Saturday, January 17, 2015

I am all for guns, but. . .

I am all for guns. In the hands of trained professionals who work for me, the taxpayer. I don't want a nut case to pull out a gun and shoot, nor do I want YooHoo the Christian End Times Believing Foster Mom to have a 22 in her handbag while at the store with the kids. It Takes Training and constant retraining to be up to speed on a weapon, and most Americans just leave them lying around and pull them out in emotional states. Idiocracy the movie is coming true centuries earlier than the film joke predicted.  

These guys do not know how to handle a gun, you can see they are undisciplined ignoramuses, this is not what the Second Amendment stands for, WTF is happening? How would you feel if you saw Gomer here galumping along with a rifle in his hands on the city street? JEEEZZZZ
Gun advocates take up — and make — arms at Texas Capitol
Morgan Smith reports:
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  • E Kay, as long as he doesn't yes Allah Akbar, I'm OK with it...if he does, then well lets see
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  • Bunch of limp little dicked losers making up for their short commings with big, bad guns. Bunch of fucking about you twisted scum put those guns down and meet me in a to man, fist to fist, and see who is badder?
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  • Kay Ebeling To me there's no difference between hollering Ala Akbar or God Save the USA if you are randomly killing people you are a mass murderer.
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  • Kay Ebeling if you are carrying a loaded weapon in public you are a nuisance and causing me to be in danger.
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  • These damn open carry psychos.
  • Kay Ebeling take your fucking gun rights into the backwoods where they belong

  • E   What are they trying to prove ..they are as stupid as the taliban kill everything not like ya syndrome..who are these guys afraid of ..if 6 blacks indians mexicans done this they be shoot first ask questions later ..what is this telling the rest of us .are we supposed to follow this ..o my the world is getting worse run by mad men carrying guns and holybooks scary
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  • Kay Ebeling Exactly, imagine if guys from the 'hood picked up rifles to walk around in Watts.

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