Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Street Smarts for the 21st Century Woman

I could feel him approaching from behind me before he spoke:

“Hey, ma’am, you got a dollar?” 

My body must have bristled as then the guy said, “Jeez, lady, I'm not going to attack you, I just need a dollar.”

I pulled my winter coat close and words came out of me before I knew it.

“I am an Islamic woman, you are not allowed to approach me on the street!”

His eyes bugged out as he backed up and said ““Wha?” so I followed after him as he ran away yelling: 

“I demand respect in the name of Allah! How dare you accost an Islamic woman on the street.” 

And It Gave Me Power.

was wearing a long skirt and a winter hat.  I threw my scarf across my mouth and hollered at him and it was like the costume that helps the actor perform the play.  

I'm going to use that line again:  “I am an Islamic Woman, how dare you approach me on the street.”

If the guy hadn’t run away so fast, I would have brought Sharia Law down on his ass. 

I've heard Muslim women say that their role in Islam actually gives them power, that the modest clothing and strict rules actually make them safe, which gives them freedom.   

That day I kind of got what they mean.

I'm not atheist or religious, but at that moment I understood why some Islamic women want to stay under the veil. 

-Kay Ebeling

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