Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Female leaders forced out, as Earth becomes global caliphate

Isn’t it interesting that female political leaders are being vilified across the globe, at the same time as religious caliphates seem to be rising, Islamic in the Middle East and Christian in the USA. 

We have Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff impeached for political beliefs she had since before her election
BBC News - 13 hours ago
Former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff leaves her official residence for the last time ...

In Germany Angela Merkel’s compassionate approach to Syrian and other refugees has her being criticized for every move she makes
BBC News - 2 days ago
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's allies have urged her to change course on refugees ...

Even in Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard was forced out of office for approaching issues with a female sensitivity, including the pedophile priest crisis in the Catholic Church.

Julia Gillard: from Australia's first female prime minister to international ... › Opinion › Julia Gillard
The Guardian
Oct 21, 2015 - The video of Australia's first female prime minister standing up to sexism went viral, travelling far and wide – including, I understand, to the ...

And we all see what the media is doing to Hillary Clinton as she runs for President today.  

I mean, it makes me wonder.

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