Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Body Parts Falling Off. Auto Immune Part 3


For some reason even though I have a disease where my immune system works overtime, part of it is you're prone to chronic infections and rashes.  I've researched online and concluded that modern American treatment, with more and more stronger antibiotics and steroids, is not the direction I want to go in living with this as long as I can.  So instead I let the infections play out, let my immune system carry out the battle, make my own immune system fight right there in front of anyone who encounters me. 

At any given time, there could be something oozing from any number of places around my body.   

Makes me a lot of fun on an outing.  

Last night I went to a group therapy sort of place and something in the room got my left eye reacting.  Soon the skin was red and raw, the eye was running and swollen, the salt from the runny eye irritated the raw skin around the eye.  Even water made it burn. 

Just as the meeting started my eye started running and running.  Soon I could feel, as I've felt before, a little formation like a pimple formed under the bottom eyelid and as I sat in the room, I would occasionally touch the pimple-like growth.  Of course it started draining.  So I kept touching my eye with a wet tissue while the puss drained out, and just continued taking part in the group session with everybody, as if nothing was unusual at all. 

I feel like I'm falling apart.  Like parts of me are rotting and falling off, like a skeleton losing its cover, but I'm still alive.  So what if my elements are starting to fall off while I stand in front of people talking.

Truth is, this condition does make it hard for me to get outside my home too much. . .

Who knew, growing old would come with these amazing new challenges to your physical being, like ones you never imagined at all. 

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