Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Right made up a new Jesus to fit its politics - Bill Maher

Wandering around YouTube one day I came across a video of "Most Exciting" moments from Bill Maher. Six minutes into the collection a segment begins about the new Jesus that Conservatives had to create to go with their politics, "a small businessman from Galilee" (pictured above, video is embedded below), so funny it caused my jaw to drop in laughter, and drew me to my computer to get down what he said:
"To show just how little these Christians on the far right believe in what Jesus actually said.  .. in order to be both Republican and Christian, they had to create an entirely new Jesus. We don’t only have two America's now, we have two Jesuses now. It's true.
"Liberals have the traditional Jesus who hated rich assholes and wouldn't shut up about how they should give away all their money. 
"But conservatives made up a completely new Jesus. 
"A small business man from Galilee, [LAUGHTER] whose main gripe is big government, who wants to make Nazareth great again.  I call him Supply Side Jesus. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE].
"He'd love to help the less fortunate but he's got investors to think about.  Like the time Supply Side Jesus performed a miracle and created a bounty of loaves and fishes and then gave them all to the top one percent so they could trickle down to the takers.  [APPLAUSE]
"Or the time Supply Side Jesus came upon a leper who asked to be healed, so Supply Side Jesus bought the company that makes leprosy medication and jacked up the price....
"In conclusion I would just like to say that Donald Trump is actually the perfect candidate for today's Republicans because he says that his two favorite books are the Bible and The Art of the Deal.  Trump says one is about a perfect god who teaches humanity how to live and the other is The Bible."  
These quotes start at about about 6:00 in video below. 

Here is link to the video

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