Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Obama is brainier than all of them

I still feel safer with him as President

By Kay Ebeling

Once again it's amazing to watch Obama strategize, as I'm convinced he's one of the smartest Presidents we've ever had. 

He realizes that whatever he says, the pundits will run with it for weeks, repeating phrases ad infinitum.  So he now has a "media madness" strategy that he can use for every issue.  While politicians argue predictably against everything the President does and talk of their imaginary policies on TV, Obama ignores them and carries out business.  

I think Obama is even using a media madness strategy now in his plans re ISIS. 

McCain, um...
While over and over again we hear on every news station: boots on the ground, air strikes, sneakers on the ground, black ops, Obama is off taking care of business, knowing that the cacophony on cable will produce no results.  Obama also knows that the topic among the pundits won’t change until the President throws a new phrase into the mix for them to run with. So he throws a few new words out, and the madness goes off on a new thread.  And Obama carries out business ignoring them. 
I've watched Obama in action since his early speeches as a Senator, and his braininess amazed me from the start.  Watching him use the idiot mainstream media as elements in his strategies lately has been great entertainment. 

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