Friday, September 18, 2015

Without Internet, Americans would not know truth about anything with today's corporate zombie reporters

One story after another you have to dig and search to find as no mainstream is bothering to report it:

FIorina is lying and it takes a Brit reporter to break the story: She went from secretary to CEO by marrying a rich guy who she met bk she was from a Wealthy Family to begin with. Her first husband put her through an exclusive business school. Fiorina is one of those Palo Alto out of touch with everyone else people we in California encounter lately. New Darwinians: "Her father, Joseph Sneed, was a legal academic appointed as a federal judge by Richard Nixon.- After graduating, Fiorina enrolled at UCLA Law School to please her father. But she had no interest in law so she quit after a few months - for the next few months she worked as a secretary before marrying Bartlem in 1977 and moving with him to Italy.
Bartlem said: 'I was useful to her then. I got her through graduate school and broke her out of going to law school.

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The Republican hopeful has called her husband's daughter from his first marriage, who died of a drug overdose, 'their daughter' but his first wife tells Daily Mail Online: 'There...
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More Christian terrorism barely reported in U.S. media (terrorism is inciting fear)

The burning of a Planned Parenthood in Washington has been ruled an arson. It is just the latest in a decades-long string of attacks on abortion clinics.
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on another note there are TONS of jobs in Reno, wish some of my friends here on FB would move geographically closer. . .


Re all the returning vets, remember they have had Nothing But Fox News in their ears 24 7 on foreign bases, and they are now calling talk shows and babbling Fox talking points and we are all having to listen out of respect for their service and We Have A Big Brainwash Reversal project on our hands. All of us, one at a time, need to re-educate these guys. Just one more wonderful challenge to staying sane in corporate media crazed USA

Even the John McCain for Pres campaign fired Carly Fiorina
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No one can find the video Fiorina described in detail with the organs oozing out of the aborted fetus that's up for sale. It Does Not Exist!!!

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