Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Riding along as USA careens out of control to disaster, stop worrying and love the Trump

Kay Ebeling
6 hrs
Scared because I think Trump is going to pull an Al-Bagdadi, use the platform he's on now to create something like a Christian Caliphate so it won’t matter whether he wins the election or not, he's going to take over. He has that whole rabid crowd behind him armed with whatever, who knows what this guy is cooking up. I'm really concerned.
If Only Hillary had had an Old Fashioned Secretary

Hillary’s problem is that the job of Secretary has disappeared from our culture. If Hillary Clinton had been served by a secretary the last ten years, her secretary would have kept track of all the Capital and Small C’s in the headers of the emails and kept track of what was getting deleted, clerical errors that Republicans now call felonies because Hillary committed them. Hillary letting clerical errors happen under her supervision may keep her from becoming President, obviously she needed a secretary. The whole world needs secretaries again. Women need the jobs the secretarial position used to provide, as the hours and level of responsibility fit in perfectly with the pattern of working, raising kids, working. Face it, today most executives are screwing up right and left and will continue to until – we see the return of the secretary. Hillary could have blamed all this hooplah on her secretary, paid her enough to live comfortably the rest of her life, and gotten on with running for President. I mean. And not a personal assistant nee Admin asst or whatever people call secretaries today. Those are usually careerists with MBAs not satisfied with mundane clerical work, only doing it to pad the resume and get to a higher level. The world needs secretaries like the old days, who did the clerical jobs with honor and dignity and realized their importance. In fact, now everyone is finally realizing their importance...
By Kay Ebeling
the city of angels is everywh

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