Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Trump structure could turn to powder, if you blow weed at it

I have a bed frame that came from China. For a move, I packed the screws for it inside a plastic container. When I went to assemble the bed months later, the Screws Had Turned to Powder. Disintegrated. My friends there at the Inn were also amazed. What caused these screws to just turn to powder? I bought more screws at a hardware store and assembled the bed but ever since have wondered about buildings going up made of screws and bolts and steel made in China. Is the quality what Americans are used to and just expect? Will Trump's buildings turn to powder under the right conditions? PS the plastic container where the screws disintegrated had come from Goddess Delivers with particles of med mj in it as well ... hmm. Blow weed smoke at a Trump building and it will fall to the ground. Interesting image.

With their industries besieged by imports, key swing states were deprived of untold millions of dollars as Trump chose China.

news slowly trickles in that it's too late to do anything, we did not act soon enough as a human race. Hansen rushes to publish papers about coming 30 foot rise in sea level and the story is buried under presidential politics. Once again I feel a sense of living in a sci fi story, the end of the world, no, just the end of this era for the planet. This is still Act One where most people are distracted and not paying attention. Pretty soon no one will be able to look anywhere else. I sit on my mountain top watching as the eternal observer. And watching YouTube movies to bide the time 

Global warming is said to be bringing temperatures last seen during an interglacial era, when sea level was 6-9 meters (20-30ft) higher than today

The trees are lush and green and with the first snow there's a magical storybook feel to things, but watch out. At any moment a big old limb or pinecone could hit your right up top the head.

I think 80 percent of a person's instinctive hatred of Hillary is a result of the negative press machine that has worked against her since at least the 1990s on a national level, with a great deal of money. If a person is under 30, they have almost never heard anything but these made up / created "scandals" that originated with the person who made them up. The Clintons have been investigated over and over and no one ever finds anything, but just the fact they were investigated creates scandal. in an American idiot's mind.

Kay Ebeling Someone arranged for those phone calls to be recorded that resulted in the Lewinski thing, then tried to destroy the Clintons over and over. They've been attacked in insidious and creative ways.

Strange things that wake me up in the middle of the night

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