Sunday, October 9, 2016

What Bugs Me...

What bugs me is it's not his racism and willingness to toss the Constitution and be dictator that got people to stop supporting him, but it's his silly frat boy jokes about women that he made not seeming to realize he was being taped (stupid). His 2005 comments sounded to me like Trump thought he was being funny and one of the guys and did not even surprise me when they were released Friday, having worked on reality TV crews before... I'm scared that So Many Americans supported him up until now, even after he said, to me, Much Worse Things. I mean he wants to make suing journalists a priority. That is tyranny to the max. Yet it's this silly sex stuff that finally snaps people out of it... man.

ISIS, the Chinese government, and organized crime all want Donald Trump to be the next president. In story after story they are excited to watch America fall this way. Hopefully we are not a nation ignorant enough to let this happen.

beautiful article, thank you, Bruce Cox, Tahoe homeless community is visible and often third-generation local... I like that the shelter here is called the Warm Room.

I am writing this letter as a volunteer at the Warm Room. I am a longtime resident of South Lake Tahoe (1976…

There is nothing scarier to me than someone who thinks They have an Inside Scoop on God that other people don't. That just plain doesn't happen except in the minds of the dangerously delusional. If Trump gets elected then indicted or whatever, his VP Pence is so religiously deluded and Handsome and Media Savvy, he'd end up convincing everyone he's the second coming of Christ, or some other nonsense. Pence shows way too many signs of deity delusion to me. I'm sitting here still scared of what could happen in this election, reaching out trying to find Democrats in my new town where locals seem afraid of newcomers, but making friends takes time, time, time... it's getting better for me personally, which is good. I'll need colleagues for hiding in the woods if Trump wins. Good morning, Facebook
James Glines Hey the delusion is their meal ticket. They don't have an alternate means of income
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Kay Ebeling chuckle

October 7 at 9:46 AM
isn't it great that we have all this video internet technology, just in time to watch the climate devastation of the planet, live from our laptops...

I decided to fast in support of Muslim Americans today but not until after I ate breakfast and a snack...


In mosques across America on Friday, imams will launch an unprecedented call for worshipers to register and vote. Gee, we wonder what’s motivating them.

Nevada is a Native American name and Idiot Trump wants to make it a Latin rooted word. He's Too Dumb to even be a city council man.

At a campaign event in Reno, Donald Trump joked with the crowd about the pronunciation of the word Nevada. Will his efforts in the state win him votes? MSNBC's Brian Williams speaks to NBC's Katy Tur and The Washington Post's Robert Costa.

Slavery was about cheap labor. The concept of keeping labor costs down denigrates human beings.


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