Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Watching ISIS War in real time on YouTube

If you go to YouTube and type “ISIS” in Search, then filter for “last hour,” a stream of videos from the war front shows up.  Some have people speaking English, most are in middle eastern tongues I don't understand, but you can tell they are from the front.  Go back an hour later and those particular videos will be gone but someone is always uploading more. 
AllEyesOnIsis YouTube logo
You can see what it actually looks like when hundreds of soldiers run away panicked while the ones who get caught are put through horrendous mutilation and torture, on the spot, killed right there, no trial, no judge.
In one video a guy with a knife to a man’s neck is begging his commanding officer to let him do it, holding the “soldier” by the neck of his shirt. The videographer claims in his notes the man is just a civilian but ISIS does not believe him. The officer gives the okay and they drag the man off, you hear them killing him only see his feet as he dies.
I went back an hour later to try to figure out where that video came from and it was gone.  Then that channel disappeared, then next day another channel was there with a slightly different name, same logos, same imagery. 
Dozens of videos are posted daily, some with mesmerizing music so you almost get entranced, even think it's okay, while you watch slaughter after slaughter.
I think it's a disservice to remove these videos because it's obvious they're real, no one could stage some of these scenes, dead bodies of people every age lying in the middle of villages, blood everywhere. Once in a while a civilian will post shaky scenes they are shooting out their windows.  

Americans need to know what they would be sending their soldiers into and know that we are going to see even worse imagery than we've already seen if we do send in more troops, and those will be American heads on those stakes. 
I think we should pull out of Iraq completely, evacuate the Embassies and help as many of our friends get out as possible.  We should pull out, come home, become humble, and develop alternative energy sources so we don't need their oil. 
There's no legitimate reason to put American personnel in this kind of danger.  None. 


In recent weeks, going to YouTube to watch ISIS videos has become a pastime for me.  You type in a keyword from the news, then filter for “last hour,” and amazing unfiltered reporting on the war shows up, some of it shaky and hand-held, some well produced.  These videos often disappear, then hours later reappear with different names on different channels.   

Most amazing this morning (9.22), a woman took a hidden device and walked the streets of Rakka, recording a taste of life in the “Islamic State.”  With the camera in her purse, she almost gets arrested because an eyebrow is showing under her veil. Then she goes to an internet cafe where a dozen women in black garb are talking in French to families back home. 
The big question I have as I click on AllEYEsonISIS, or whatever name the channel has taken this hour, is what about the ads.  When you click on these videos, there is often 15 seconds of a Glade Mist or e-insurance message that comes up, followed by footage of beheadings and such.  
Who gets the money from those ads, I wonder.

-Kay Ebeling

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