Saturday, April 4, 2015

No Wonder Jesus Did Not Come Back (more notes)

Find myself documenting the downfall of the U.S.A. these days
    "We need to bomb Iran and send those illegal children back to Central America. Take strong steps now because Christianity itself is under attack." (Line of dialogue for "No Wonder Jesus Did Not Bother to come back to this planet" one of many works in progress)
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    It will be between the White House and Congress, "they'll make deals right here" D Trump says, of his new DC luxury hotel. Yes, folks that is where they want us to be heading.
    Donald Trump gives Greta a tour of the luxury hotel he's building in the shadow of the White House
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    • Kay Ebeling it's the old US Post Office building, now a Trump Luxury hotel in the middle of US government. I could get sick if this was not turning into such bad comedy.
    • Kay Ebeling meanwhile the Post Office can't even handle a change of address anymore
    • Kay Ebeling he talks about the grandeur of one room from "back when a post office was a post office" (before we cut their funding and canibalized em)
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    • Kay Ebeling
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in my dreams this is all a bad dream

-kay ebeling

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