Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stop worrying and love climate change?

Let me clarify. My posts about climate change are not meant to be doom and gloom or even depressing. I'm fascinated watching it happen, like a retired science beat reporter, which I am more or less. Two of my jobs decades past were writing science articles for mainstream readers, one of them for NASA. Now we are beyond fingerpointing as to what caused climate change, whether it was carbon emissions, methane, or just plain nature. For whatever reason we are heading into a time of climate upheaval. HOWEVER, I bet we will see people come up with brilliant ways to survive and as a result take the whole planet to a better place, to me it would be through solar solar solar. But for now, there will be unexpected effects of the differences we've put into our atmosphere, such as the wildfires in Canada. Those wildfires are putting a whole lot more heat into the planet. A lot of effects will be exponential one way or another, and a lot of effects will cause new and unexpected effects. with extremes we never thought of before. I'm along for the ride, with water and popcorn nearby. Happy Saturday

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