Friday, October 2, 2015

Narcissists with Best PR rise to top in USA

    Kim Davis is a narcissist who put the attention on herself, even in the pope's presence. And it turns out now according to Vatican spokesman Lombardi that the "meeting" Did Not Happen the way she said. She was in a room with a dozen other people, Pope passed her by and said 2 things and she went out and did a press release about how great she is.…/pope-francis-did-not-endorse-ki…/
    Gun laws are not the answer. We have to become a nation where people Don't Want to pick up guns and kill random strangers. We have to go to the source of the rage, stop the fake christianity, and start really being like Christ. Take care of the poor, the environment, HOUSING!!! Instead the govt caters only to the wealthy, which is driving even sane people crazy so of course it drives crazy people crazy.

    That is right. We are into the 274 day in 2015. Yet, there have been 294 shootings in which at least four people were shot in one spree or setting.

    watching the downfall of civilization on TV from a mountain top, that's my life today

    The study makes it clear that Americans are in no danger of gun violence except in these isolated four hundred and thirteen places.

    News Feed

    We allow NRA to purchase politicians and media like Fox News to broadcast lies. We have to stop the flow of false information

    Fox News is now reporting that Obama is only enraged in his press statement about Another Mass Random Shooting bk he wants to deflect attention from the Middle East. . . then they immediately stopped reporting on the shooting. They are on the bankroll of our enemies.
    Joseph Kurtz, archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky, near Kim Davis, is also president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. For now.
    On same day Kevin McCarthy admitted the real purpose of the Benghazi hearings, in other news Kim Davis was glowing from her Encouraging Meeting with the Pope, which almost makes me believe in Astrology as Something was making the truth come out from under big manipulated events here yesterday.ALSO the Planned Parenthood hearings were proved to be using false documents in that slide. So it happened in 3 places although that was Tuesday, wonder what will happen today.

    the US govt could have built at least one senior housing complex with the dollars they've wasted on Benghazi hearings that they now admit were all about defeating Hillary Clinton. I Love Kevin McCarthy bk he is a Prime Example of the good looking dumb guys we have in southern ca. . . Surfer Dude goes to Congress

Me, post lawsuit 

Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is?
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I'm mad about Kim Davis meeting bk I thought the Pope would seek me out and hand me at least one briefcase full of cash in gratitude for all my work- Sigh 

A bishop told me in 1955 to stop babbling about a pedophile priest. Another bishop told me in 2011 to stop blogging about pedophile priests. Today, read about pedophile priest crimes at CityofAngels 1-30.
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