message, turning us against each other just as they were about to attack us. Fox News will be shown to have been a tool of the Islamic State, look at their message. Hate the President, do not support your government? All you Fox watchers have been playing right along with the Islamic State's attack on the USA.

knowing we would not stop them, bk we believe in a Free Press, they used Fox News as an open road to attack us, from inside.

They mutilated our First and Second Amendments as part of their attack on us. Using Fox News to get us to Take Up Arms against ourselves. 

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Letter to the Editor: 
Islamic State warriors knew from the start that Americans cherish our First Amendment. So they infiltrated using our own air waves, knowing we would not stop them because we believe in a Free Press. Their message? Hate your President, hate your government, take up arms against your own countrymen. People who watch and believe Fox News today have been playing right along with the Islamic State attack on the USA. 

Look at the source. 

Change the station.

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