Saturday, April 16, 2016

Broke Old Ladies, our forgotten demographic, and more...

    I mutter in my kitchen almost Exact Same Words as Hillary says in her speeches about Social Security. Women who put their families first can end up with Nothing To Live On In Our Old Age and finally I hear a politician talk about it. For this one reason I may go for Hillary (note, I still have not decided which Dem to vote for June 7 here in CA )
    "Because Social Security started in the 1930s, a lot of women have been left out and left behind. And it’s time that we provide more benefits for widows, divorcees, or care givers—for women who deserve more from the Social Security system, and that will be my highest priority."
    Social Security ASSUMES women will have husbands who provide them with pensions to live on. But look inside low income senior housing any city in the US, you find women who live on as little as 400 a month, give us a break!!!

    Hello, old friends. It’s been weeks since we last gathered like this, and yet here we are, watching Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spar once again. ...

    No, what's "unacceptable" is that Hillary only yesterday found out public housing conditions are unacceptable. But at least she went there.. 

    After MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell visited public housing in New York City with councilmember Ritchie Torres and hearing his challenge to the candidates to do the same, Hillary Clinton rearranged her schedule to visit a public housing unit in Harlem.

    Still proud of this work I did, will be forever 

    Cardinal Stritch stood over me in 1955 in Chicago and said I had to stop "babbling" to everyone about what Father Horne had done to me. So I kept quiet for 40 years. Now in my late 50s -- I babble.
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    for a news junkie, Great Time to Be Alive, I watch whatever interests me, whenever I want, popcorn weed... 

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders face off in CNN's Democratic presidential debate in Brooklyn Thursday…
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    I give up on doctors, today was the last straw. They are all OWNED by the pharmaceutical industry in the USA and if you Balk at taking yet another drug that has worse side effects than what they are treating while they refuse to give me what will actually help me, screw 'em. I'll go to Google, if I die, oh well, everybody dies, but at least it won't be from some stupid pharmaceutical that I should not even be taking. They practice mean medicine here, I'm going to just self medicate, self treat, try to get to the source and, you know what? Old people die. that's life. Meanwhile no more waiting rooms, no more begging for attention from distracted arrogant assholes who can't even take time to read my file before pulling out their Rx pad. Kick back city, I'd rather go swimming, take a walk,go to the bar, anything but go to another doctor's office. If I have an accident, heart attack, fine, i'll talk to a doctor, but these people are owned and profit motivated. Man, I wish I lived in a socialist country. Meanwhile, thank GOD for medical marijuana, it ain't the be all end all but at least it makes me feel better. Doctors are supposed to make you feel better, but not in the USA. No drugs for you young lady, just ignore that heroin dealer next door to you and live with your pain. Fuck you doctor fuck you fuck you fuck you.

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