Saturday, January 17, 2015

No longer the Ugly American, now the Ignorant American

To get an update on Paris a week after the attack, I clicked on France 24-English streaming live on YouTube, and found reporters sitting at a table making jokes about Fox News. 

On the claim that Birmingham, England has become a Muslim-only city where non-Muslims don't go, a British reporter at the table called it “ignorance,” and then with a quizzical expression said, “and this is a Fox News ‘terrorism expert’ saying it.”

Then, as in the USA, the pundits all talked over each other, but I was able to jot down these quotes. 

“Another expert on Fox says the center of Paris, the most elegant boulevards, have so many Muslim no-go zones, it reminds him of Afghanistan.”

That really got the pundits talking all at once and rolling their eyes laughing, giving me the impression they joke about Fox News a lot during these lighter segments on France 24.

They then showed clips from a French comedy show that interviewed people on the street in downtown Paris, to ask if the city now reminds them of Afghanistan. “What a stupid question,” answered a very cosmopolitan woman.

Thanks to Fox News, the current image we have overseas is no longer “the ugly American,” it's now “the ignorant American.”

This French TV host destroyed Fox News for thinking that the country was full of lawless "no-go zones," where Islamic radicals give public speeches and people walk...

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