Thursday, October 2, 2014

Assassination Attempts by Fox News Crazed White Guys is what I think is really going on

The day the guy jumped the White House fence, I remember distinctly.  I finished work and went to Google News and The Lead Story was Obama his wife and kids leaving, a breaking news story that they were getting on a helicopter on the White House lawn.  I thought it was weird. Why was that a breaking news story? 

THEN awhile later came news that a guy jumped the fence just “four minutes” after the First Family left the White House.

OK, I keep waking up thinking that it was weird how much attention the news paid to them leaving the White House that day.  I got the sense there was an urgency in the way they were reporting the story of them leaving. THEN the guy jumped the fence.

I think there is more to these incidents against the White House than the news is telling.  I think there have been assassination attempts on the President and his family by deranged Fox News crazed angry white guys. 
Stay tuned.


Post note: The First Family was Rushing out the door, into the helicopter that day. 

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