Saturday, September 5, 2015

U.S. keeps its people stupid

In so many ways

    All those Syrian / Iraqi refugees are Our Responsibility yet most Americans don't even know the crisis is happening. I Miss Smart People hope we start educating our population again soon. meanwhile I watch news from France and other countries to find out what is really happening. 

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    Mark Ruffalo for President 

    At Venice world premiere of docudrama Spotlight, actor calls on Vatican to right wrongs and bring disaffected Catholics back to the church
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    Kay Ebeling commented on an article.
    Meanwhile read more true stories of pedophile priests and their victims at City of Angels Blog by a journalist who is also one of thousands of survivors in the USA today…/pedophile-priest-true-…

    Pedophile priest drama 'Spotlight' plays Venice, may make uncomfortable viewing for Vatican

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